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    Comprehensive electromagnetic induction question

    The magnetic field between the poles of an electromagnet is 2.6 T. A coil of wire is placed in this region so that the field is parallel to the axis of the coil. The coil has electrical resistance 25 , radius 1.9 cm, and length 15.0 cm. When the current supply to the electromagnet is shut off...
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    Electric field and a tv tube

    Genius! The chapter and my professor didn't mention anything about work (or kinetic energy as it applies to the electric field for that matter). Thank you so much :) I don't know what that V is.. some webpages I found just used it. When I tried to apply it, I just used the elementary...
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    Electric field and a tv tube

    electric field I can't find any straight forward solutions to this problem.. it's not addressed in the textbook (even though there is a chapter problem about it) and the internet doesn't have what I need either. I'm hoping someone could give me some insight on this. An electron (q = -1.602 x...
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    Finding the maximum height of a rocket

    Your equation only shows the distance as far as when the fuel is gone. A rocket's path is a parabola.. when it shoots up and then runs out of fuel, it will go up a little more and then start to fall.