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    The question is. . .

    Yes, it is possible. See "machining a cube on a lathe" by machiningmomentsbrad on youtube.
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    4 (insulated) wires from electric pole for underground 3-phase service

    Look at the next section down. It is metal.
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    4 (insulated) wires from electric pole for underground 3-phase service

    That could be a single (split) phase with the 2 phase conductors on the left, and the grounded conductor on the right. If you look closely at one of the "double tapped" conductors it seems to be at a very sharp angle to enter the conduit. I think that is used to bond (ground) the metal conduit...
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    Rush Limbaugh has died

    News sites are reporting Rush Limbaugh has passed away. I have mixed feelings about this, I really didn't agree with him on anything, but I'm saddened by his passing.
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    Optical Build a ballast for an Osram Hg-Cd/10 spectral lamp

    This lamp needs an actual ballast that can supply a very specific starting voltage and then drop down to its operating specs. It is a mercury vapor discharge lamp and just supplying 30v @ 1A will not work. here is a link to a spec sheet for the ballast that runs this lamp...
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    Baffling electrical connection issue

    Or a bad solder joint on the board in the ps at the back of the male plug.
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    Baffling electrical connection issue

    If you disconnect the pc end, does it still require removing the other end? If not could it be your moving a connection in the male part of the pc connection, and "fixing" it until it either heats up and re-breaks the connection, or one of the pins in the male part may have overheated or worn...
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    Electrical Voltage readings in 14-3 Romex connected to combo switch

    If you use a meter that loads the circuit (ie a "wiggy") you will see very different readings.
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    Should you convert all house outlets to GFCI?

    I installed surge protectors on my main panel 10 yrs ago, saved me headaches many times. Our power doesn't go out often, but when it does, it will try to reconnect and trip a few times. It caused my upstairs neighbor to lose her electronic control board in her stove/oven. The ones I installed...
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    Problems with a boost converter

    @davenn if you go to and search dfr0123 it will come up. One thing I did see while glancing at it was if the output drops below the input then damage may occur to the module. Also this is a 20watt 3.4 volt to 37 volt input dc to dc boost conveter. Here is a link to it...
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    Hello, I with this circuit, an RF oscillator

    @Baluncore -try this link A more complete diagram is on page 270 of 945. The diagram @michael1978 posted is only a partial.
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    Electronics How to wire a knob switch?

    @jrmichler is correct on the knob. 2 normally open sets of contacts, one set operates in each direction, with a spring return to center (off). I can't find what the contacts are in the ebay listing though. Is the ebay part one you are looking to use to replace the other one? if you need...
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    Identifying a board component out of Clare A433

    I don't know if this helps, but there is a board for sale on ( for 26.00 GBP
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    Can a Doctor's Office Charge Much More Than Another?

    I believe that the provider (Dr,hospital,spec) negotiates with the insurance carrier for reimbursement rates for each plan the carrier has, and uses that and the co-pay to determine if it is financially logical to accept that ins. Recently an ins. carrier wanted a cancer care center to start a...
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    Any idea what these sensors are on lightpoles in a stadium parking lot?

    I believe they are part of an outdoor distributed antenna system (odas). Outdoor Distributed Antenna System (oDAS) nodes in the City of Santa Clara will be mounted on existing structures such as streetlights and light poles in parking lots. The area of the City around the Santa Clara Convention...
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    Magnetic suspension

    It would be helpful if he either labeled the parts in the pics, or cleaned up the breadboard a little, and listed the parts used. I am unable to make out the color bands on the resistors, so I can't tell where they are supposed to go, and don't know what the white rectangles are supposed to be...
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    Magnetic suspension

    I enlarged my screen AND had to use a magnifying glass! I don't know if it's I'm getting old or what, but I've been using the zoom function a lot lately. I tried the same on the pictures and it looks like you are correct on the resistor isn't connected to anything at F34. [edit] On second look...
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    Magnetic suspension

    That is r8 and I think it is 8k. As far as I can see r3 doesn't exist.
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    Problem with a dimmer switch

    If you look at the info in the link, you may be overloading the dimmer: Output: 1 Channel 360W 12-24V (0-30A)
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    Can someone please tell me the name of this motor-like device

    If you google shaded pole c-frame motor, I believe dayton make some replacements. You'll need to know voltage,shaft diameter, shaft length, rotation, and rpm. also make sure on mounting dimensions. Or look in second hand shops for an old turntable Also some cheaper exhaust fans from broan/nutone...
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    Transformer grounding

    Are you referring to the line between the two windings that has the ground on the end? If so that indicates the core of the transformer is grounded, In the USA at least the chassis (and thus the core through a strap) must be grounded to building steel. Also if there is a neutral formed on the...
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    I live in cheektowaga , and work out of downtown.

    I live in cheektowaga , and work out of downtown.
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    News RIP Walter Becker

    Walter Becker of Steely Dan passed away today. Tickets for their concert in Buffalo NY recently went on sale , although I didn't get them due to being at work, I seriously thought about purchasing...
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    Is this Variable frequency drive compatible with this motor?

    Is that 250v on the receptacle by the manufacturer? If so that is the rating of the receptacle, not the voltage available. Most receptacles are rated @125v, for single phase low voltage(phase to neutral);@250v for single or 3 phase low voltage (phase to phase); @277v for high voltage single...
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    Is this Variable frequency drive compatible with this motor?

    By the looks of it the vfds should work. The choice of which one depends on what input voltage you have available. I would get one that can handle a higher hp(1/2 vs 1/4) if you can afford the difference. As to the amperage listing it means 0.8A(@208V)-0.8A(@230V)/ {OR} /0.4A(@460V) depending...
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    New Amp Build Photos

    Looks fantastic. I like the covering, and the internals look really professional. Great job.
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    Electrical DIY Central Vacuum

    This is allowed as per the NEC as long as both phase conductors are on a common trip multipole breaker
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    Electrical DIY Central Vacuum

    Are you referring to the part of the NEC where a set of wires that share a neutral must be put on a multipole breaker? and must identify all phase conductors associated with that neutral? This was implemented because on a shared neutral if you unknowingly remove the neutral without de-energizing...
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    Using 400V 50Hz 3 phase motors with 240V single phase 60Hz

    I was going to suggest an air dryer, but figured the added electric would be too expensive, and was not sure if the unit could be used for just one machine. I forgot about the timer/valve. Those are also good suggestions.
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    Using 400V 50Hz 3 phase motors with 240V single phase 60Hz

    Google "silica gel compressed air dryer"
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    Using 400V 50Hz 3 phase motors with 240V single phase 60Hz

    If you have any questions, feel free to message me. I will be out of town the rest of the week, but will try to look in from time to time.
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    Using 400V 50Hz 3 phase motors with 240V single phase 60Hz

    If you go the motor change route, you will need to change the control transformer (most controls are 24v) or the primary taps on it. You can check the coil voltage on a control relay without the schematic. Most machines I've worked on (including ones from germany, italy, and the netherlands)...
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    Car battery -- charging questions

    I believe Ford has a 130 amp alternator in some of their vehicles.
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    3 phase sewage scraper bridge with 24VAC control issues

    What do you mean by "polarity sensitive" beacons? If the controls are ac then there is no polarity. Could the use of dc(?) beacons be causing an issue? quite possibly. I would disconnect the beacons and see. If so get 24vac beacons. Do the contactors for the scraper lift , and lower chatter...
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    Choosing a relay

    Also, usually when you have a relay coil you insert a reversed diode across the coil to absorb the voltage spike when the coil shuts off.
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    Rare public involvement in electrical safety

    The NEC , for purposes of load calculations, treats a receptacle as 180 va (120vx1.5a) for general purpose plugs. If you have a 15 amp circuit the max is 8 (you only load a breaker to 80% of its value) so (15a/1.5a per rec.)x .80= 8 rec. For a 20 amp circuit you are allowed 10 (20a/1.5a per rec)...
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    Help to identify a capacitor in this schematic

    Jim your suggestions are always valuable. I think that is a good idea.
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    What could have caused an EMI Filter Bead shorted by itself?

    Darn it, Berkeman. You beat me to it.
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    What could have caused an EMI Filter Bead shorted by itself?

    Could you explain what each x-ray is?
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    What could have caused an EMI Filter Bead shorted by itself?

    Was the unit installed on a board? Did it initially pass QC? or was found failed during QC? Did it fail after a time? Was it removed for testing/ x-raying? Can you upload the x-ray?
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    Help to identify a capacitor in this schematic

    Could they have meant if you bought one thinking that was the problem, and found the issue was with something else, and did not use the output transformer? That way if the leads weren't shortened they could resell it? Either way that sounds like great customer service.
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    Help to identify a capacitor in this schematic

    As I look closer if you plug into J1 (lo) you send the signal only to pin 2 with a 1M resistor to ground, and pin 7 is grounded through J2. However when you plug into J2 (hi) pin 7 becomes ungrounded with a 1M resistor to ground, and signal goes to both pin 2 and pin 7. My eyes are not what...
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    Help to identify a capacitor in this schematic

    Correct me if I am wrong, but if you look closely at this part, when plugged into the lo jack (J1) you have a 1M resistor from pin 7 to ground. When you are plugged into the hi jack (J2) you will have two 1M resistors in parallel, in effect you will have only 500K there? Everything else is just...
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    What strange things have you eaten?

    We had a "texas" type place in upstate ny back in the '90s which served rattlesnake and crayfish. I've eaten both, as well as alligator.
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    What is this pipe?

    Are you referring (in the first pic) to the small black thing coming from bottom right? If so I enlarged the pic and that looks like a plastic tie wrap (yard debris). As to the second pipe, if this is a wall between a raised driveway and a lower area @edward may be correct, although multiple...
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    Sensor question

    You can use a motion detector from a security system, and block off parts of the window with tape on the inside. Trial and error, but relatively cheap. Most have no/nc contacts for triggering another device.
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    What is this pipe?

    In NY we were required to remove all storm water sources (down spouts, sump pumps, etc) from the sanitary system. Around here we originally had only 1 system. We now have a storm system and sanitary system. Most gutters were run into the sanitary system, until they realized all sanitary system...
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    Battle bots like in Big Hero 6

    They just finished the first season of the new battlebots. The show was hosted by Kenny Florian, Chris Rose, Molly McGrath, Alison Haislip, and Faruq Tauheed. The started with 24 teams, with 12 being eliminated in the first few weeks, after which 4 got a second chance. Every week they...
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    Finding buried wire

    There are underground utility locators that work on induction, if you know pretty close to where the wire may be. I think the company that makes the one we have is stanlay. It is a two part tool, with a signal generator and a "wand" to follow the wire. They work pretty well. I would see if you...
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    SPDT Switch Selection

    Are you referring to a relay? If you are, then the coil can only be powered by 12 vdc. The 30 vdc/250 vac is for the switch contact. Your relay is probably getting hot due to overvoltage on the coil. If you are going to use 24 vdc to power it, get a relay with a 24 vdc coil.