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    Modern Evolution in Humans

    That's what I thought, but are there not small groups of people all over the world that ARE isolated?
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    Modern Evolution in Humans

    That brings up an interesting point, what would it take for a group to branch off and become a different species? As I understand it, being of the same species means being able to interbreed and create a fertile offspring. How long would it take for two groups of humans to diverge enough to earn...
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    Sleep vs. Cramming

    Suppose you had a test in 6 hours and you are not prepared for it in the least, it would take you 6 hours to make it through each topic in enough detail to learn the material under normal circumstances. Or it would take you ~4.5 hours to briefly review each topic enough to be familiar with it...
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    Why do we have to sleep?

    Edit: In interest of not high jacking the thread I'll start a new one shortly.
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    Modern Evolution in Humans

    Ok then, we are now just seeing different factors that driving evolution? You mention sexual selection, would this suggest that on the whole humans are getting more and more athletic, i.e. records always being broken? Since, in general the more athletic of us all tend to be held in a higher...
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    Modern Evolution in Humans

    I couldn't really find anything about this via Google, so I thought I'd pop on down to my favorite place in the interwebz! So obviously evolution in early man was in an overall advantageous direction, but what about now, in modern man? Back then evolution in humans would have worked similarly...
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    In which language do by birth deaf & blind people think?

    Language is just our way of expressing an organizing our ideas/emotions. I would have to think that without Language their though processes would be much less efficient?
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    Will last 2 Wolly-rhinos (siblings) in US mate?

    It does seem odd(at least to a math major, rather than a biologist), given the negative effect of inbreeding on a gene pool, that animals have no predisposition against inbreeding, and yet to my (limited)knowledge it does not happen often. Is it possible that inbreeding does occur more often...
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    Will last 2 Wolly-rhinos (siblings) in US mate?

    I thought the opposite was true. Inbreeding increases the chance for bad recessive genes to show. I could definitely see how natural selection would dictate a sort "taboo" against it. I know, Wikipedia isn't a great source but check this link out.