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    Problem solving

    I believe this is the site for which you are searching You should post a specific description of your problem, that someone might help you
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    Physics Problem that I with.

    I'm not sure, but until someone better at physics responds, this'll probably tide you over: When the water is going forward, I guess it's pushing the hose/person holding it backward the momentum going forward is .6kg*25m/s, and you get the force by taking the change in momentum over the...
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    Hey, is an EE graduate degree worthwhile?

    I'm trying to decide if it's worth my time to make my undergraduate GPA super high My cumulative won't get much higher than 3.2 even if I get 4.0 for the next two years, so I won't be able to get into any honors societies, and the only reason I can see to bother temporarily memorizing every...
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    How do you make the curly L for the LaPlace transform in tex?

    The closest I've been able to come so far is just italicizing a normal L, but that's lame
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    Need help on easy surface integral

    Don't worry; I figured it out on my own Man, this site is so crappy for getting help on anything specific Well, it's no big deal If someone comes across this in the archives or something and wants me to tell them how to solve the problem, they can drop a line to
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    Need help on easy surface integral

    So I should have taken ds/dr ds/dtheta instead of the other way around to get the right sign, and I should have taken r dr dtheta rather than just dr dtheta, but even when I do that I still get the wrong answer hmm.. I can't figure out how to get this one right without just using the...
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    Need help on easy surface integral

    Yo guys, I'm stumped on how to parameterize this surface and then compute an integral over it I'm supposed to compute \int\int_S \vec{r} over the surface formed by the x-y plane and z=4-(x^2+y^2), but I don't know to put it together and do it (No matter how you work with x and y, z will...
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    Is this a great career to persue?

    The math isn't that tough Well, it's not tough for me, and it's less tough than what you need for a fancy physics degree and way less tough than for a math degree I think I'm probably just going to end up being a professional programmer since I'm so much better at it, but I'll be a...
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    John Titor Time travler.

    0hh0, how intriguing At the very least, his advice about appreciating and preserving life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness warrants some merit Stupid mad cow disease.. although I guess that I shouldn't be eating beef anyway, if I want to lose weight It'll probably be 2005 by the...
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    Hacking the Female Mind

    OK, I think I have the formula: y = mx+b*ln|ve^(bt)-v+1| -ln| (1-v)/e^(bt) + v / ( P*e^(r*t) ) .. oh, wait, that's just a bunch of useless gibberish sorry
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    Biggest Danger to the Enviroment?

    Man, I was pretty convinced that people will always be fine and the environment won't get totally screwed up, but I was reading a biology textbook earlier today and it sounds like we're screwing things up pretty nicely All sorts of cropland is being destroyed by overusing it and not letting...
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    Why God never received tenure

    bwah hah hah! Delightful I can only hope that in making a pointless response to your joke, more people will end up reading it
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    The Ultimate Engineer Joke (18+ only)

    Well, my friends.. if I get banned, know that it was fun (and I'll be back with a different name) So a Physicist, a Mathematician, and an Engineer are all asked to prove that all odd numbers are prime The Physicist says "1 is prime, 3 is prime, 5 is prime, 7 is prime.. Given the...
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    Sex-offending Priest killed in prison.

    Two wrongs don't make a right
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    Psychic Weighs In on Electric Failure

    h0 h0 Biolog, do you just spend all day looking through the pseduo-science and religious forums for things to dismiss asstastically?
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    Proof the Bible is God's Word

    Man, that makes the Bible sound almost embarassingly bad.. like if God ever showed up and we said "Hey, we got your book!" he'd see the nonsensical rambling scribbles and be disgusted, but humor our pathetic efforts
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    Storing energy in fabrics

    well, I dunno, maybe if the guy's bending over.. wait, I was thinking his back would be curved, but then if you try to lift weights like that you'll just tear yourself apart I've never lifted serious weights.. the most I ever power-cleaned was like 100 pounds, since I never went to a real gym...
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    Humans could be living on the Moon within 20 years: BBC

    Man, one time I read a really awesome short story wherein some guy did a sci-fi metallurgical survey from Earth of the Moon, and discovered that right under the surface, it had huge insane deposits of gold and high-quality uranium, and there was a whole new private space race that made getting...
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    How stuff DOESN'T work!

    I think the thing isn't perpetual motion, but rather turning useless random (such as heat) energy into useful work If you can do that enough to overcome the friction in your device, you're set, and then frictionlessness is just a calculational convenience
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    David Blaine?

    David Blaine?? Yo, d00dz, any of you familiar with David Blaine's levitation act? Assuming it's not just a cheap camera trick, any ideas as to how he might do it? My friend noticed that it's always shown to people or the camera from one specific angle, if it is an illusion somehow, but...
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    Physics Q&A Game

    Man, I'm clueless Although this page was a real interestin' read: [Broken]
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    You don't need all that junk.

    My professors can never remember where all the "c"s go when they're writing out relativistic equations, because they all work in their day-to-day lives in a system of units where c, m0, e0, h, and many other constants are 1 I think that to anyone these units would be useful, they'll use them...
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    Is there any point on setting an incline on a treadmill?

    I believe that the trick here is that you're doing work on the treadmill since your feet are pushing down on it, they're moving along, and work is a force through a distance Or maybe you could look at it like it's the same as walking up a stationary hill, relatively Maybe I don't know what...
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    Need some force/energy help

    h0 h0, I clicked this thread expecting to quickly solve your problem, but if you're working with gravity waves, your Physics skillz are likely much l33ter than mine If I got handed a problem like that right now, I'd look around to see if there's a formula relating the wave's energy to its...
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    Refraction of light

    Oh man! So THAT'S why some media are transparent to light! (by the photon theory) That'd explain so clearly why heavy elements will stop high energy photons better than light elements (that, along with plain ol' density..) Anywayz, the frequency stays the same because the time between one...
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    Heat Death, eh?

    yeah, that's what I meant So do you know anything, Maximus?
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    Heat Death, eh?

    Yo, d00ds, my Physics book mentions the concept of Heat Death (All the energy in the universe going to an unusable form) but says that it might not be valid if the universe is bounded in certain ways Does that just mean that if the universe hits a Big Crunch, it won't experience Heat Death...
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    Group Theory For Dummies

    Yeah, that's what I meant, chroot h0 h0, and here I thought Group Theory was some arcane mystery, unknowable to low-level undergraduates like myself
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    YOUR Fox IQ?

    I dunno, every group on the show got significantly higher than average, with only a little bit of variation.. You know what's kind of funny? If a group of people is told that they'll do poorly on a test because they're inferior to someone else, they almost always do poorly I saw this...
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    Maxwell's Equations problem

    Oh, right, I think I know what you're talking about now Sorry, I had Math 126 about two years ago, and haven't used most of it since then (except for the geometric series approximations) h0 h0, I look like quite the f00l now
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    Group Theory For Dummies

    Wait, wait, wait, is group theory just that mathematical dealy wherein you count numbers by grouping them in various ways, like if you want to prove there are more numbers between 0 and 1 than there are integers greater than zero?
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    So can you use electromagnetic fields to repel uncharged objects?

    Oh, right So you just have to put a strong magnetic field in there, and the plasma's positive cores will go one way, and the electrons will go the other way, but it's all good so long as it doesn't touch anything I have a job helping a guy who's head of the University of Washington's...
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    YOUR Fox IQ?

    Yeah, you did And it said wasn't valid at all if you're under 18 years old or over 70 They also said not to use the test to diagnose any medical conditions, so it might not be a top-notch test
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    Maxwell's Equations problem

    Man, you guys call the second derivative "curl"? blegch
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    The One Single Event that will Cause the Collapse of Physics

    I think entropy would hold true anywhere that the laws of statistics do, since that's all entropy is, unfortunately Ordered states are less numerous than unordered ones, and with random actions, you're more likely to end up in a likely state than an unlikely one For example: If you have...
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    So can you use electromagnetic fields to repel uncharged objects?

    I can see how you can attract conductive objects with an electric field, but I'm wondering if it's actually possible to use some sort of electromagnetic phenomena to repel objects, like in Star Trek, or something Also, how does a Tokamak fusion reactor keep the plasma in place with magnetic...
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    YOUR Fox IQ?

    ha ha ha I missed obliging too I said indulgent, since it's a more extreme version of obliging, so far as I know, and I guess I missed accomodating right above it Yeah, you'd really expect scientists to be the smartest, just because you need mathematical intelligence to do any sort of...
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    Does E really = MC squared?

    bump *bump* ha ha ha ha man, this thread is so off the wall There's a guy who has no clue, and a guy who has no clue as to how to grant the other guy a clue You oughtta explain what energy and mass are, since most people think in terms of "Energy", "Power", "Mass" and "Force" being...
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    YOUR Fox IQ? They had a nationally-televised IQ test that was live in the east half of the US, and in Pacific I just finished watching it and getting scored I got a 55/60, which corresponds to a 127 IQ, apparently I think that's the top 10% or so, so that's pretty good. I...
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    Lies, lies, and more lies

    I can give you my Audial Hamlet Medley I did in high school to hand in, if you want You'll probably have to splice in your own teacher's name to a part of it, but other than that it's good to go. It has a brief section wherein one of our friends declares that he devirginized the English...
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    X2 X-men united

    Oh man, X-Men 2 was so awe-inspiring, I was so filled with joy that I almost cried The Matrix 2, on the other hand, was very disappointing.. the fight scenes are as corney as they were in the last movie (Don't believe me? You can ruin the movie(s) for yourself forever by watching the fight...
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    I'm thinking about joining Mensa

    I oughtta take an IQ test and see how I stack up nowadays.. the only data I have is that way back in elementary school I was roughly tied with two other kids for being the smartest person out of 600, so I'd be in like the top 1/200, I guess, unless my verbal knowledge hasn't grown proportionally...
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    Circuit analysis

    You oughtta make a note that this thread is about figuring out how to program something and not how to analyze circuits.. I shied away from it at first in a deeply-rooted fear reaction to the word "circuit" DAMN YOU, HONORS ELECTROMAGNETICS CLASS! AAAAHHHHRRRRGgglll As for getting mouse...
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    Damped oscilations

    Yeah, I think that the kinetic friction coefficient is the proportionality constant between the normal force and the frictional force So you'd take the weight of the object and multiply it by the coefficient to get the friction, I believe (you oughtta check that in your book/with someone...
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    Temp water boils

    Isn't the boiling point dependant on the pressure the liquid is under, since liquids boil when the tiny gas-bubbles that form all the time at random are pressurized enough to stay and grow, rather than being instantly crushed? I guess I'd just look that up on a table or a PVT diagram.. I hear...
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    Simple pendulum and angular position

    oh god, I can't interpret your formulae in my current state Anywayz, I think I know how to solve the problem you're talking about If you say that the sum of forces is: Spring - Gravity - Damping you get: (saying that damping is directly proportional to speed) (X is displacement) Net_Force...
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    Anyone remember how to prove Babinet's principle through superposition? (diffraction)

    Yo, d00dz I'm kind of stumped on this problem on my homework: "A monochromatic beam of parallel light is incident on a hole of diameter a >> wavelength. Point P lies in the geometrical shadow region on a distant screen. Two obstacles are placed in turn over the hole. A is an opaque circle...
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    Hey, any of you guys know about remote viewing?

    Tell me more about this "TV" Is it some sort of device that helps you clear out your mind and achieve a state of meditation?
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    The Matrix, eh?

    oh God.. thread.. out of control.. too long to read... ABORT ABORT
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    I don't think Telepathy could possibly be electromagnetic in nature

    Yeah, the "eyes" point is indeed quite good From my psychology class, I gathered that our understanding of the exact way the brain is partitioned into different functionalities is still hazy enough that there might be structures that decode some sort of random forms of radiation..