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    Free ring tones

    I have a motorola cellphone that I'd like to add ring tones to. What sites allow me to do this for free?
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    What vicodin is and how it works

    Please fill me in with what vicodin is and how it works. Thanks
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    Who is physics post?

    who is physics post?? What is physics post and what does it have to do with
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    Bose-Einstein condensation of atomic gases

    Yes, experiment please
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    Bose-Einstein condensation of atomic gases

    How is superfluidity studied in a BEC?
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    Should genes be patented?

    Gene patenting is set to become one of the major issues of the new century with corporations rushing to cash in on the pioneering research of the Human Genome Project. It is now possible to isolate our genes and identify them. Ultimately, this new knowledge is expected to lead to tangible...
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    Why is psi so small?

    It's strange that psychic powers if they exist should be at all debatable. If they exist they should be obvious. Think of the incredible advantage such powers would give any creature in the battle for survival. Certainly this would be something that evolution would select for - heavily. So given...
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    Do we rely on computers too much?

    What about when kids stop learning the basics of math and just crunch numbers on a calculator?
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    Your view on animal testing

    I am against animal testing! Here's a nice list of companies that participate in animal testing in one way or another.
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    Do we rely on computers too much?

    Do you think we rely on computers to do too much for us. Remember the Y2K scare, when wackos thought the world would end when all the computers shut down? The problem was averted, but the question remains. I am espescially interested in hearing younger posters feelings as opposed to those of...
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    News File Trading

    Your analogy is silly, food is a commodity, not intellectual property. Laws were established to protect what people create.
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    Numerical integration

    Does anyone have a program for numerical integration in fortran??
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    2nd order differential equation

    Hi, When I was younger, a teacher of mine gave me this problem for training: This was a test for the admission to a well known french Engineering School. What was interesting was that the test contains a question that was unsolved...
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    How is Systems Engineering different from Mechatronics Engineering?

    How is Systems Engineering different from Mechatronics Engineering?