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    Post-grad prog in India

    JNCASR and IISc bangalore offer Int. PhD programme for gradutes
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    Questions on the fundamental theorems

    Thanks kanato for the nice explanation
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    Geometrical interpretation of gradient

    Gradient: Its interpretation is quite qood in Griffiths. Assume u have a scalar field. For example, we take the case of a solid body where the temperature has differnt values at different point in the solid. We would like to find the temperature difference between two close by points along some...
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    Clausius-Clapeyron equation

    Example Anderw has described it correctly. Here is an exmple from a lab experience. Those who work in lowtemperature physics employ Liq.He and N2 and make use of this principle to reach temp. below the (normal) boiling point of these liquids. For example. Liq. He4 boils at 4.2K and by pumping...
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    Integral Transforms

    Read "Mathews & Walker - Mathematical methods of Physics"
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    LaTeX Official LaTeX project website difficult

    There is an excellent LaTeX document editor + userfriendly interface to MikTeX called "WinEdt"
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    Textbooks on Condensed Matter Physics

    Condensematter-Optical properties books Here are two important books on the "Optical properties of solids: 1. F. Wooten - "Optical Properties of Solids" Comment : Excellent treatment, the standard reference quoted in many journal articles. Year of Public: 1976 2. G. Gruner & M...
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    Anyone ever heard of EverNote?

    Thanks for sharing this info.
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    Graphing Software

    Use "Microcal Origin Version 7.0", a window based software.
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    Strongly correlated electronic systems

    Thanks Zapper for the info. The vol no. is "v.309" - please correct it.
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    Strongly correlated electronic systems

    Quantum Manybody Physics Take a look at the book of P.Coleman, Rutgers on "Quantum Manybody Theory", which discusses strogly correlated systems as well [Broken]
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    Wavelength/frequency & it's effect on optical properties

    THis is a good book too - "Electrodynamics of solids" - Dressel & Gruner, Camb. Univ. Press
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    EBooks cost the same as printed books!

    Nice discusion. Do we exchange e-books links through this forum. I'm a newbie.