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    Alternator Question(s)

    original question - as to stacking alternators together - the voltage and current do not add in a 1+1=2 fashion. For any power supply Wire them in parallel and you get the current going up as 1+1=2, but th evoltage stays the same Wire them in series it flips, voltage goes 1+1=2, current...
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    Alternator Question(s)

    25kW is 33hp, neglecting any losses - that's a lot of power, and can be very dangerous, what are you trying to do? Is this paper excercise or are yuo trying to build something? You say alternatior which implies you have a motor already in place, from which you are going to draw power - this...
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    Fixed end beam

    superposition is the way to go - straightforward problem - go back and start over, looking for algebra mistakes - if you have a library handy - Roarkes formulas for stress and strain will have a textbook examples of this beam (and most other) beam problems
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    Dremel tool appropriate?

    Best bet is definitely to go to a machine shop - That milling machine is a cute tool, and cheap, but the machine is only the first expense, you need cutting tools, clamps, fixtures, etc - and you will need different ones for every job you do. Until you have experience machining, and defining...
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    Easy question on voltmeters

    I won't give a direct answer... Take two approaches - 1 - look at websites for voltmeters and review spec sheets - what do you consider low vs high reistance - ranges vary by orders of magnitude. There will be an accuracy spec for each range, from this what do you conclude? 2 - How...
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    Solidworks question

    yes - there is a scale feature in solidworks, and it can be 1 to 1 in one dimension and different in others - build the features to true scale first, the apply the scale. - use help to search for scale