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    Why is Graphene useful although it should be very thin?

    Hello. I don't know much about the Graphene. I do know about this are 1. It is just a single layer of cabon bonding. 2. The mobility of electrons for Graphene is about 100 times faster than normal metal(right?) 3. It is very robust material better than diamond. In terms of its robustness, I...
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    Hearing which natural frequencies

    You have to take response curve of the human ears into account. The actual response strength over the frequency for human is proportional to product of ears response curve to spectrum of your musical instrument and highest pitch (peak) is found in this result. You know that peak of the ear...
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    Dichromatic(?) prisms

    As you can see image in internal search. This prism is consisted of two pieces of prism attached to each other. On the interface between two prisms, there is a optical coating which reflects certain range of frequency (it is color perceived by human brain) and transmits other frequency band...
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    Maybe stupid confusion for skin depth in DC.

    Hello. The skin depth is nothing but measure of penetration depth of EM Wave when it is incident on the conductor. It is well known that the skin depth is decreased when the EM wave frequency increases. But thinking about DC field. We know that when DC is applied to metal (metal is installed...