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    What camera is an iPhone 4s using?

    iPhone have chosen Omnivision’s OV8830 sensor for iPhone 4S...It also have a five-element lens that offers 30 percent more sharpness...Damn impressive!
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    Good iPad games?

    At the moment there are over so many quality games available for ipad...I found this link GR8... [Broken] Hope it is useful to you also as there are many free games out here..!
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    Did drinking in college affect your grades negatively?

    I don't think so that drinking affect grades negatively...Drinking has no relation with grades..It doesn't affect on your grade whether you drank or not..
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    Do complex number have anything like consecutive numbers?

    Complex numbers are useful abstract quantities that can be used in calculations and result in physically meaningful solutions..The sum and difference of two complex numbers are defined by adding or subtracting
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    Sending SMS to a website

    I don't think so that it is possible...I guess you should need to have any services activate and than you can get this..Without any effort it is not possible..
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    Personality differences can be overcome?

    Well it happen with almost in every relation that in beginning it works nice but when the time passes there thinking towards each other differs..No girl would like that his lover or boyfriend has any bad habit like smoking so as I suppose one should not adopt such a bad thing..
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    Mobile Hotspots - Anyone Use Them?

    Turn your smartphone into a mobile hotspot with the Smartphone Mobile HotSpot service..You can also connect your laptop or netbook to your phone’s Internet connection using a USB cable or Bluetooth..
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    Self-Referential Aptitude test (brain teaser)

    Oh god..It is really a tough one..I can't answer all question but can some of them..The questions are too tricky and needs good intelligence..I like it..
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    The websites you open daily

    I generally use lots of website daily but they are different in ..I open daily new websites..But what I daily open is G mail,Social networking sites,you tube,SIPL and other..
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    Need your opinion about colors

    Well I think you should wear a white t'shirt with a short sleeves and than put a shirt with full sleeves over it..It looks awesome..But I like your choice also,it will look nice..NO doubt white and grey is a good combination..
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    Do you leave your computer on while you do homework or studying?

    No..I don't leave my computer as it is while I am busy in doing homework and study..But I keep it in hibernate or in sleep condition..So that when I open it they are in the same condition in which I had leave it..
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    Laptop battery life

    I use Sony vaio laptop and its battery life is 2 and half hours almost..But I wish that it could have more battery life,I hate when they show low battery...This is the only thing I hate,normally all laptop has that much life only..
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    WHen x-rays hit the anode is it true that they become accelerated

    X-rays are one of the best gift of science...With it's help we can see the internal things or internal parts of body or if there is any internal injury than we can find it with the help of X-ray..One can do X-ray of any part of the body..
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    How Oil Is Formed

    It is said that oil can be found in large amount in Saudi Arab, Dubai side by digging under the earth..oil can be made from many ways..By various seeds like groundnut,sunflower and other,the oil is extracted..
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    A medical student who loves physics and wants to learn particle physics!

    Medical students have to love and show interest in physics as it is one of the main subject of their education or degree..If they show interest than only they can get a good marks in it...Personally I hate physics cos it is the toughest subject in my opinion..It needs lots of mind with full...