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    Partial Pressure Help-Please Check

    Partial Pressure Help---Please Check The Partial Pressure of water vapor at T = 273 K is 6.11 mbar. Find the corresponding mass concentration of water vapor. Assume P = 1 atm. So.... ρH20 = (PH20*MH20/(R*T) ρH20= (6.11*10^2 Pa)*(18.01 g/mol)/(8.314*273 K) ρH20 = 11004.11/2269.722 =...
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    Mixing ratio Check please

    A typical global concentration of hydroxii radicals (OH) is about 10^6 moleculues/cm^3. What is the mixing ratio corresponding to this concentration at sea level P = 10^5 Pa and T=298 K? Using the previous equations derived earlier ndOH= (P*Av/R*T)*COH (ndOH*R*T/(P*Av) ) = COH (10^6...
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    Mass Concentration Problem

    Please check if right. Determine the mass concentration for N20 at a mixing ratio of 311 ppb at P = 1 atm, T= 298 K. My work #density of N20 = Concentration of N20 * #density air PV = #moles of air R T PV/RT = # moles of air PV/RT = Numberofmolecules/Avagardo # = #moles of air...
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    Physics Midterm Explanation Kirkoff Rule

    Its the part c question....which states C) Suppose we made V = 0. Find the new current running through the 5.00 ohm resistor. So I just took the biggest loop and did it this way Sum of V = 0 So starting at the upper left hand corner of the circuit -3A(15 Ohms) + 50 V + I (5) = 0 -45 + 50...
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    Physics Midterm Explanation

    Ok try to review for the finals but I need help in understanding this problem. So I can say that there is a resistance, 2 capacitors in series, and voltage source (Vo). Vo = 20.0 V R = 5.00 kilo ohm C1 = 12.0 micro F C2 = 4.0 micro F Switch is closed at t = 0. How much energy will...
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    Physics Midterm Question 3 Help

    Ok, well I asked this question somewhere else and he said the same answer I wrote on my exam. But I got docked heavily for that. Ok well here's the problem: A negative charge - Q is distributed uniformly over a half circle with radius 'R'. P is at the center of the half circle. A) Show that...
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    Physics Midterm Help Part 2

    Homework Statement A point charge 'q' hangs motionless from a mass less string at an angle, due to the forces of gravity and electrical attraction with a nearby infinite conducting plane of charge. Conducting wire sigma = -3.0 E -8 String is next to the conducting wire with a angle...
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    Physics Midterm Help

    Homework Statement A two point charges (Qa and Qb) are placed along the y and x axis, as shown below: The Qa charge is placed 3 meters up from the y axis, which contains a -5.00 microcolumb charge. The Qb charge is placed 4 meters away from the x axis, which contains a 8.00...
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    Right hand Rule Question

    Ok... so I know the direction of the force is east, the direction of the velocity is north, and the Magnetic field is out of the page. So Im trying to determine what charge this particle is. The answer is positive but I dont see how that's the answer. Look through my work please, to see whats...
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    Question on Magentic Field

    So Im trying to understand why the answer is zero for this problem. Calculate the magnetic field at the center of the square. The figure shows 4 circles with Xs (which I understand indicates, magnetic field direction is going into the page) forming into a square, if that makes any sense...
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    Chemistry Help!

    My sister tried many ways to get this solution but it didnt work so she needs your help on how to do this problem. Plz Plz Plz do it before 10:00 PM. :surprised 2C2H4 (g) + Br2 (g) + Cl2 (g) -----) 2C2H4ClBr(g) A Skyline student reacts 15 L of C2H4, 20 L of Br2 (g) and 10 L of Cl2 to...
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    Calc help pt. II

    I need help in this problems. plz :eek: 1. Integration of cos(lnx) 2. Integration of (csc^4 x/2) (cot x) 3. Integration of 2/Sqt. (4-x^2) 4. lim (e^x^2)-1/(2x^2) x-)0 5. Find the average value of x/(x+3) [-a,a]
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    Calculus Problems part I

    Can someone show me the steps on finding: Note i dont have the answer for the last two questions. Im so confused help :surprised 1. ∫1/cscx-1 It says the answer is: 2 _________ - x cot (x/2)-1 2. ∫1/(1-sin x) It says the answer is: 2 _________ cot (x/2)-1 3...
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    A hard problem in my opnion

    A 12 kg object initally has 24 joules of kinetic energy. How far will the object move against a net resisting force of 6 newtons? :uhh: (A) 2 m (B) 4 m (C) 12 m (D) 16 m (E) 24 m
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    Order of magnitude of the magnetic force

    A proton of mass 1.7 x 10^-27 kg and spped 3 x 10^7 meters per second is moving in a circle of a radius of 200 meters. What formula do I need to use to find out the best estimate of the order of magnitude of the magnetic force needed to maintain this motion?
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    Physics Help for SAT II

    A proton charge of 1.6 x 10^-19 coulomb moves trhough a vacuum with a speed v of 1 x 10^6 meters per second. It passes through a uniform magnetic field as shown above. If the force exeted on the proton is 8 x 10^-15 newton, the magnitude of the magnetic force is most nearly. (A) 1.3 x 10^-27...