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    Induced EMF problem

    Hi guys - Here's the problem I'm stuck on: In a physics laboratory experiment, a coil with 160 turns enclosing an area of 13.7 (cm^2) is rotated during the time interval 4.60×10−2(s) from a position in which its plane is perpendicular to Earth's magnetic field to one in which its plane...
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    Gaussian cylinder problem

    Hi all - I reposted this here, as I posted in the advanced forum on accident: Here's the problem I am having trouble with: A very long, solid insulating cylinder with radius "R" has a cylindrical hole with radius "a" bored along its entire length. The axis of the hole is a distance "b"...
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    Atwood problem

    Hi all - Here's the problem I am having trouble with - Basic Atwood machine setup - Two masses are hanging from a pulley m pulley = 2.0kg frictional torque from pulley = .50 Nm radius of pulley = .06m mass1 = 4.0kg mass2 = 2.0kg The system is at rest with mass1...
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    Energy conservation problem (two star system)

    Hi guys - Here's the problem I am chewing on: A binary star system consists of two stars, each equal to the sun in mass. The distance between the two stars is 1.0 X 10^12m. A comet which is essentially at rest, begins to make its journey toward the binary star system as a result of...
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    Roller Coaster/Energy conservation

    Hi All - Here's the problem I have: A block of mass m slides down a frictionless track, then around the inside of a circular loop-the-loop of radius R. What minimum height h must the block have to make a full run around the loop without falling off? The answer is to be given as a...