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    Schools International schools for physics

    For undergraduate physics in England the three most prestigious universities are probably Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial. Then there is a large group of other very good universities including UCL, Manchester, Durham, Bristol, Warwick and Bath. I'm a first year undergraduate at Cambridge and...
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    Schools Physics University Guidance

    Astrophysics can only be taken in the third and forth years of the Natural Science Tripos.
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    Programs A good book for degree level aerospace

    I don't study engineering but here is the reading list for the first year, maybe someone else could recommend something from it.
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    Resit GCSE english?

    I got into Natsci at Cambridge (undergraduate) and I have C/C in english GCSE, so i wouldn't worry.
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    Physics Careers in Quantum Physics

    I'm not sure if anyone has asked yet but what mathematics have you studdied in school and in your own time ? Do you enjoy it?
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    Good luck

    I got an A in chemistry and 1,1 in STEP II and III :smile: So i got into my first choice university! I'm so happy because have been so worried all week.
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    Good luck

    STEP is a maths extension paper [PLAIN][/URL] good luck, hope you get into your first choice uni :smile:
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    Good luck

    What subjects are you waiting for ? I'm waiting for A level Chemistry, STEP II and III
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    I made a change regarding my career plans

    I don't know what country you in but here's a syllabus:" [Broken] and here's another:"
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    A-Level Science

    What are you thinking of doing after your A-levels? Chemistry is really difficult in my opinion, compared to physics and maths/further maths. There is so much more to remember in chemistry and this made it kind of boring to me.
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    Big cats in england

    My sister thinks she saw one one night when she was out running but we didn't believe her.
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    Do you have Asperger's Syndrome Test

    That test isn't much good i have Asperger's Syndrome and i got 22 :tongue:
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    Safari keeps crashing

    Here's the first bit of the log. Anyone know what happened? Date/Time: 2006-04-15 13:11:33.878 +0100 OS Version: 10.4.6 (Build 8I127) Report Version: 4 Command: Safari Path: /Applications/ Parent: WindowServer [59] Version: 2.0.3...
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    Safari keeps crashing

    Ok thanks, i'll have a look in the log files and post it if i can't see what is wrong.
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    Safari keeps crashing

    Recently after i have read a thread and then click back my browser (safari) crashes. This doesn't happen all the time (about 50% maybe). I was wondering if anyone could suggest anything or has experienced the same problem. If no one knows how to fix it i'll download firefox and see if that's...
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    Programs General Science degree

    Well i wouldn't say it's mostly maths in the first year. There is a lot of maths but you do get to do three experimental courses in the first year from this list:"
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    Physics at Oxford

    Go to Cambridge.
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    Mathematica Mathematical Physics

    I have this book: and i really like it, although it is a bit heavy. I'm not sure if it's any cheaper though.
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    Courses A-level courses in the US?

    I don't think that's the best example, you cannot compare the application process of mathematics and physical science to that of a subject like medicine. With my grades I would never of gained a place for medicine but I have an offer for Nat Sci. From next year all universities will have access...
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    Courses A-level courses in the US?

    I applied to study NatSci at Trinity college and my conditional offer is a 1 and a 2 in STEP II and III (I did my A-levels last year).
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    Courses A-level courses in the US?

    A-level isn't as hard as the question above anymore the hardest thing we have is STEP II and III, which are two exams i am dreading taking. Heres some papers: [Broken]
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    About online lecture.

    Remember we don't all live in america, I live in england and have done some of that in A-level maths (last two years of high school).
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    About online lecture.

    This is the only one so far i think:
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    Software to create physics diagrams

    Try searching on google for "free vector graphics software" or something similar, you should get plenty of results.
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    Mathematica A Mathematica/Maple/(Matlab?) replacement

    If i want to get it to work on OS X would it build in SBCL 0.9.7 ?
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    How do I prepare?

    Did you get my email?
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    How do I prepare?

    Are the questions like the ones in the attached file because i have loads of these if you want them.
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    OSX Tiger Printing

    download this: quit safari, install the file you downloaded, then re-open safari and highlight the text and goto safari menu> services> Print selection.
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    Macs w/ intel chip

    Hopefully we only have three days to wait until we finally get some decent mac laptops.
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    Real media (ram format) generic player for Mac?

    I wouldn't worry about spyware on OS X there isn't any (yet), so there shouldn't be a problem using real player for mac.
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    How far does a photon move in the time dimension when it travels for one second?

    Maybe Doc Al has read them and feels you would have a better understanding of relativity than your posts show if you had also read them?
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    WilL I do good in calculus?

    A bit off topic but what is actually in "college algebra" and "pre-calculus" ? Is college algebra the same as our A-level, but without the differentiation and integration? (Things like partial fractions, vector algebra, complex numbers, all trig identities, basic matrices, etc), and is...
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    Schools Physics at University

    Well done on your other offers, I'm still waiting for Cambridge to reply (doubt I got in). Have you visited UCL, I'v got an interview next month and I wondered if the department was any good?
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    Schools Physics at University

    Did you actually get rejected from oxford or are you still waiting to hear from them? Where else did you apply?
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    Hiding taskbar on a mac

    with keynote or powerpoint?
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    Who do I hire for computer animation?

    You could try going on google and searching for spmething like "3D animation showreels" to view some peoples work. The person you employ might not like cinema 4D they may use something else for there modeling/animation (such as maya, lightwave, 3DS, softimage etc). I don't know what you are...
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    Schools Physics courses at university

    There at Birmingham and Surrey right? out of the two I would probably choose Birmingham it's a more respected uni. But to be honest if you can get BBB at A2 you wouldn't have much problem getting into astrophysics at UCL or Manchester who both have very good astrophysics departments. When you...
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    When can I buy a laptop with specs similiar to these?

    Thank you for the info :smile: I'v never had a intel computer before only PPC and I'm going to buy a new powerbook next year, what do you think of the intel portable roadmap? (multi-core stuff like memron). Is multi-core the way to go for laptops?
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    When can I buy a laptop with specs similiar to these?

    How do you mean lower quality, do IBM make better designed processors than intel?
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    Pimping a mac

    I did a locate .icns in terminal and found the folder icon. It's in: System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources/GenericFolderIcon.icns if you navigate to it in finder when you get to CoreTypes.bundle right click it and go to "show package contents" and it's in the resources...
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    When can I buy a laptop with specs similiar to these?

    Why would anyone need such a laptop? I'm waiting until next year for a powerbook with a intel memron in it, surly that will be a fast enough portable computer for anyone?
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    External Harddrive

    Yeah i'd agree with that get a external SATA casing that can take two drives and put a small WD raptor (10,000 rpm ) and a big WD Caviar RE in it.
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    Why are less people taking higher edu phys?

    I think he was referring to this: [Broken]
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    Postgraduate Physics in the UK.

    I have visited both recently (I applied to both for undergraduate entry in 2006). They showed us round the departments and york seemed to be far superior for computational and theoretical physics. Both universities have a collegiate system but Durham is in the city centre and York is a on a...
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    Tablet PC for students

    My school (left last year) gave everyone one and they wern't much good. They were really fragile, slow connecting to wifi, and no better than writing your notes on paper really. The only thing they were good for was when the teacher plugged there's into a projector so you could see what was...
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    Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD vs. Holographic

    I don't know much about this but from what i'v heard blu-ray sounds amazing. Sony and apple want blu-ray but Hollywood wants HD-DVD.
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    The Road to Reality By Penrose?

    heres a good one, it's got everything in it:
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    European Uni's

    If you wanted to go to a UK uni you would have to apply through UCAS:" [Broken] In the course search section go to "subject search" then look for mathematics or physics (or both).There is info on there like entry requirements, links to the departments website, etc.
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    Macs, unix and fondu

    I would still recommend perhaps getting MS office X (I can't believe I just said that), because it is very good, maybe better than the windows version. X11 just gets annoying after a while, and the OSX openoffice distro isn't as good as the linux one.
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    Physics Olympiad

    Well it's hard to tell what the grade boundaries will be because they move depending on how difficult candidates found the exam. I didn't do the physics one last year only maths but i think a good guess would be, bronze about >40%, silver >55%, gold>70%, considering how hard these things are...