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    Center of mass with gymnastics as an example

    The center of mass of the gymnasts depends on the "shape" the are making. By spreading her legs out like that, she lower's her center of mass closer to the other girls leg, which in turn, reduces the torque the she has to compensate for. Answering out of order here.. Yes, when the top person...
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    Sudden and static force

    I think the problem is, the OP doesn't understand what that would actually mean to hit our hand with a 100N book but only feel 60N. The only way this is possible is if at the moment it hit your hand, you were applying a upward force. You can't accelerate a 100N book into your stationary hand...
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    Painfull physics

    You would use Momentum. FΔt=mv. Where t is the time you were in contact with the car mass is YOUR mass and v is your veloctiy. Doing this we could get a rough estimate by making some assumptions and simplifications, and we wouldn't care about the motion or mass of the car, just the result of...
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    Plane and block

    I attached the picture from the link he posted.
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    Why is it bad to put metal in an MRI machine?

    Check out this link, it might be helpful.
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    Why is it bad to put metal in an MRI machine?

    MRI stands for MAGNETIC resonance imaging. -First google result, second paragraph first line. "An MRI scanner is a device in which the patient lies within a large, powerful magnet where the magnetic field is used to align the...