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    Courses Well, I once again enrolled myself in a weeder course

    Do you want to major in computer science? Only you can decide what you want to do. As someone said, 5% below the average on a midterm is not a killer. If this is something you really want, stick with it. I graduated in Chemical Engineering over 20 years ago and I still remember the weed...
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    If 'a' is proportional to 'b' for some known range, then does it mean it would always

    To answer that question: if a is directly proportional to b or proportional to b makes no difference: If a changes then b changes to maintain the same proportion a/b = c, where c is the constant of the proportion or you could say a=c*b So for this to be true, if I...
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    Mass-Spring free body diagram

    Thanks. I'm still working on it but that helps. I'm a 50 something engineering masters student and this stuff is not coming back to me very easy as it's been a long time since I got my BS. Of course back then, resources like this weren't here either! Thanks!
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    Mass-Spring free body diagram

    So I need to find the horizontal displacements Y1 and Y2 with Y1 the displacement on the first mass in the right direction and Y2 the displacement on the 2nd mass in the right direction. The motion is started from rest with Y(0) = [1 1] and Y'(0) = [0 0] Y(0) and Y'(0) should be vertical...
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    Mass-Spring free body diagram

    I am trying to get started on a problem. I have two masses M1 = M2 and three springs all with the same constant. The weights and springs are on a frictionless table and the outer springs are attached to walls Wall ~~~Mass~~~Mass~~~Wall How do I draw the free-body diagram? I am confused...