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    Linux? or something else

    i don't know what the chip set is and when i try to find it my comp freazes up all i know is that i have some generic drivers and i can't up date them b/c windows vista won't let me look for them. its like its got a mind of its own haha!
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    Linux? or something else

    yes it does thanks. i mean everything like are they stable? easily upgraded? umm and you the OS and it seems that they just released a new os "osx" is that gunna act like vista and just be a major pain to work with. i was doing some priceing on the apple laptops and found that they have a...
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    Linux? or something else

    OH and one more thing what about the whole apple thing i have very little experince with that are they any good? any info on them would be helpful!
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    Linux? or something else

    ok now I am getting some VERY helpful feed back... robphy -- I am gunna use this comp for just experimental and just something i can have fun with. ranger -- will linux accept the windows drivers??
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    Linux? or something else

    ok dude chill out its not the end of the world... thanks for the ideas to kick around any more distros that you can throw at me would be cool! oh one more thing how is the linux distros with networking like is there any major problems? i have only worked with windows on this. i have taken...
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    Linux? or something else

    ok not rly a big help... haha I am just asking what type of linux is the best one to start out with so i can learn the program
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    Linux? or something else

    I have a 6 month old off the shelf laptop that is running windows vista. was not my choice to pick vista but it was givien to me. I am thinking of putting linux on it or just buying a whole new one that is an apple. but if i would go with linux what one would i want to use i have no prior...
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    Password protecting a thumb drive

    ya some of them like the more expencive sandisk have the u3 protection on them i think you can download that somewhere
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    Borke again? PS3

    i bought a PS3(80GB) about 3 weeks ago and i have had nothing but problems. i love it but still its hard to deal with. the first week i had it the thing just stopped reading disks so i took it back to the store and had them give me a new on that one worked for a week and a half and now i...
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    Calculators TI89Titanium, Can someone explain to me how to put apps on this?

    im having kind of the same problem... the drivers for the calc will not load and i have only half of the "Ti connect" program loaded on my comp because that's all the furer it will go
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    101 things that the Mozilla browser can do that IE cannot.

    i have firefox what ever the latest version is i can't remember (im not on my comp at the moment) and any thing that requires a downloaded plugin will not work or will not download correctly. so that makes IE valuble at times... and yes firefox is VERY unstable! but i love it