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    Laser with saturable absorber

    I'm about to do some study on bifurcations and oscillations in lasers with saturable absorbers. however, my knowledge on lasers is fairly basic, so I'm not sure where to begin or find more information. If anyone could give me some advice, it would be very helpful :). What type of lasers...
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    Search engine INSPEC to find some physics papers

    I'm using the search engine INSPEC to find some physics papers that I need. The problem is that I need to know the number of citations but can't find this anywhere. I know there is a way of finding them, but I just can't work out how. If anyone knows, I'd be very grateful :D
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    Electron in potential well equation

    Hφ(x) =((p2op)/2m + V(x))φ(x) = (-hbar2/2m.d2/dx2+ V(x)φ(x) = E φ(x) This equation is supposed to relate to an electron confined in a one-dimensional potential well. I'm really confused about where it comes from and I do not know what V(x) represents. If anyone could help explain this...