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  1. jma2001

    Suggestion to stop spammers.

    How did you guys implement the "no links until 15 posts" feature? Is it an open-source plugin that I could download from somewhere, or was it custom coded? I'm having a big problem with spam on another forum I administer and I need to implement something similar.
  2. jma2001

    PF Update to vB3.5 coming soon

    I just noticed the following in ZapperZ's journal: Would someone please make sure to backup Zz's journal? There is a lot of good information there and I would rather not see it lost.
  3. jma2001

    Stop deleting franzbear's posts!

    I've never posted in that thread, but I voted 'Yes' just so the damn thing can get to 10,000 and die already.
  4. jma2001

    More massive objects will fall faster than lighter objects?

    Aristotle's science was mostly rubbish, but his writings on ethics, politics, and poetics were, and are, brilliant. I'm afraid a lot of people hear examples of his bad science and dismiss him without recognizing the value of his purely philosophical works. I would make a comparison between...
  5. jma2001

    Theyre taking the hobbits to isengard 111

    Uh oh, I think somebody watched that movie one too many times ... :uhh:
  6. jma2001

    New Theory

    Hey, yeah! It's been a while since I checked that forum but I'm glad to see someone finally met the requirements and got a discussion going. We are definitely on our way to proving that IR is a viable concept. Now, if only we could convince Zanket to post his theory.
  7. jma2001

    Seeking a way out of speeding ticket

    Here in California? And all this time I've been thinking you were from New Zealand! Don't know how I got that idea in my head. :confused:
  8. jma2001

    Seeking a way out of speeding ticket

    Check this site. It is worth fighting, the ticket may not be dropped but most people who fight will be able to get the fines/points reduced. [Broken]
  9. jma2001

    Purchases just sitten around collecting dust

    Really? Can we see some photos? :tongue2: I, too, have a $500 bicycle that is collecting dust. I want to ride it, but I live in a tiny development that is sandwiched between two major highways. There is no place to ride around here, and my car is too small to get a bike inside. Hopefully,by...
  10. jma2001

    Video is dead

    Not quite. Video may be dead as far as new releases go, but there are still billions of perfectly good, playable VHS tapes out there, many with rare and hard-to-find titles that have not been (and may never be) released on DVD. The independently-owned video store in my neighborhood is still...
  11. jma2001

    Some people just don't get it

    Townsend, I was wrong to suggest that you had been "had". When I first saw that video, the comments were so ridiculous that I assumed it must have been a comedy sketch, like the ones on SNL when they make fun of something by exaggerating it to the point of absurdity. The presence of Chris...
  12. jma2001

    Some people just don't get it

    Where the heck did that come from? And what was Mike Myers doing there? I think you've been had, that looked like a comedy sketch to me.
  13. jma2001

    Outside the Mainstream Forum

    Carl, It sounds like your needs are outside the boundaries of what PF is willing to support at this time. Why don't you set up a discussion site of your own? Then you can tailor it exactly to your specifications. I believe most of your requirements could be supported with a MediaWiki...
  14. jma2001

    Studying Saving money purchasing the previous edition of textbooks

    I actually think that many textbooks get worse, not better, with each revision. I recently got a good used copy of Halliday and Resnick, Third Edition (1988) for five dollars, and I like it much better than the modern editions, which sell for upward of one hundred dollars and are bloated with...
  15. jma2001

    How to publish if you are an amateur?

    Have you looked at the Independent Research forum? That might be a good place to post a draft of your paper and get some feedback.
  16. jma2001

    'There is no time' - Wired magazine

    Interesting website you have there! But, is there an About page somewhere that tells a little about yourself and your background? I generally like to know something about an author before I spend a lot of time reading his or her articles.
  17. jma2001

    Studying Best PreCalculus Texts/Books.

    "Precalculus Mathematics in a Nutshell" by George F. Simmons. I own a copy and it's great: everything you need to know about geometry, algebra, and trigonometry in 120 concise pages.
  18. jma2001

    What does Edgar Escultura think of Group Theory?

    Apparently the "Unanswered Threads" link is a vBulletin hack, I found some info here: According to the link: "it is set up for Admins, Super Mods and Mods to see the link. But you can add whatever usergroups you want to see it very...
  19. jma2001

    What does Edgar Escultura think of Group Theory?

    I'm using IE6 ... yeah I know, not my choice, I am required to use it on this computer. Still, a simple HTML link should not be dependent on the browser?
  20. jma2001

    What does Edgar Escultura think of Group Theory?

    OK, I know I'm not the brightest bulb on PF's tree, but I am looking exactly where you are telling me to look, and it's not there. Just so there can be no misunderstandings, here's what my screen looks like: [Broken] So, where is it? :confused: Edit...
  21. jma2001

    What does Edgar Escultura think of Group Theory?

    I still don't see it. :confused:
  22. jma2001

    What does Edgar Escultura think of Group Theory?

    Is there really an "Unanswered Threads" link? Where?
  23. jma2001

    Pi approximation day

    How about when it was 1:23:45 on 6-7-89? Yes, that actually made the newspaper in my town, and IIRC, it might even have been on the television newscasts that evening. ... only then it didn't seem so special the following year when it was 12:34:56 on 7-8-90. :rolleyes:
  24. jma2001

    London: Is there another bombing?

    There is something going on, the details are still sketchy.
  25. jma2001

    James Doohan, Star Trek's Scotty , Dead at 85

    That is sad. The original Trek was even a little before my time, but I watched the reruns and the movies and I always loved Scotty. One of my favorite quotes is from the Trouble With Tribbles, after Scotty gets into a fight with a Klingon for insulting the Enterprise, and Kirk confines him to...
  26. jma2001

    James Doohan, Star Trek's Scotty , Dead at 85

    James Doohan, Star Trek's "Scotty", Dead at 85 Rest in peace, Scotty. [Broken]
  27. jma2001

    Top 10 Web fads

    I remember most of these. Yikes.
  28. jma2001

    Mental Challenge (SFW)

    This has reminded me of a pencil and paper game that I learned from a high school math teacher. Take a blank sheet of paper, and draw on it twenty pairs of circles, numbering each pair from one to twenty. That is, draw two circles in random locations, and label them both '1'. Then draw two more...
  29. jma2001

    Medical Thought processes

    Good question, I don't have any answers, but it is certainly true that standardized tests like the SAT and GRE put a lot of emphasis on the ability to solve problems quickly, which I always thought was a little unfair. I wouldn't mind seeing this thread moved to a more appropriate subforum...
  30. jma2001

    Country or city life

    Yes, the one thing that would drive me crazy about living in the country is the boring food. I once spent a long weekend in a small town in rural Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful area, but the only place to eat was this one small diner, and you couldn't get anything except cheeseburgers, fried...
  31. jma2001

    Mental Challenge (SFW)

    When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time drawing mazes on big sheets of paper, so I guess I developed an ingrained sense of how pathways fit together. There is a method, it's hard to explain exactly, but in general: When you click on each node, you will notice that the other nodes it is...
  32. jma2001

    Mental Challenge (SFW)

    It's true, I have no life ... :redface: [Broken]
  33. jma2001

    Mental Challenge (SFW)

    That happened to me, too. Click 'No' (as in, no, don't abort the script) and wait. You might have to click 'No' a few times, but it will finish eventually.
  34. jma2001

    Mental Challenge (SFW)

    Thanks AKG, that is just the sort of info I was looking for. In case anyone is curious, here's what level 8 looks like. I'm out. :smile: [Broken]
  35. jma2001

    Mental Challenge (SFW)

    Interesting, would anyone like to take a shot at explaining the mathematical concepts behind this game? It reminds me of the Bridges of Konigsberg problem. From my limited experience with the game, it seems that the secret is to place the nodes having the most edges in the center, while the...
  36. jma2001

    Physics Second-career physicists?

    A similar question was asked a while back. Check this thread: As far as determining whether this is just a childish fantasy (to use your words), I would echo what juvenal said about not romanticizing physics based on the stories in pop...
  37. jma2001

    You know your living in 2005 when

    Ah yes, I've had that problem more than once ...
  38. jma2001

    Science Magazine's 25 Questions: What Don't We Know?

    The July issue of Science Magazine features a list of 25 questions that highlight critical gaps in current scientific knowledge. The final list of 25 was selected from a longer list of 125 questions based on "how fundamental they are, how broad-ranging, and whether their solutions will affect...
  39. jma2001

    Outside the Mainstream Forum

    Please, no capital punishment on PF. The shame of being declared a crackpot should be enough. :blushing:
  40. jma2001

    Top 10 tech we miss

    Funny how many people liked those clackity keyboards. I always hated them because they made so much NOISE and I always felt self-conscious using them in libraries and quiet offices. Even now, when we all have "mushy" keyboards, you can sometimes hear people typing during teleconferences, and...
  41. jma2001

    Top 10 tech we miss

    From the article: "Technology evolves. Good technologies and products usually survive; poor ones usually go extinct. But not all of the technologies and tech products that have swirled down the drain of the tech gene pool deserved their fate. Here are some big, and some small, ideas that we...
  42. jma2001

    What if the GRE in Physics is not required?

    Yes, but you corrected yourself in the opposite direction, which is why I was confused. Anyway, thanks for the second clarification, I think I understand now.
  43. jma2001

    What if the GRE in Physics is not required?

    Sorry, I know this was asked once before, but I am confused again by your statement. Do you mean, if you can't score A) in the top 25%, meaning above the 75th percentile, OR B) in the top 75%, meaning above the 25th percentile ... then you may have a problem with grad school?
  44. jma2001

    Research Woes

    Do what I do when my boss gives me a project that I'm unsure about. Say, "OK, I'll get to work on it," then go back to your desk, take a deep breath, and try to work it out on your own. If you get stuck, you can always go back to him later and say, "I've been working on this project you gave me...
  45. jma2001

    What has been your biggest mistake?

    Some of my biggest mistakes involved women that I didn't ask out when I had the chance. Word of advice to the young: better to risk the momentary pain of rejection, than to live with years of regret.
  46. jma2001

    Congratulations Evo Child

    You must be Child of Evo, the Elder. :smile: Well, I've seen your picture and you're cute, too. Nice to see you here.
  47. jma2001

    Outside the Mainstream Forum

    For what it's worth, I think this new forum is a good idea. It will certainly be an improvement over "Theory Development" and a lot of interesting discussion could come out of it. I agree that the only way to find out is to try it.
  48. jma2001

    The history of logarithms

    e: The Story of a Number by Eli Maor. I read it last year and it covers exactly the information you are looking for.
  49. jma2001

    Watching movies/shows you own

    Oh my god, no. I can't stand to watch any movie on commercial television. The commercials are bad enough, but the worst thing is that the TV versions are chopped up to the point where they don't even resemble the original film in some cases. I watched so many movies on TV while growing up, it...
  50. jma2001

    Deep Impact

    Yes, it did, and they're getting some pretty spectacular pictures. I'm watching the webcast now, I'm sure it will be all over the news tomorrow.