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    School GPA

    I will say this - On general, colleges weigh more on SATs than GPA. when it comes to admission. As long as your GPA is not ridiculously terrible, say Below 2.0 out of 4.0 and if you could pull off a good SAT score, you still got a shot in applying for good colleges. If you can write good...
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    Schools Graduate School Woes

    And that is exactly where I am having issues with. But I guess I can scratch out Control Systems. Perhaps AI then?
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    Schools Graduate School Woes

    I am currently a senior undergraduate student majoring in Computer Engineering. I initially chose this major to get a grasp on both "software" and "hardware" side of engineering namely, in "Computer Science" and "Electrical Engineering" aspect, which I believed might be handy once I start...
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    Where should an international student go?

    If you come from a country which English is a primary language (Britain, New Zealand ETC), then you don't have to take TOEFL. I believe you can take the SAT outside of US. Contact ETS to find out more about it.
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    Where should an international student go?

    I am an international student myself, studying Computer Engineering in US. Getting your diploma in either USA or EU certainly helps. Universities in EU (Excluding countries such as England) are free to attend (or close to) if you can get accepted, and you get a qualified education as well...
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    Should I be mad?

    Just to make a clarification, even in US, not all exams are reviewed by the department before they are handed out. I work with a professor as a grading assistant, and know that her exams are never reviewed by the department (Excluding the midterm and final).
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    Testing Usa Und grad admissn without sat?

    Some schools waive the TOEFL requirement, if you get a good score on verbal section of SAT, or you have attended to highschool in US. I got my TOEFL waivered since I went to high school here. In my opinion, TOEFL is pointless if you have to take the SAT - everybody knows that the verbal section...
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    How intelligent ?

    Exactly my point. Just because you have a high IQ doesn't mean you'll be successful in life. Same reasoning applies here, just because you have a low IQ doesn't mean you can't be an engineer or physicist.
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    Testing How important is FE exam, really?

    Let me get this straight... so FE by itself is completely useless, and if you want to get something out of the test you take, you should take PE as well?
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    GRE (Prep?)

    For math, if you take one practice test and score > 700, that's an indication which tells you that you don't really need to study much for the math section. I didn't study a single minute for the math section on GRE and got 790. On the other hand, you really need to study the verbal section...
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    How intelligent ?

    Haha, IQ doesn't tell the true measure of an individual intelligence. I know an engineer who scored 101 on IQ test and getting 3.8 GPA.
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    Trouble with Calc 2.

    Seriously, if you think you're going to get a C or lower, just retake it. Your grade will be engraved in your transcript and will effect your GPA. Retaking classes isn't as bad as you think.
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    GRE and TOEFL

    I think you are misunderstanding something here. GRE is part of a requirement (or strong recommendation) when it comes to graduate school admission, which includes both Master's and Ph.D. Since you are an international student, chances are, the school you are applying to (If it is US or Canada)...
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    Other Should I Become an Engineer?

    Do you like the sexy interior design of computer? Do you like the burning-smell coming from circuit boards, say your XBOX 360? If you answered yes to either of this question, then Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering is definitely a good option for you! You will come across that...
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    Studying Is self-studying for AP Chemistry even possible?

    You know, you are in a similar situation as I was - Except mine was a little bit more extreme: I took 6 AP Courses in my senior year, which one of the courses included AP Chemistry and I haven't took a single chemistry course before then. So the reason which I took AP chemistry before General...
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    Testing How important is FE exam, really?

    Our school requires the students to take FE exam before you graduate. I mean, of course, it would be helpful if you become a licensed engineer, but our school puts it as if you cannot get a job without passing the FE exam, which probably isn't true. Having that said, 1)How important is FE...
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    Resume question

    Do I also have to put which specific version of Linux I am capable of using on my resume? I've only used CentOS and Fedora before. I know the basics of command line in Linux, installed Fedora 7, installed programs on it, and have configured the basic networking in it. I'm not sure what you...
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    How difficult is it to be a professor?

    Ok. So how hard is it, becoming a professor?
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    How difficult is it to be a professor?

    Well I know it must be hard obtaining a Ph.D, but assuming you are capable of obtaining it, how hard, generally, is it to be a professor? On what criterias do they depend on? What are the odds of becoming one?
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    Comp enginerring and Electrical engineering

    There are a lot of similarities between Computer engineering and electrical engineering. The only difference practically is that computer engineering takes more computer science courses and electrical engineering doesn't. It may be a good idea to work both majors at the same time instead of...
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    Culculus 3 or not?

    Taylor and Mcclaurin series did not make sense to me until I had my electronics professor explain it to me. God I hated series..
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    Is't Fair?

    Take a deep breath. Then tell us what happened, so we can better help you. There are millions of choices out there, don't give up yet!
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    Culculus 3 or not?

    I strongly recommend it. Calculus 3 is actual fun and not deadly like Calculus 2.
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    Resume question

    I'm a computer engineering major and I've dealt with Linux systems previously. I wanted to ask what in particular about Linux the companies look for in order to put that as one of your "Skills acquired" criteria.
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    Resume question

    Ah OK. How much of Linux would you say you have to know to actually put it down as one of the "Skills acquired" section?
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    Resume question

    I understand that you can put down UNIX as one of your skills acquired section, but can you put down LINUX as one?
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    Robotics - Control or AI?

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    Robotics - Control or AI?

    Hello, I am a junior currently majoring in Computer Engineering. I was quite fascinated by the whole field of Robotics. I haven't entirely decided on which particular field of robotics I wanted to pursue on in the future - either control aspects or artificial intelligence. I happen to like...
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    Schools Applying to grad school, how do i look?

    I will be honest with you. As your professor says, it definitely is possible for the programs you mentioned. Grad schools also look for your research experience, internships (and interviews, if available) so if you've had some experience in those areas, that improves your chance. I don't...
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    Programs I want to lern EE, but can not major in it.

    Well.. if you are willing to take core classes of EE, I strongly suggest you at least get a minor in it. But as for the most important EE courses, I can think of circuit related courses, signals, electromagnetics. But again, if you want to take EE courses, it's better if you just get a minor...