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    Agnosticism is not a logical stance

    I'm always very unsure about the defintition of agnosticism. :confused: If its definition is the belief that there's no proof for the existence of God, then agnostic theist can also exist too!
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    Philosophy is like masturbation

    Well, the increasingly demanding society is always needing people who got the brains to solve problems and be inventive. Besides, look at the mess we have create for ourselves: Mass deforestation, depletion of ozone layer, global warming, air pollution, presence of nuclear waste, countries...
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    Why do living beings die?

    I agree with Sciart. The accumulation of entropy - like physical damages, little gene mutations, and etc. - leads to death being a neccesary occurence. Although these body cells with defects may be replaced by new cells, this would become unnecessary as the defects accumulates more and more as...
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    New Dna Discovery,what Do You Think

    Complete gobble-dooky and nonsensical content - as a matter of fact it is. :grumpy: Take a look at some of these article's statements which are completely cranky: Apparently, the author of this article is merely stating known physics terms and juggling them without any empirical basis...
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    Do fish sleep?

    Well, i have observe that fishes do sleep - or at least, the species of the fish that I keep. At night, my fishes would remain motionless at a single spot with their eyes turned pale (Sometimes, they even lie down on their side when their sleep! ).
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    The possible impacts of cloning technology on human society

    Cloning might make identification of the each cloned individual difficult. Suppose future identification techninques were based on gene recognition and iris recognition, and they would not differentiate the individual being cloned and the cloned. Other forms of identification techniques must be...
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    Britain: Cancer-free 'designer babies' get approval

    I agree with Number 42. It's good news for mankind and also mark a starting point in genetics.
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    hmmm... what a profound question indeed... Answer: this question has no answer for they are as profound as you in thinking thank you very much. My question: What is a... wait a sec... what is the hell a 'stupid question'?
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    Why would God create insanity?

    This seems like a good argument against the existence of god anyway. Insane man has no control over his actions, therefore he is a 'Free man'! :biggrin: He has no restrictions over his thinking. I suppose that's why plenty of genius aren't really normal. >Insanity could also be caused...
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    Are you a geek?

    No, i think the definition of 'geek' more close to what the quiz mean is: - "A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept." Got a Total Geek ( 25.64103% ) ... I'm surprised! I thought I'm the king of all geeks.
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    Medical Can We Think Without Language?

    I think the differentce in thinking using diffrent languages lies more in the way of presenting and organising what the speaker/writer wants to convey. For example, in one language, it could be convey in a form of a rhetorical question, and in another language, presented as a statement. By...
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    How does differential equation work?

    Thanks for all your responses! I now know the definition andthe examples of a differential equation. As for the rest of it, I'll read more about it.
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    How does differential equation work?

    Can anyone please tell me how differential equation works? I already understand derivative and integral work except this...
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    Which Enemy of the Christian Faith Are You?

    Thx for the quiz. It was nice! Looks like there's plenty of atheists here - I'm one too! Anyway, i think it was the 'question5. Are you afraid of God?' I answered 'I'm not sure he exists'. Isn't that obvious?!
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    'Cos they are so eager to know the colour of your underpants that they tumble around at your feet. A one thousand tons sumo-wrestler keeps thinking that he is a balloon. What should i do?
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    Human Consciousness Stored in Computer?

    Suppose I store all information related to my consciousness or mind - memory, personality, IQ level, knowledge, and etc. - into a computer (when we've that kind of tecnology, of course). Now this data is equivilant to everything of me. Then I give this computer a body for it to move and excecute...
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    Chain Rule

    In finding a derivative of a value, how do you know whether when to use the power rule or the chain rule? can anyone please tell me?
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    Virtual antiparticle pairs at event horizon

    Well, I don't know but I suggest the gravitational attraction of the black hole is strong enough to overcome that "repulsive" force. :approve:
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    Virtual antiparticle pairs at event horizon

    This is the explanation from website : "Hawking speculates that pair creation exists right around the event horizon. During the pair creation, the particle or the antiparticle has the ability to fall within the event...
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    Virtual antiparticle pairs at event horizon

    Alright, I had made some mistake in my explanation for this problem! Sorry... :frown: The truth is that any of the antiparticle pair could enter the black hole or leave the black hole. It is the negative energy from creation of the anti-particle pairs that slowly destroy the matter inside a...
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    Gravity Paradox

    Thanks, Doc Al! :wink: But anyway, what do you mean by "violent agreement"? Never heard of this phrase before!
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    Gravity Paradox

    The answer to how much is the gravitational force on the explorer remains unknown until some guy finds out what is the mass of Earth's core. But now, the main question is: does the layer of Earth and magma which the explorer had climbed through exert a gravitational pull on him? I think I...
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    Gravity Paradox

    I disagree with Drag's view on saying that the force of gravity actually increase when you get closer to the center of the Earth! Drag, you said that "the force of gravity depends on mass devided by distance - radius in this case, square (second power)", and you also wrote this: "So you when...
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    Faster than light paradox

    What? Even a rock is elastic? Hell, I did not know that. Anyway, thanks for everyone's replies so that I am now able to prove to my friend who is the real physics expert!
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    Virtual antiparticle pairs at event horizon

    Well, according to Mister Stephen Hawking, black holes can evaporate and can losing their mass until they diasppear. This is explained either by the fact that they (the black holes) have temperature, or that the anti-particles I mentioned annihilate the matter of the Singularity gradually...
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    Gravity Paradox

    My friend had asked me one puzzling and 'paradoxing' question on gravity: Suppose one were to go really deep underground until he or she is only a few kilometres from the centre of the Earth (provided that he or she wears super antiheat suits). As the point of attraction of gravity is at...
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    Virtual antiparticle pairs at event horizon

    One of my friend had asked me one question which I did not really have a good answer for. His question was: Why does the antiparticle counterpart of the virtual antiparticle pairs (those that appear due to uncertainty between time and energy) at the event horizon fall into the black hole...
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    Faster than light paradox

    My friends had asked me a question which I thought was rather troubling and provoking. The problem is that is actually seems to violate the law that states that nothing travels faster than the speed of light. Their question was: Suppose two planets (planet A and planet B) which are one...
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    What is the point of art?

    Recently, I've been really interesting in reading and writing fiction, so much that I stopped reading any books on physics! But now, I'm making a 'comeback'!
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    Brother got his first teloscope

    Well, you surely know what websites they are! Google or yahoo can do the good for you, I think! By the way, what question are you referring to? The poll question or the websites q.?
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    Justice VS Revenge

    Let's say country X attacks country Y. Then, country Y counters by killing X's people. Is that justice? Definitions: Justice: Quality of being righteous. The law. Revenge: The act of taking retaliation for injuries or wrongs. Justice can also being 'an eye for an eye' like...
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    The Great Illusion

    my denifitions: Illusion = unreal / non-existent / virtual Illusion = things of non-existence PERCEIVED by a conscious being Real = truly exists / the ultimate / pure / the greater illusion Iachus mention Real has no beginning nor ending I have never seen you guys here, so are...
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    Death as a punishment.

    The death sentence as a punishment. Should it exist? I think it serves more like a warning to others than a punishment to the criminals - you do this, you die. The problem here is that, is it necessary? Should chance be given?
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    Lazy people wins ultimately

    Ok, here's my more 'formalized' definitions of each terms :wink: : Lazy = not wanting to think or act Not wanting to walk the stairs (X) = Lazy Not wanting to invent (Y) = Lazy X leds to Y, but if that person is really lazy, there won't be Y!
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    Psychology: The Terrifying Effects Of Rewards

    Alright, it's definitely okay to show your appreciation by giving someone a reward. But don't make it seem too controlling or manipulating. That's all I want to say! For example: It's better to pay good employees extra salary or praise them while showing geniune appreciation...
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    Psychology: The Terrifying Effects Of Rewards

    mikelus: The dog will listen to you because it's more dependent on you!
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    Does education kill true dreams

    For me, the ideal education must have the following qualities: Room for students to express their creativity No more prejudices & lack of co-operating by eliminating class academic rankings. Less control= no more "sucking up" to higher authority & more independence. (Pls read my...
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    Philosophy: Should we eat meat?

    Should we eat meat? Nowadays, you can see lots of people trying to save certain animals from being mistreated, like protecting the sharks or whales from being hunted. But I can't see the diference between eating a steak and killing a shark. Anyway, they are all life forms. In...
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    Deductive Logic on the subject of Time Travel.

    I find time travel an indeed very stupid idea because, wouldn't your memory of what you have perceived now and in the past flow back to the surroundings through your five senses when you travel to the past?! So you would not even know that you had traveled back in time becasue you...
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    Why are we here? What I have learned

    Yeap, the "sexiest" person to be in life is yourself! Hehehe! That's why the happiest people on Earth are geniuses & idiots(HONESTLY, no offence!) becasue they can do whatever they want to! We have always been told consciously or unconscious that we shouldn't do this or that even if...
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    Philosophy: The Replication Of The Thought Virus Among The Human Society

    Because both of them display similar behaviors. And they are the ability to: [list=1] multiply & spread rapidly mutate into other forms after some time. control the behavior of their hosts [/list=1] You can also call it a bacteria because there are both good and bad bacteria...
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    What Do You Do If ?

    Ans: Don't answer them. What do you do if you woke out and found yourself plunging down a 5km high cliff?
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    Good and evil

    There's one thing I would like to say. Without good, we would not know what is bad, and vice versa.
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    Philosophy: The Replication Of The Thought Virus Among The Human Society

    Yeap, i agree these are not really significant memes. But there are also some techniques for developing the unborn baby's brain! For example: Puting a headphone playing Mozart's music on the mother's stomach and exposing her stomach to sunlight to cast shadows with her hands to...
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    Lucid Dreaming

    You might have heard of Lucid dreaming. It means to stay conscious when you are dreaming and you can possess whatever abilities you want in it or do whatever you desired. I find it very cool but I'm still figuring out how to be conscious in my dreams. Does anyone here have any...
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    POLL - geographic location of our members

    Hello everyone! I'm from South East Asia> Singapore and I'm boy. I'm also a chinese and currently a student.
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    Psychology: The Terrifying Effects Of Rewards

    Yeap, I mean, artificial extrinsic motivations are ineffective.
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    Good and evil

    It depends on whether your action brings any positve or negative outcome to yourself and the others.
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    A new idea

    The Earth will still stick to the Sun and the solar system will also stick to the Milky Way. (until the day the Sun dies) And due to the Big Bang Expansion, The Milky Way is heading outwards with other galaxy.