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    Can you set the air on fire?

    If you get it hot enough, the nitrogen will oxidize. But when people make a statement like this they are really talking about something like a fuel/air bomb, where you fill the air with a flammable vapor and light it off.
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    Firebrick wrapped with aluminum foil

    Any one of several things can happen since we are getting close to the melting point of the aluminum. At the very least it will deform and maybe fall off. It will certainly oxidize rapidly, which will result either in it turning to powder and falling off, or it could catch fire and burn away...
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    Firebrick wrapped with aluminum foil

    Is the burner hot enough to melt or burn the foil?
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    Square or Rectangle 30 psi storage tank

    We could certainly design such a thing as a mental exercise, but the result would be completely unreasonable and impractical to build. It sounds like he wants to build a square piston to pump water. If that be a real need, then find a seal that will enable you to loosen up that .001 number as...
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    High Temperature Super Alloys

    Thanks, Joe. Now I have to go do some studying before I can ask further questions.
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    High Temperature Super Alloys

    Is anyone interested in starting a discussion on this topic? I use them in designs, but don't understand the metallurgy very well. In particular, how does adding Al to Ni increase the melting point of Ni? It also improves a number of other desirable characteristics. The peak of the melting...