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    Light beam question

    This is going to sound stupid: what do you mean when you say a laser has power? ~Kitty
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    Ball Lightning

    Ditto about the welcome! I haven't seen ball lightning, but I have observed ground lighting. That's is crazy stuff! I bet if you google for some pictures you'll find some. I'll see if I can come up with any. While we're here...what causes lighting anyway?
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    A lens system.

    Ok, now I'm confused. Crosson could you help connect the dots a little? Please? :redface:
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    A lens system.

    I would agree with your reasoning that even if you passed a photon through an infinite number of lenses it with still retain the same colour and such. If this were not true then the question: Can a photon be refracted into other segements?: would be raised. Since this is not the case, you're...
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    A lens system.

    Wait a minute. Isn't refraction the separation of the different wavelengths of the photons in light into similar groups: ROYGBV? Wouldn't that mean that the photon that passed through the lens would be the same as before it went in; the only difference would be that it would be grouped with...
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    Question about single slit diffraction

    Hello Rob, Welcome to PF. :smile: This is an interesting topic you bring up. I'd like to talk about this because my physics class is studying this right now ironically. Your reasoning seems to make sense to me. I'm not sure if I follow you in the black screen part though. What would...
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    How do optical illusions work?

    I wasn't talking about wiggling the pen and make it look like its bending. How about the picture of the two ladies and the vase? The black and white picture with the two black figures on the sides that look like a young lady and an older lady and in the white in the middle it looks like a vase...
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    How do optical illusions work?

    I think this is the forum this question belongs in. I was looking at this shifty red pen I have and I though about an optics and light question. How do optical illusions work? Is there some kind of physics theorum or idea which would explain how this works? I hope this makes sense.