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    I want suggestions on my course books

    Hi...I'm basically from a low-profile college..and there are not quite many sources to learn in my college even the faculty; I've found PF too good(especially the mentors) and I'm ever so will be grateful to this site.. OK., so Ive just entered in my 2nd semester of Electronics and...
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    Best book for Electromagnetic Theory & Transmission Lines

    best book for "Electromagnetic Theory & Transmission Lines" We've this subject of "electromagnetic theory and transmission lines" this semester..and i wanted to know which books deal the content properly ...mastering this topic may require that one cool book (and ofcourse, regular effort)...and...
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    The best books you suggest for (i)signals and systems (ii)electronic devices

    I've just started my [signals and systems] and [electronic devices and circuits] this sem...and i am learning that signals and systems topics are the core and fundamental concepts required for a electronic communication engineer... though i havent found a great book that covers all the topics...
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    The range of (psi) squared is ?

    the range of (psi) squared is ?? (psi) of the schrodinger's wave equation is displacement? ( or, what are it's SI units??) (psi) squared gives the "probability" of finding a particle in space..does this mean that, 0<= ((psi) sqaured) <=1 ??
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    Text book for QM

    hello, can anyone please share the name(s) of the qualified textbooks for QM? thanks in advance..
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    The probability functional description of a wave!

    it could be by the power of Newton's laws and energy conservation principles, one can sort out the equation of a wave classically... y=a exp(-iw(t-x/v) ) ; ----1. in the quantum domains where classical situations are ruled out, how is it apt to say or on which basis can we say that...
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    A book/ebook/novel/comic for EXTREME WITTEDNESS

    can you please share any information about comics or anything related in that aspect retaining good humour and quick/clever wittedness....?? thanks alot in advance... "surely you are joking ,mr feynman" is from my side... please do comment !
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    Please name a descent book for solid state physics of undergradute level .

    please name a descent book for solid state physics of undergradute level..plz..plzz. hi... i hav just joined my engineering course for electronics... and I desperately need a descent book for solidstate physics to embark on... note that i'm a begginer in Quantum theory..
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    Mass or Charge?

    Mass and charge are qualities of any substance found in nature. That's because they can produce fields of forces. Fields have the capability to do work so we say that energy is stored in fields.but why mass alone is a condensed form of energy as E=MC^2 suggests..why not E=qC^2 ? I mean charge...
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    Magnetic field due to a current carrying conductor is___?

    In an infinitely long current carrying wire (assuming zero resistance) say there is a definite current. "Having current in it" means there is a flow of charge in it, which means if positive charge moves in one direction then negative charge moves in opposite direction. As we know that a charge...
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    Bhor's rule breaking energy levels

    Bhor's rule breaking "energy levels" when Ernest Rutherford's model of planetary system to explain the atomic structure, he was forced to have the regret by the fact that "accelerated charges dissipate their Kinetic energy into EM radiations." Bhor tried to avoid it.So he engaged the idea of...
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    Force to change momentum?

    consider an isolated electron present at (0,0,0). therefore it is smeared in the vicinity of the point(0,0,0). now its momentum and position changes every instant of time. But force is responsible for the change in momentum.what is the force acting ? ------ the probability of this content to...
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    How do ointments work when we have burns on the skin

    how do ointments work when we have burns on the skin
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    Mr. IE Irodov

    I have been solving problems from the famous book, "IE Irodov" for couple of days..It was really a terrific job for Mr.Irodov to compile such a huge set of wonderful problems which are very much inspirational. I want to know about Mr. IE Irodov.. I have tried and google as...
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    Book for fluid Mechanics

    I'm feeling a lot of difficulty in studying fluid mechanics.. can anybody please kindly suggest me a good book for "fluid mechanics" either in the form of e-book or a hand book (or both) which explains basic principles explicitly..
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    Condition for differentiability of a function

    given a function F:S-->R such that for every element belonging to "S" has both left hand derivative and right hand derivative and are equal to the derivative at that point. Can we say that the function is differentiable..?
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    Engineering Nuclear engineering in India and its future

    Hi every body.. I just want to know how beneficial it would be if one pursues the nuclear physics stream etc., thank you
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    Two intersecting planes

    given that two planes (non parallel) with its equations. how can we determine the equation of the line that happens to be the intersection of the two planes?
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    Continuity of a discrete function

    given a function F(x) = 1 ,x=1 2 ,x=2 3 ,x=3 The above function is a 3 pointed graph. it is continuous . Is it just because every point has a specific value..please someone explain this..??
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    The science of Ghosts and Souls

    People all over the earth have to come across the term "ghost" at some point of their life (probably). Generally it has become a culture that any ordinary layman would believe in ghosts and any scientist would say that "there is no such thing as ghost..and it is a stupid superstition.." Then...
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    Most of the animals cannot laugh

    Why human beings can laugh while most of the animals cannot laugh..?? What actually is "laughing phenomenon"??
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    Find the elongation of a spring of mass

    Homework Statement Find the elongation of a spring of mass "m" natural length "l" force constant "k" when it is hung to a ceiling ? Homework Equations cant able to write a relevant equation.. The Attempt at a Solution i have considered a small element of thickness "dy" and length...
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    What is Coma all about?

    What is "Coma" all about? What is "Coma" all about? are there any different stages in it? can anyone give me an elaborate explanation about it? thanks in advance...
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    Massless spring

    can we exert 2 unequal forces in opposite directions on the two sides of an ideal<mass less> spring?
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    Laser that can burn

    My friend once said that we can make a laser which can produce fire by taking out a normal laser from a damaged DVD player and "cutting some wire on the laser" that true..? Is it possible to make a real laser that can scorch the things like the ones shown in movies..?
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    2 rods' interaction

    There are 2 identical rods of mass "m" and length "l" separated by a distance "l" in such a way that the 2 rods are in a straight line. Find the Gravitational force between these two rods. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I'm unable to analyse a...
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    What is all about cryptozoology

    what is all about "cryptozoology" what is all about "cryptozoology" ? Is this branch of science really studies about the abonible beings ever existed on the earth? And where are the studies going on..? i mean the institutes..could you name few of them please..? thanks in advance..
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    Drinking water should be avoided after eating the mango

    why are we often told while eating a mango that drinking water should be avoided after eating the mango..?
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    Canonical variables

    what are canonical variables..?? I'm a normal +2 student finished my intermediate college ..I just don't know about quantum physics..i understood that to understand better quantum physics i need to know about "canonical variables" .. in hydrogen atom , consider 1st shell (ie n=1) the...
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    Wavesor particles?

    waves..or particles..?? I didnt really get when people say that electrons are "waves" .. when we say like "shape of an "s" orbital is spherical...and shape of "p" orbital is a dumbbell and so on.." we actually wanted to show that the surface of an s orbital some how describes the the trajectory...