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    Relativity, how it affects observation.

    I'm having a bit of trouble understanding relativity, and would like some help with the following problems: 1. A spaceship passes a stationary observer at a speed that is 80% the speed of light. At rest, this ship is 65m long. What does the observer say about the length of the spaceship? How...
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    Missed class need some help again

    how can I calculate the distance something is above the earth? as an example a 1750 kg satellite orbits the earth. it has a gravitational potential energy of 1.69*10^10 J. Its free fall accel is 6.44 m/s^2 how high is it. How would I solve this? thanks.
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    Missed class need some help

    I need the equation for Newtons to Joules. as an example the question is you must exert a force of 4.5 N on a book to slide it across the table, if you do 2.7 J of work in the process, how far have you moved the book. I am not looking for an answer just an equation to show how to do this, thanks
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    Decreasing numbers equation

    if you where to take something like a sugar cube stack it into a tower 6 cubes high than on each of the 4 sides stack sugar cubes in a decreasing amount so there are 6 cubes in the middle and 5 surrounding it on the four sides , then 4 surrounding that then 3, and so on. What I need is an...
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    Real life momentum * *

    Real life momentum *URGENT* I need a few major examples for how momentum is used in real life. Any good examples?