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    D' Alemberts principle

    Homework Statement I am just not getting the benefit or the application of this principle. Why are we using it? For example, in my textbook I have the following example. A particle of mass (m) is attached via an inextensible string of length (R) to a fixed point O and moves on a horizontal...
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    How using the average velocity gives the exact value of s?

    Homework Statement When we got a constant acceleration or a variable acceleration (i.e. when the velocity of the moving object is not constant), we use averge velocity to be equal to (∆s/∆t). What I was wondering that if for example we got all the velocities so we can calculate the averge...
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    Questions In Electricity And Thermal Physics

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    Questions In Electricity And Thermal Physics

    Hey come on gays help me in answering these questions...
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    Questions In Electricity And Thermal Physics

    Hi Within one month and a half I will be taking an exam in this section of physics and I need answers for some questions or in fact lots of questions: que 1 / when a filament lamp glows that means it has been heated and as I understood from physics that light is emitted when electrons come...
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    Help me to answer these questions

    1) 10 cm^3 of a gas G were mixed with 100 cm^3 (an axcess) of oxygen in a sealed container at 20 C and one atmosphere pressure . The gas was then ignited electrically and burned completely in the oxygen. After the reaction the volume of the gas mixture measured at the the same temperature &...
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    Questions on projectiles & Newton's laws of motion

    hi there falks i need some hard questions on projectiles & Newton's laws of motion...
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    Help , a hard question

    help , a hard question! hi friend , i have a question please help. there is a lorry with a boy inside it handing a lamp & there is a boy outside the lorry. When the lorry is in a stationary position both boys notice that the light is reaching to the both sides ( front & back) of the lorry at...