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    Antiderivative of Square Root

    Homework Statement Antiderivative of sqrt[e^x+ln(x^2)+1] Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution (2[(e^x+ln(x^2)+1)^(3/2)]x^2)/[3(e^x+2x)]
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    Integral Approximation and Error Analysis

    Homework Statement Approximation of e^(x^2+3x+1) from 0 to 3 within .2 of the actual integral. Homework Equations Riemann Sum or Trapezoidal. (We haven't learned Taylor yet). The Attempt at a Solution Last n value i found was 148068 which gave me a delta x of 3/ very...
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    Integral Approximation/Error Analysis

    Hi so i have this problem that I am working on but im having trouble with it. I have to approximate the integral using either Riemann Sum or Trapezoidal sum with .2 of the actual integral. It is the integral of e^(x^2+3x+1) from 0 to 3. Every time i try to find the n value, it ends up being...
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    Mass of a paper clip using the net torque equations

    hi i have a lab due and i cant figure this out. we have to find the mass of a paper clip using the net torque equations. we have 3 clamps attached to the fulcrum stand so we have to incorporate the force of gravity on them too. to make the stand level the paper clip attached to a clamp is at 50...