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    Why we need Lie algebras?

    Lie algebras are also important in the study of differential equations.
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    'Creation' of Mass?

    Your speed is only 99.999999% of c from an outside reference frame that is observing your motion. Let's say this "stationary" reference frame is on Earth. Relative to your reference frame (presumably, the one attached to the spacecraft moving at 99.99999% of c relative to Earth), you are...
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    Newton's Third Law and Relativity

    Suppose I have a proton at the origin, and a (stationary) electron on the x-axis at x=r. Taking q to be the elementary charge, the force acting on each of these particles is: F = \frac{q^2}{r^2} Now suppose that the electron is heading towards the proton (in the negative x-direction)...