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    String wraped around the cylinder, friction?

    Homework Statement we have a cylinder, mass m, radius R. a string is wrapped around the cylinder. and it is all located on the horizontal surface, and when we pull the string, the cylinder starts to roll. if we pull the string with the constant force F, determine the force of friction...
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    Ladder against wall

    the sum of all forces is also zero if the ladder isn't moving (friction + normal force+gravitional force(=weight)) so you have two basic conditions: 1)sum of all forces is zero 2)as you said , the sum of torques is also zero you will calculate the torque(? moment of force) in the point where it...
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    Falling of the box in the accelerationg train

    Homework Statement A cuboid of constant density, height h and length of bottom side=L is in the train. Determine the minimal necessary acceleration (of the train) needed for the cuboid to fall. There is no slipping. (that's all that is stated in the text) Homework Equations not...