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    Computer Randomly Restarting

    If I recall, Intel CPU chips don't freeze or restart the computer when they overheat. Only AMD chips do that. If an Intel CPU overheats, it greatly lowers the speed of the computer. If you reformatted the HD and it still freezes/restarts, then it's definitely not software related. It's...
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    Which one is better to buy?

    This one. I'm bias towards Macs, so it was very very difficult for me to choose. I tried my best to ignored the OS. But the Mac seems to have a better graphics card for gaming.
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    Decent laptops between $100 and $300

    I kinda agree with ank_gl. I checked the laptops and they are complete junks. Your next best option to find a 100-200 laptop is eBay. In fact, that's your only option. I would be very careful and anal buying a laptop from eBay. The majority of the laptops sold on ebay at insanely low prices are...
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    Decent laptops between $100 and $300

    Laptops don't come with viruses and worms, unless you buy a used one. Even with them, you can easily get rid of them with a simple re-installation of windows. If this laptop is for college, I would highly suggest you invest more than $300 for a it. Most computer technology gets phased out in...
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    Decent laptops between $100 and $300

    High quality laptop for $100-$300? That's impossible, even on eBay. Unless you are talking about dependable laptops, maybe, but I highly doubt it. Most laptops that go for under $300 are used and at least 3-4 years old. Some are 1-2 years old and go for <$300, but have parts missing, ie. the...
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    Warez - illegal?

    Most of them provide false information about having free stuff in them. They're just using that to attract visitors. I would also suggest you not to visit those sites, as the majority of them have malware and other malicious stuff that can be uploaded into your computer. Trust me, this is from...