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  1. sheldon

    Aliens - Are they out there?

    there are probably creatures living on electrons asking the same question:)
  2. sheldon

    The Cat Whisperer

    The difference between a Dog and a Cat. A dog thinks they feed me they take care of me they love me they must be God. A cat thinks they feed me they take care of me they love me I must be a God.
  3. sheldon

    Are credit cards bad for the economy?

    well yes and no, you have to consider the level of employment the credit card company provides.
  4. sheldon

    Earth Resonance Power Generator

    I don't know
  5. sheldon

    News Iraq: No way to win

    Time will heal, buy stock in Iraq corp. give it ten years and be rich.
  6. sheldon

    Subliminal messages

    Do subliminal messages really work? Do they have the ability to motivate or control you? I was checking this one out and it kinda worked but would like other opinions. Let me know what you think.
  7. sheldon

    Earthing alternatives

    If you have a difference in potential and create a path the charges will try and equal through the conductor. Think of the neutral as hot and the Earth as neutral. Ok well I am starting to get discouraged, I just don't want anybody to get hurt thinking that in a system that is not Earth grounded...
  8. sheldon

    Earthing alternatives

    well in this case you become the path for current to travel from the neutral to the earth, if the system is grounded to Earth via grounding rod the current will take the path of least resistance through the ground wire instead of your body.
  9. sheldon

    Running a Car on Hydrogen Made from Water

    I am not ever going to give up, I have just learned from this forum some of my flaws in thought. That is a good thing cause now I am on a more solid path to reaching concrete goals.
  10. sheldon

    Earthing alternatives

    Ok then my case is true that you can be shocked or electricuted in a system that is not Earth grounded via the neutral? after all its the center tap of the xformer right?
  11. sheldon

    Earthing alternatives

    Is that a yes?
  12. sheldon

    Running a Car on Hydrogen Made from Water

    I did the same thing when I started into pf, I was excited about different ideas but realized that they just aren't right. I use to think it was like splitting the atom and getting all that hydrogen out would net more energy than the electrolosys process also.
  13. sheldon

    Steam vs water at the same temperature

    is it called superheated?
  14. sheldon

    Earthing alternatives

    OK Averagesupernova is correct on his example, and not to argue, I just would like to ask a question then. When you have a hot wire and the system is not grounded to earth, do you have voltage between the hot and Earth ground?
  15. sheldon

    Earthing alternatives

    They are the same physical or electrical point. Thats why you must ground it to earth, if you don't there would be a difference in potential to earth, but because it is grounded the difference no longer exists. If something should happen to the Earth ground be carefull. I know you think of...
  16. sheldon

    Why do ppl suffered from famine always has a beer belly?

    I think my dad has cirrosis of the liver, his belly is like your describing. Not fat but sticking out and he is an alcaholic. I can't talk him out of drinking is there other forms of treatment to help?
  17. sheldon

    Why is a processor limited in its frequency?

    agree, just need a switch that switches at the speed of electricity and we would be cookin:) lol
  18. sheldon

    Why is a processor limited in its frequency?

    It is all dependant on the switching speed of the transistors produced. The faster the transistors can switch the faster the cpu can process. The switching speed of transistors can be determined via many factors such as heat,resistance,design,materials, etc. make an optical cpu that would be...
  19. sheldon

    The egg transporter

    I am not sure if this would work but take a tube with a very strong spring inside and a large weighted object hooked to it, compress the spring and have a hair trigger hooked to it and I think it would propel forward even though the weighted object would still be attached. I know have a string...
  20. sheldon

    Cellphone and cordless phone

    Don’t quote me on this but I don't think it is because of electrical qualities but more about the FCC laws concerning different power outputs on specific frequencies. The license may be different at that freq. allowing them to make a more powerful device. It also could just be a gimmick.
  21. sheldon

    Earth Resonance Power Generator

    Hi Jdo300 I have considered what you’re trying to accomplish in the past. The difference from what I am trying to do and what you are is that I am not concerned with the electrical resonance of the earth. I am concerned with the acoustical resonance of the earth. I am unsure if the acoustical...
  22. sheldon

    Earthing alternatives

    The ground and neutral are the same electrical point, meaning they are all tied together. The reason for a ground is safety. If there is a short the ground can become an alternative path for current. The reason there is a ground rod or Earth ground on an electrical system is because there is a...
  23. sheldon

    Harnessing energy from gravity

    As the steam rose up your pipe vent it would cool and recondense and fall back into the pipe filling it up with water, clogging the system. The water entering the system would cool the lava rock and would stop the system unless you were continually drilling or scraping off the crust.
  24. sheldon

    I don't understand the physics of Ohm's law. Please help

    Ok calm down, your question is about volt or voltage so here are several classical definitions from volt1 n. Abbr. V The International System unit of electric potential and electromotive force, equal to the difference of electric potential between two points on a...
  25. sheldon

    Question about light and blackholes

    This is so heavy spicoli! Nothing escapes the black hole period. NOTHING NOTHING. Not even your thought waves:)
  26. sheldon

    Receiving power Via radio transmission

    I keep thinking of one word, Zenor diode. Remember crystal radio sets that don't use batteries, just the power received via antenna. I am sure that is how they do it but not positive, no I am positive it is going to be negative that is the only thing I am positive about. Any way I believe the...
  27. sheldon

    Advice on bizarre watch functions

    Your wife is doing it goof ball:) hehe She is messing with your head. Oh, do you have children?
  28. sheldon

    Permanent Magnet DC Generator

    Come again?
  29. sheldon

    I don't understand the physics of Ohm's law. Please help

    I will try and make this simple, If you had two 5 gallon buckets with a hose connecting them on the bottom, on that hose were a couple of valves, and one bucket was full of water and the other empty. The bucket that is full of water is your voltage the more full it is the more potential it has...
  30. sheldon

    Solar cell

    Yes I agree about the thermal energy idea. Any device that gives off heat is wasteful in my eyes. Like a light bulb gives off a great deal of heat, but we are not interested in the heat that is produced only the light, the heat is energy you paid for but are not utilizing so I consider it waste...
  31. sheldon

    The Brain

    Yes what exactly is the defenition of learn? It is not just simply retaining information. ok looked it up. To gain knowledge, comprehension, or mastery of through experience or study. To fix in the mind or memory; memorize: learned the speech in a few hours. To acquire experience of or an...
  32. sheldon

    Robotic Engineer

    This question is somewhat vague, I would have to answer it accordingly, You can do anything you put your mind to all it takes is drive.
  33. sheldon

    Lowtech vs hightech

  34. sheldon

    Fullhawking's: Current Rectification

    In order to rectify any ac current use diodes in any of the configurations suggested. As for size of diodes figure the amount of watts per diode needed. For example, a full wave rectifier, divide total watts by 4 and that is the minimum wattage level diode you need, I always overkill a little to...
  35. sheldon

    Electrical Safty C.W

    WOW, I will make it short and simple. At higher voltage levels the electricity would be able to break down the insulation of your skin, enabling electrocution.
  36. sheldon

    Minor in Solid State Physics?

    sure why not
  37. sheldon

    New electric motor principle

    Now that I can see the patent, I have to agree with wimms very well put. Can you explain the theory of the motor the thread started from better for me?
  38. sheldon

    New electric motor principle

    I tried to look at this coil and could not see it; I must not have the right viewer. Anyway, the beginning of the thread was about a special motor. I would like to start by saying that a regular motor is just as efficient as the motor described. I personally don’t think that motor described will...
  39. sheldon

    Engineer Vs Scientist

    A scientist discovers the laws that govern our universe, an engineer utilizes the laws discovered.
  40. sheldon

    When a source gives out voltage

    The electron gets absorbed by the material because it is unable to pass through the material like a bottle neck and it can't go back where it came from because the charge won't let it. as it gets absorbed the net energy of the material increases and as the net energy increases the the molecules...
  41. sheldon

    When a source gives out voltage

    Molecular Theory explains heat An explanation of what heat is comes from the Molecular Theory of Matter, which states that matter is made up of tiny particles called molecules. These particles are in constant motion within the bounds of the material. Velocity of molecules Since the...
  42. sheldon

    Custom chopper

    I am building a custom chopper, hardtail frame. I am learning as I go and I had a video to help me but my vcr ate it. Does anybody know about transmission mounting or anything about bikes?
  43. sheldon

    The nature of antimatter

    very interesting, The proposal is that the down quarks in protons and neutrons are re-labeled to antidown. In this way no physical properties of protons or neutrons are changed. In this scheme a down quark now has a charge of +1/3 while an antidown quark carries a charge of -1/3. Thus a...
  44. sheldon

    Reality is a dream

    Life and reality seems to me, a large program of some sort. The Laws that govern it are complex and interesting. All of us are just trying to decipher the program in order to find our way out or to create autonomy. That is why we love physics, because it is the closest thing we have to the...
  45. sheldon

    Wacked alternative energy ideas

    Yea the coastal idea is a great idea tap wave power.
  46. sheldon

    Wacked alternative energy ideas

    That is correct Doc and Russ, The radio waves are too small to power much. Although you can run a crystal radio completely from the power induced into the antenna. Or if you have braces that also may do the trick. I think the point is that the radio waves are energy being transfer across space...
  47. sheldon

    Imaginary time

    here is some more food.
  48. sheldon

    How does building your own complete custom road legal car(atleast for the US) work?

    Suggestions, Shawn your going to want to tig weld that frame for maximum strength and penetration. Although a good DC arc welder would do the trick also. You need to acquire a VIN number and it needs to be stamped on the frame. Go to your DMV and ask for one. Then you will need a MSO for the...
  49. sheldon

    How atmospheric humidity is measured

    I am unsure of this, But the thermometer should read 32 degree's until it is completely melted even so you have the cup filled with iron. You can check a thermometers accuracy this way. A cup of ice water is always 32 degree's. I suppose that as the iron cools its thermal conductive properties...
  50. sheldon

    Imaginary time