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    News Deceptive Japanese Whaling Season Begins

    Newai countered your thought, and I have already answered why animal rights still apply when instituted by humans. Fair enough, I will stop after this post. I promise! :) This is wrong, as many recent animal studies have shown. The question is not if they can plan for the future, or if...
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    Why don't electrons stick to the protons in a nucleus?

    omg we have neils bohr on the forum!1!11!
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    News Deceptive Japanese Whaling Season Begins

    That's great for those societies, but Japan/US are not hunter-gatherer societies, so this does not apply to us. Don't take my word for it, just look around a few minutes. From Wiki: "Vegetarian diets are usually rich in carbohydrates, omega-6 fatty acids, dietary fiber, carotenoids, folic...
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    News Deceptive Japanese Whaling Season Begins

    Thomas, would you argue that animals (including humans) perceive death to be worse than pain? Because hunting is more than inflicting unnecessary pain, it is inflicting unnecessary death. There is no need to make tribes eat farm animals as you suggest. There is no need for the eating of...
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    News Deceptive Japanese Whaling Season Begins

    And taken to extremes, we would get up every day with the goal of totally screwing our world over. You can't just ignore problems because you don't want to pay attention. If we did that then it would be the extreme. You say that the decision to eat meat is a matter of opinion, and that's...
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    News Deceptive Japanese Whaling Season Begins

    This multi-quoting is a big hassle! :D Also I would like to bring in some ideas of another person, Gary Francione, because I think he has answered some of your points more succinctly than I would be able to... You are saying that rights can only be applied to humans, but this is a fallacy...
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    News Deceptive Japanese Whaling Season Begins

    Very good points! Like I said, I am not arguing about extinction, I am arguing about the human right to kill other creatures, in this case intelligent sea mammals, but the argument works for any animal really. I don't see why an advanced civilization needs deer and elk hunting either...
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    News Deceptive Japanese Whaling Season Begins

    I don't understand your question. We are debating whaling, are we not? Pros and cons? I think part of the problem is that we are having two separate arguments. One is about the feasibility of 'sustainable hunting' and the other is about the ethics of hunting at all. So which point are you...
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    News Deceptive Japanese Whaling Season Begins

    Oh it has nothing to do with extinction, just subverting the greater good of the planet for someone's tastebuds.
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    News Deceptive Japanese Whaling Season Begins

    Hmm, more like "based on hard science" but whatever you want to believe is fine...
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    Ready to feel bad about your internet habbits?

    Oh the tragedy! Now we will never know how much time we have wasted! :D
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    News Deceptive Japanese Whaling Season Begins

    You know, people could just stop eating whales. Problem solved! I don't understand why some taste buds have to cause this much trouble. :rolleyes:
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    The sociology behind inhumane treatment towards animals

    Agreed on all points, however if you take a utilitarian outlook, then you are very well justified by saying that killing for food is less immoral than killing for sport, since the food you get from killing provides a physical value, while in a sport the animal's meat is wasted as well as it's...
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    Vinegar and stomach acid pH

    Well a 0.18 second Google search found me just the article I needed, and it is only one of many I have seen. YES, organic produce is MEASURABLY healthier than conventional produce. I really don't understand why people are so hesitant to this idea. "In summary, this analysis found more iron...
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    16-core powerhouse required

    That is a good tech article but it is a little dated, as AMD Stream now supports OpenCL 1.1, which is a big step in GPGPU computing...
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    16-core powerhouse required

    Mech_E is correct, in order to use more than 1 CPU in a computer you need a server system.
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    16-core powerhouse required

    You will need a server motherboard with server memory and server CPU's. Everything else should be the same...
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    Mixing household bleach with urine

    I think nobody has mentioned it because there are rules against posting about how to make dangerous chemical combinations, especially weaponized chemical compounds. :rolleyes:
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    News GOP blocking 911 first responder health bill pass

    Well, 'faux Islamic' terrorists, but I suppose we don't need to get into that now...
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    Costco Soymilk

    Yeah but why not use something that's healthier for the body and better for the planet? :)
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    The sociology behind inhumane treatment towards animals

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but how can you be against current animal farming methods and still eat meat? How can you be against gestation crates and still support the results of those crates (ie cheap pork)? How can you be concerned about animal suffering and yet support the absolutely...
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    Costco Soymilk

    The simple answer is that the soy milk in the fridge is hasn't been processed for long-term storage, while the shelf milk has. See the link below for the processing they do in order to get this to work." [Broken] By the way, soy milk is...
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    Hell's Kitchen - It's RAW!

    Oh man I was so excited. The thread title lead me to believe they were doing a raw food season!
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    Do you guys like South Park

    Some episodes are simply vulgar (the X-Mas episode a few years back), but others are quite well done. Recently I loved the three-part episode with Cthulhu. Classic!
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    Mathematica How do mathematica and maple solve cubics?

    Not to be rude, but that link by itself isn't terrifically helpful for him. I don't know the answer to your question, but Mathematica can solve an equation numerically or algebraically, depending on the instructions you give it. Do you have a spefic problem in mind?
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    What is space, literally

    Well I know this isn't helpful to the conversation, but I don't really see how anyone can say they KNOW what space is. At this point all we have to explain it is an abstract mathematical construct, and even the theories describing that are not set in stone. Just my 2c. :)
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    Abolishing pencil and paper

    I have heard that people can get pretty quick with Lyx. It's a simplified version of LaTeX..." [Broken]
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    News Economic Recovery

    I look at it that he conceded he wouldn't get anything he wanted if he didn't give the rich what they wanted, so he gave in. Fixing the taxes for millionaires isn't going to affect the economy much, but it would help the deficit and fix some of the imbalances in the current tax system...
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    The whole worlds getting fat

    Hmm true, but we still decide what to feed the animals in our keep. So this could be a result of cheaper, less filling food being fed to our animals for the sake of keeping costs down...
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    Physics and Weight Training Questions

    Thanks for the idea. I just looked through this page:" [Broken] and I'm not entirely sure how much I believe in his approach of time minimization. It was still a good read though! Yes I know diet plays a major part of achieving...
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    Physics and Weight Training Questions

    Thanks for the reply Dr! I suppose I have always used physics to describe why things work the way they do, and coming across a subject that doesn't fit that is disconcerting to me. I have been doing a 5x8 routine (sets x reps) and that is working well, but I just wish I had a scientific reason...
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    Physics and Weight Training Questions

    Hi all! I have a few questions about physics and weight training. I searched around a bit but only found these two threads:"" which don't totally cover my interests. I know that...
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    Overpopulation, serious political and economical problems

    And how is this different than rich/powerful groups denying or supplying funding to groups they do or don't like? I believe this already happens!
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    The children of gay parents.

    Well I guess I just disagree! :) I don't believe that sexual orientation is determined entirely by genetics or entirely by culture/society/nurture. I think it is a combination of all of those things, and I think that all of our other preferences show that, so why shouldn't sexual orientation?
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    Are Multicores Worth It?

    To answer the OP, essentially ALL new software and operating systems will take advantage of multiple cores. Recent games utilize 2 or 3 (sometimes more for strategy games), and major software packages like Photoshop, Solidworks, Mathematica, etc. are all now taking advantages of multiple cores...
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    Cutting the cord to cable and satellite TV

    Netflix Streaming + Hulu Plus = lots of stuff to watch for only $16 a month...
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    The children of gay parents.

    I don't see why anyone would be surprised that gay parents are more likely to produce gay children. Angry parents are more likely to produce angry children, and quiet parents are more likely to produce quiet children, and brown-haired parents are more likely to produce brown-haired children...
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    Why are humans anti-gay?

    Dave you are officially awesome. I had always wondered about the 'being gay is a genetic anomaly since it goes against the genetic goals of species' idea, but you have clarified many things. However, I would like to mention that I think the above quotes can be argued against with the...
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    Overpopulation, serious political and economical problems

    I'm interrupting, but I had to respond to this! Why is this an outrage? It seems to solve a lot of the problems. The poor are much more likely to take advantage of this, thereby slowing the population increase of the poor (and usually uneducated), while the rich, educated folk tend to have...
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    Medical How does a dietary intake of 100% animal fat mimic fasting?

    I don't know why there is even a low-carb/high-carb debate! The large majority of studies I have seen point to a balanced diet of carbs, fats, and proteins. As a general rule, extremes are never good. Naturally we want to intake the foods that science has found to be the healthiest for us to...
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    The whole worlds getting fat

    Yeah our brains have outsmarted our bodies (AKA our agriculture outpaces our genetic evolution). It all comes down to the fact that it's damn hard to not eat a cookie (long-term positive results) instead of eating a cookie (short-term positive result)!
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    Modeling Forces in Solidworks

    Ok how about modeling forces over a distance in Blender?
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    News French Senate Approves a Ban on Burqas

    Let me make sure I am hearing this right. Muslims wearing burqas is 'rearranging the furniture' of the French lifestyle?
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    Modeling Forces in Solidworks

    ...specifically forces over a distance (coulomb, gravity, etc.). Are there any plugins to do this?
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    News Should the Bush tax cuts be extended?

    I'm not terrifically excited to debate right now but such is life eh? What I will respond with is that nothing you have said justifies the current taxation rates. Capital gains incomes are essentially no-risk investments. Look at the stock market. It has continued to climb over it's 100+...
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    How hard is my Intermediate Mechanics class supposed to be?

    Do you go to CSM? We have a notoriously difficult mechanics professor, and we use Thornton and Marrion as well (but it's a common book). Yes, it should be hard, and yes, you should suffer. The beginning of junior year is what separates the kiddies from the adults. You should learn to work...
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    First-Year Undergrad: Comp Sci or Physics?

    Take another year and do a double-major? Or get one degree as an undergrad and change up to the second major for your masters program. This option will also cost you another year probably. But computational physics is a great emerging field, very useful and very interesting! (just my 2c :) )
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    Physical Aesthetic Preferences

    Statistically people tend to prefer symmetry over everything else. I highly recommend the book The Red Queen by Matt Ridley. It's a well-thought book and very scientifically based.
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    I want to give advice! where are all your relationship problems?

    Not to be rude, but are you an expert in relationship therapy? As a general rule, getting relationship advice from a random stranger on a forum isn't a great way to go about things. :D