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    Efficiency Of Thin Film Solar Cells

    How does the efficiency of a Thin Film solar cell compare to the efficiency of a single crystal solar cell with reference to the 5 main solar cell parameters ( Iopt , Rs, Rsh, Is and n )? I know series resistance( Rs ) will probably increase in thin film cells because of grain boundaries...
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    Solving the general Schodinger equation

    I think I have to find a way of getting values of R because I need to substitute them in equation 11 in order to get the value of psi.I really still don't understand what's going on in this question.If I need to evolve psi(x,0) then that means I will have to plot psi(x,0), psi(x,0.5) and...
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    Solving the general Schodinger equation

    Equations are found at : 3.Plot the expression for the Gaussian wavepacket, equation (2) of the notes for t = 0; 0.5; 1.5 secs Use N = 4096 L = 25 (length of positive x axis), beta = 0:5785 (an electron), alpha = 0.5, k0 = 1, x0 = L, xN =...
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    Programs American student going to UK for PhD.

    I don't know anything about the physics departments over here because I'm not a Physicist and I'm not a PhD student ( I've actually just finished the first year of an undergrad degree ), what I do know however is that there is virtually no full PhD funding for internationals over here.You can...
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    How to improve synchronous counter

    Assume a synchronous counter with the following counting sequence: 0 -> 1 -> 3 -> 2 -> 4 -> 6 -> 5 -> 7 -> 0 1.Produce the above counter next state equations. 2.Using positive-edge D-type flip-flops, 2-input OR and 2-input AND gates, sketch the circuit diagram of the above counter. 3.Given...
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    Schools Foreign born Ph.D's in the US universities

    Zz is right, a postdoc doesn't help you get permanent residency, all it does is give you 2 more years to stay in the USA and look for jobs.It is almost impossible to get a job whilst outside the states. I'm only in my first year of university now but I've been researching on ways of getting...
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    Advice on learning Calculus II on my own.

    Video lectures are always a good place to start.Check this out:
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    Why have two inverters in series?

    I was looking at the datasheet for the 74HCT139 and noticed that it's logic diagram consists of inverters in series, why is this? Aren't two logical inversions equivalent to no logical inversion at all? Datasheet(pg 4) :
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    Programs UK Master Degree, requirements

    This link might be useful. It is highly unlikely that you will get rejected by all those universities - unless, of course, your first class degree does not conform with Bologna process standards.
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    Programs UK Master Degree, requirements

    "For admission to the MPhil degree programmes the Faculty Board normally requires applicants to have followed a three-year first degree and to have achieved or be about to achieve at least an upper second class honours degree from a UK university or the equivalent. All applicants are assessed...
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    Should I get my masters?

    It is very very hard to get a tuition waiver and a stipend for a masters in the UK.Even if you decide to do a PhD you will need at least 4.5/5 to stand a chance of getting it.It must really be easier there in the USA!
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    ChE to EE?

    What! You can do a BEng in ChemE then go on to do a MEng in EE!
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    Help please! I got no time left. Physics Vs Electrical Engineering

    @xxsteelxx I know a few guys with Physics PhD's making $250k+ working in Financial institutions in NY.
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    Comp Sci How do you add odd numbers up in Java?

    I want to add all odd numbers in a number n(ie if n=123456, then i am lookin' for 1+3+5=8) I have written a small program and it won't work i don't know why!How do i solve my prob? public class Odd { public static void main(String[] args) { int n = 3; // just set n to any number...
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    Can't solve this integral

    Homework Statement Find the integral, I , of the followin' function. Homework Equations \int \frac{dx}{4 - lnx}. [b]3.Attempt U = sqrt(lnx) dx = 2xlnx du Therefore \int \frac{2xlnxdu}{4 - U^2}. Integration of this f(x) failed These are all integrals we have dealt with...
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    A car rounds a banked curve

    I have a physics problem thatz bothering me A car rounds a banked curve.The radius of curvature = R, bankin' angle a, and coefficient of friction k,.Show that the minimum velocity the car should travel in if it doesn't want to slip down Homework Equations [ R g * (tan a - k) / (1 +...
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    Physics lab, calculating/combining errors

    Hint: C) If X = a ± b then ΔX ^ n = X ^ n * ( n * ( ΔX / X ) ) = a ^ n ( n * (b / a ) ) D) Δd = Δ(vt) = vt ( ΔV / V + Δt / t ) E) Δ(2d/t^2) = 2d/t^2 ( Δd/d + Δt^2/t^2)
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    Programs What Maths to Take To Prepare For Computer Engineering Degree

    Thank you But I'm not sure about probability, someone told me its ridiculously difficult.The rest look OK.I think I'll go for them.
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    Programs What Maths to Take To Prepare For Computer Engineering Degree

    What courses to Take To Prepare For Computer Engineering Degree Due to a few complications i will not be able to go to the UK to study Computer Engineering this September, I have to wait for September 2011 to start my degree.In the meantime i will be taking courses at the local National...
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    Not really interested in science subjects

    This is very true! Take this example, you might enjoy a Chemistry or other physical science degree but dread the job prospects that are open after completing the degree(probably because they will be very repetitive).You will be setting up the same basic experiments in the Lab day in day out for...