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    What are the limits of redshift?

    Does anyone know what the limit is for light from distant objects to be so redshifted that they become undetectable? Could there be a way in detecting objects beyond this barrier? Would any wavelength at all be detectable?
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    String Topology and Time

    If a point particle is a string viewed end on in three dimensions, or is a zero brane, isn't this merely a perspective? Are open strings really more like ribbons given the dimension of time and are closed strings more like tubes seen end on? If so, could this mean that the string's length is...
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    Report on the BBC:

    Report on the BBC: "Researchers have bent one of the most basic Rules of Quantum Mechanics, a counterintuitive branch of physics that deals with atomic-scale interactions. Its "complementarity" rule asserts that it is impossible to observe light behaving as both a wave and a particle...
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    Does anyone know what the smallest and longest wavelengths of light

    Does anyone know what the smallest and longest wavelengths of light are? As far as I am aware radio and gamma waves are the longest and shortest types respectively. But is there a limit to how long a radio wavelength could be?
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    Magnetism question.

    If an irregular shape such as a tetrahedron is magnetised, where will the poles be?
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    The Universe's Dark Age

    I've read that in the far distant future that because of the expansion of space, protons and other particles will grow to huge sizes compared with today and some may grow to be almost equivalent to the current size of the universe. But will the speed of light increase as well? If these particles...
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    Quantum Communication Device?

    I've read that supposedly no coherent information can be instantaneously teleported across space between single pairs of entangled particles because of random fluctuations. But might a way of overcoming this be to take two separated sets of more than one pair of entangled particles and arrange...
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    Quantum Time Experiment

    Teleportation of information has been experimentally confirmed across space. But what about across time? If one half of an entangled pair is sent into an accelerator and accelerated to sublight speed, doesn't that mean that time will be slowed down for the accelerated particle? So if the...