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    Density function of product of random variables

    suppose you have two random variables X and Y which are independent, we want to form a new random variable Z=XY, if f(x) and f(y) are density functions of X and Y respectively what is the density function of Z? I tried taking logs and applying convolution, but it did not really work
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    Negative And positive Feedback

    What happens if you combine both negative and positive feedback in one opAmp? assuming you only have unity gain in the negative configuration and no capacitors? I reckon adding capacitors would add some oscillatory behavior but would that be the case if both configurations are made only of...
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    C/C++ C++ csv file reading

    thanx i solved it using a simple stringstream conversion...I guess i was sleepy last night when i was doing this part :D
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    C/C++ C++ csv file reading

    I am trying to read from a csv file, the file looks like below: 1,2,3 4,5,6 7,8,9 0 I used getline(Input_file,size,',') but the problem with this is that it seems to see the numbers not separated by commas as one string., for the code below i was expecting the following output: 1...
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    Statics: Determine the magnitude of the resultant force

    I find it quite easy to always use force triangles when given problems like this since its always easy to make mistakes when resolving( you have more equations obviously high chances of sign mistakes)... wherez you could pplug all the values in one geometric equation and instantly find the...
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    Comp Sci Problem with getline in C++ programming

    Homework Statement I am solving a problem in which I am reading numbers from cells in a csv file, I used getline to get strings from the csv file then converted the string to an integer... but the getline seemingly discards the last cell in the csv file Homework Equations this my C++...
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    Symetry of an object

    but how do we formally define symetry? is it just in terms of isometry? if you were to place you hand infinite distances away, then your hand gets very tiny and converges to a point in space which is definitely isometric about some point...eventually becoming symetric!
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    Symetry of an object

    is there a formal definition of symetry? suppose i was to make an assertion that every object in space is symetric at least about one certain axis in space, is this assertion true? why or why would you go about the proof?
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    Theories of time

    can't we define time as another form of energy? well i mean it obeys the laws of conservation quite well. in fact if time was created during the big bang then it must have been made from some form of energy... the problem is whether we can convert energy into time... or vice versa, if its not...
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    Theories of time

    how does one define time? iv we viewed time from outta our universe...would einsteins theories of relativity still hold...i mean would any of the laws of physics in our universe hold if we assumed the multiverse model of the universe(s)?
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    Logarithmic integral

    what is the integral of the function 1/lnx?
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    Proof for non constant polynomial function

    is there any proof to show the non-existence of non-constant prime generating polynomial functions?
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    Euler's polynomial proof

    thats the proposition made by Euler that P(n)=n^2+n+41 can generate all primes and it was suddenly proven false by using a counter example, isn't there any way he can be proven to be false?
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    Euler's polynomial proof

    without using a counter example, show a proof that Euler's polynomial equation P(n)=n^2+n+41 can not be used to generate all the primes.can a general proof be made to show that all primes cannot be generated by a specific polynomial?
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    Prime number algorithm

    i need a solution to such an equation for stregthening my extended essay,anibody with a gud way of solving it?
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    Prime number algorithm

    all right, but what i actually need is that good way of solving it
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    Prime number algorithm

    i am sorry guys, the last time i posted this problem it was completely different but this time if we Let x12+x22=1 be a unit circle upon a finite field Zp where p is prime. Is there any algorithm which can give all the possible solutions (x1,x2) an element of Zp*Zp as well as the total number of...
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    Prime algorhithms

    Let x1 + x2 =1 be a unit circle upon a finite field Zp where p is prime. Is there any algorithm which can give all the possible solutions (x1,x2) an element of Zp*Zp as well as the total number of such solutions? If exists, what is the complexity of it?