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    What ONE Physics topic would you choose to study and why?

    For me, it would be broadly statistical physics, given the connections between that field with probability theory (and thus ultimately also connected with my field of statistics), as well as deep connections between statistical physics and the study of complex systems.
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    Once a Year COVID Vaccines

    Interesting article. I too suspected that at some point as the SARS-COV2 virus evolves and with enough exposure (either through immunization or natural infection) that the virus will become endemic and there will eventually be a "steady state" where annual vaccinations with a version of the...
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    Engineering I’m having second thoughts about my job position. How can I proceed with it?

    To the OP: You stated in your post that you are from outside of the United States (US). I understand that out of respect you do not wish to name the company you are currently working for. At the same time, you did state that you are from outside of the US. Can you tell us what specific country...
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    With ChatGPT, is the college essay dead?

    I am personally much less impressed with large language models (LLM) like ChatGPT than many of the respondents here. While these models can give seemingly impressive abilities in human-level speech and writing, even a cursory examination of the writing reveals mistakes that indicate lack of...
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    The actual prospect of autonomous cars?

    I would suggest this clip from EconTalk, featuring computer scientist Melanie Mitchell specifically discussing the prospects of self-driving cars, as part of a broader discussion from her book, "Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans" (which I've read and highly recommend): Her...
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    Job Skills Ageism in Computer Science?

    Do you plan on retraining or otherwise seek to pursue another career path at this stage? I suppose I'm asking because 36 is very young to "retire". I am currently 47 and I still see myself being able to work for about another 20 years or more either as a statistician or in some...
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    Job Skills Ageism in Computer Science?

    @swampwiz , if you don't mind my sharing this, what do you do for a living now? You stated that you became an unemployable programmer when you were about 36. What did you end up doing afterwards? Feel free to PM me if you don't feel comfortable answering in this thread.
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    Most commonly mispronounced scientists' names

    @zdcyclops, I both agree and disagree with your statement above. I agree with you that languages are living, evolving mechanisms of communication, and that pronunciation and vocabulary are subject to evolution and change over periods of time. However, here are my disagreements with you: 1...
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    Most commonly mispronounced scientists' names

    My general rule is to always pronounce names to as close an approximation to how the name would be pronounced in the native language of the ethnicity or nationality of the individual of concern. So in the case of Tycho Brahe, who was Danish, I try to pronounce the name in line with Danish...
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    Most commonly mispronounced scientists' names

    Actually, the Google link you provided does not give the correct pronunciation of Tycho Brahe's name. The key is to understand the orthography and pronunciation rules of Danish. The "y" is a sound similar to the French "u" or German "u" with an umlaut symbol ".." above it -- roughly sounds like...
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    Most commonly mispronounced scientists' names

    It is worth pointing out that Dutch orthography can be very tricky for English speakers to get right, as the diphthong "uy" or "ui" in Dutch does not exist in English (as is the Dutch "g" sound). Consider the Dutch pronunciation of Christiaan Huyghens in the click...
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    Most commonly mispronounced scientists' names

    It is worth pointing out that Louis de Broglie is a descendant of an ancient Italian aristocratic family -- the de Broglia family -- that settled in France in 1643. See the Wikipedia link below: In Italian, the "gli" pronunciation is what...
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    Other Should I go back to grad school for physics after 4.5 years?

    To the OP: I have some questions for you. Besides simply having an interest in physics, what specifically are you interested in? What kinds of jobs do you ultimately want to have? Are you interested in working with computers and software? Are you more a "hands-on" type of person? Or are you...
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    Other Should I go back to grad school for physics after 4.5 years?

    Your comment #3 is assuming that the OP can get a job given their current skillset -- a bachelor's in physics, and 3 years of experience doing office work. Remember, the OP did not specify what kind of work this was, or what skills were involved (or what skills were developed). Also, remember...
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    Admissions Climbing my way to a Physics PhD 10 years after a Philosophy BA

    @Vanadium 50 , how familiar are you with the Open University in the UK? Certainly there have been many who have graduated from the school and have been able to pursue graduate programs in various programs. You seem to imply that only brick-and-mortar physics graduates have any kind of shot at...
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    Admissions BS Physics to Ph.D. in Computer Science

    While what you state above is true, it is worth noting that many African students have successfully been able to apply for graduate studies outside of Africa (often in universities in US, Canada, and various European countries).
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    Who are Tartars?

    Siberian Tatars (Tatar groups living in Siberia):
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    Who are Tartars?

    Crimean Tatars (Tatar group based in the Crimea region, now dispersed throughout Russia, Ukraine, and Central Asian republics):
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    Who are Tartars?

    Some pictures of Tatars: Volga Tatars (Tatars living in along the Volga river in what is now Russia):
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    Who are Tartars?

    As the Wikipedia link above explains, historically the Tatars referred to a confederation of nomadic or semi-nomadic tribal peoples from what is now Central Asia and Northern Asia who spoke a series of related Turkic languages and subsequently joined forces with the Mongols under Genghis Khan...
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    Other Chances of me freelancing?

    To the OP: First of all, your thread does not provide much information. Before I (or anyone else) can provide meaningful advice, you need to inform us of the following: 1. Where are you located? 2. What kind of job are you currently employed in at the college you work for? 3. Have you...
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    EE's Going Extinct?

    One other thing I would like to point out is to what extent students who may otherwise pursue electrical engineering (EE) be opting to study other fields of engineering/science besides computer science. For example, what are the rates of enrollment for, say, mechanical engineering? Aeronautical...
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    EE's Going Extinct?

    As for the original claim being made about EE students opting for CS, I think to the extent this is true (and the extent to which this is true will vary depending on country), it is largely driven by labour demand. Certainly it has been the case for a number of years that the demand for CS...
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    EE's Going Extinct?

    The level of use of math in CS in grad school depends very much on the specific subfield of research in CS. For example, there are many fields of CS research that are heavy users of math (e.g. theoretical CS, AI, scientific computing/numerical analysis). Other fields are less so. The same...
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    EE's Going Extinct?

    I believe the amount of math that CS students take varies considerably depending on where such students study. For example, at the University of Waterloo, CS students are part of the Faculty of Mathematics (one of only a few institutions in the world with an entire school/college/faculty...
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    Math Applied math work opportunities for high school students?

    To the OP: It would be helpful to know where you are located. Are you located in the US? If you are American (or living in the US), where in the US are you located? Any opportunities for internships would very much depend on this. I have another question: can you program? Because any...
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    A controversial question came in a Government job exam

    To the OP: I agree that the question is somewhat poorly worded. For example, in multiple choice #1: Vietnam has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world in the recent years. This is an assertion that requires a definition of what is meant by "recent years" (the last 2 years...
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    Courses Maths or Physics degree?

    @Lunct , are you required to choose a specialized module when you are enrolled in an university in the UK? For example, say that you decide to pursue an undergraduate degree in mathematics. Are you able to take any electives outside of fixed modules? (e.g. computer science, physics, philosophy...
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    Choosing a focus in undergrad

    To the OP: I checked the University of Glasgow School of Physics & Astronomy website and found that there are several undergraduate programs offered: Single honours: Physics, Theoretical Physics Combined honours: Physics with Mathematics/Applied Mathematics, Physics with Computing Science...
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    Studying Is there any association of people studying Maths?

    The UK has The Open University, which offers students the ability to study various programs off-campus, frequently online. In Canada (where I'm located), the University of Waterloo offers various part-time and online degree programs. See the link below...
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    Studying Is there any association of people studying Maths?

    To the OP: One option that you could consider would be to pursue a college/university degree part-time. In Canada (where I'm located), many local universities have options available for students to take degree programs on a part-time basis (depending on the specific program). In some programs...
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    Hello there! (Kenobi photos/trailer)

    Is it just me, or do I get the sense from the trailer that Ewan McGregor is beginning to more closely resemble the late Sir Alec Guinness?
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    Engineering What is the best major for working with semiconductors?

    Solid state physics (roughly dealing with the physics of the macroscopic world) provides the theoretical underpinnings on which the development of semiconductors (including IC) is built. As for the physics courses you mentioned, McGill offers a minor in physics for all engineering programs. See...
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    Engineering What is the best major for working with semiconductors?

    To the OP: McGill has a program called Materials Engineering, which is the same as Materials Science. See the link below.
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    Who is Mr. Elon Musk?

    I've read the news about Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter with some interest, and from what I've seen/read/heard, there is a wide variety of reactions, from enthusiasm (in particular from those of a more conservative-leaning folk, based on Musk's statements on free speech and what they...
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    Admissions Should I forget about grad school?

    To the OP: I have a few questions for you: 1. You state that you don't find the material too hard, and that you study and do your homework. What are the kinds of questions where you do poorly on the test? What kinds of mistakes do you make? Do you understand why you are making these mistakes...
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    Math Non programming jobs for math majors

    To @Vanadium 50: First of all, nothing in the OP's first post or in their subsequent responses suggest to me any sense of entitlement. And it seems that in most of your replies to people in the Career Thread, you automatically default to assuming that the respondents are somehow entitled. Makes...
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    Math Non programming jobs for math majors

    @Vanadium 50 , I think you are being way too harsh on the OP, who has legitimate questions about what career paths are open to them. I should add that you have a history of needless and uncalled-for hostility to any career queries. Perhaps you have too short of a temper, and so should consider...
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    Math Non programming jobs for math majors

    @Wanderer_ , I think @Locrian above gave a great reply regarding the use of programming in various types of jobs. I'll only add that your experiences in the data structures class does not represent the work that you would be involved with even if you had decided to become a software engineer...
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    Math Non programming jobs for math majors

    @Hornbein , first of all, I've worked as a biostatistician for the pharmaceutical industry for over 15 years, and I can make the following statements: 1. A statistics PhD is recommended but not required. A MS degree is sufficient to break into the industry, but a PhD will result in higher...
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    Admissions Is it realistic to go from an undeclared major to a comp sci major?

    To the OP: The question I would ask for you is do you know with certainty that you want to major in computer science. If so, then since you have already been accepted into the computer science program at UCSC, then I would recommend you accept that offer there, rather than try to transfer into...
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    Job Skills Is a formal education usually mandatory to land a coding job?

    This is surprising to me, because it goes against the experiences of most of the engineers that I know of (i.e. preference for bachelors degrees with job experience, over those with more advanced degrees with little experience). But then again, I live in Canada, where all those who call...
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    Job Skills Is a formal education usually mandatory to land a coding job?

    I think the situation varies very much by the employer, and the particular skills of the applicant. Among many employers seeking to fill coding, software development, or IT jobs (particularly in smaller firms or start-ups), there will be a greater emphasis on demonstrated coding experience and...
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    Attractive Girl Kept Calling Me Sweetie - Meaning?

    To @kyphysics: Without knowing more about this technician, my assumption would be that she is just very friendly with everyone, and refers to everyone as "sweetie" (I've known a number of women who did just that). I agree with the other posters -- I would advise you to not overthink it, as it...
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    Admissions Will I Have to Lie in My Statement of Purpose?

    I agree with you and @symbolipoint on this -- a career in any field, including science, cannot be built on a bedrock of dishonesty. But the OP is asking the question of how to think and answer about future career plans. Someone who is completing a BS in physics and planning on applying to...
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    I wasted 3 years of my uni life on unproductive and useless things

    Hi back to you! It's always nice to meet a fellow Torontonian here on PF! :)
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    I wasted 3 years of my uni life on unproductive and useless things

    I live in Toronto, which has a large South Asian community (especially those from India and Sri Lanka), and I've talked about Hinduism with many of my Indian and Sri Lankan friends. What they have all told me is that sadhus are highly respected. Maybe the situation is different in Nepal? Why...
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    I wasted 3 years of my uni life on unproductive and useless things

    @shivajikobardan , what you state above is not strictly true. In Nepal (as in India) you have Hindu sadhus, who live alone for their entire lives. If you happen to be Buddhist (I'm not sure what your ethnic or religious background is), then you have monks who also live a celibate life, often...
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    Physics Easiest Physics PhD fields to get into in the US?

    Hi everyone. It's worth noting that @Jose Diaz (the OP) has not responded at all to this thread (in fact, the OP has only a total of 9 posts in total here on PF) since December 29. I'm wondering if this discussion has run its course and that we should close this thread.
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    I'm not able to write a script that reduces a matrix to RREF in Python

    @Eclair_de_XII , with all due respect, you are behaving foolishly! Anyone who has studied anything at an advanced level has always felt stumped or needed help when studying or researching a new subject (yes, even the geniuses). If you had a problem writing the script to reduce matrix to RREF in...