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    Ip address tracing

    Ok, if u have the ip address, then u have to cionvert it to the ip number and then on referring to some datasheet u can match this ip numer to its location
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    How does a permanent magnet lift iron filings

    Evryone knows that the work done by a magnetic field is zero. Then how does a permanent magnet lift iron filings.
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    How does the magnetic field lift iron objects?

    We all know that the work done by the magetic field is zero. But, how does the magnetic field lift iron objects?
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    Why don't hydrogen atoms -> neutron + neutrino?

    Are you sure that you have studied Quantum Mechanics. :confused: if you have, then u must have come across Stationary orbits... That is the answer to your question.
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    Help with port

    try using net USERS in ur Command prompt window to see the Ids of ppl who have logged on to ut computer
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    WinXP Right Click Menus.

    Goto start, choose run and then type regedit. Select HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and then goto directory, and under directory u will find keys named shell (or) shellex. Expand these keys to find out which of the right click options they represent. Delete the ones that u do not want.
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    Aurora lights

    why don't u try using a cathode ray tube with some easily ionizable gas in it... place this apparatus in a dark room and lo behold, u have beautiful lights
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    Input and output voltages of a transformer?

    Heres how u do the problem... First let me tell u the basics of a transformer. A transformer is a mutual inductance based device that transfers power from one part to the other. It does so by virtue of stepping up the voltage or the current. i.e VI = constant. So if the input voltage...
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    Electron movement between atoms

    Jumping... (or discrete Energy levels) This phenomenon is explained by the laws of Quantum Physics which state that any particle can only take discrete values of energies. i.e It can only take certain values of energies.For example if an electron can take the energy values 10 ev, 40 ev and 160...
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    Experiments regarding C of A.M.

    ... Why don't u consider making ur own Gyroscope...and spin it while sitting in a chair such that its axis of spin is perpendicular to the ground. Now make it parallel to the ground . U will find that the chair now rotates
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    Help with projectile physics

    However, for this problem, I think we should assume that the projectile hits the ground at the same angle as it was launched... Sridhar
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    Help with projectile physics

    What is Vo? Is it the velocity of projection, or, is it just a constant?
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    Difference Between these

    ... Thats what I have been telling him Himanshu...I is a more convenient notation for Integers... Sridhar
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    Difference Between these

    ... Doesn't Z denote a Complex functions? I personally feel that using Ifor the set of integers is more convinient than using any other alphabet. Sridhar
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    A wave in two different strings

    or you can look at the problem like this... Total Energy is conserved in both the regions of the rope. Thus, consider the wave from the lighter density rope as the incident wave. When this incident wave meets the higher density rope, a part of it gets reflected and a part of it gets...
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    Permanent Magnet Pump Speed Control

    ... Could you brief me about ur device so that I can try to figure out some way of reducing the frequency.? How does your pump work? Sridhar
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    Uniform circular motion question

    ... As u said you must substitute 1/4\Pi\epsilon_{0} = 8.99 * 10^9 in the numerator. i.e. 8.99*10^9 * (e^{2})/r = 1/2 * mv^2 Sridhar
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    Uniform circular motion question

    ... What you should do is equate the electric potential energy to the kinetic energy of the electron...Thats all that you need to do and lo behold you have the answer. i.e. (e^2)/(4\Pi \epsilon_{0}r) = 1/2*(mv^2 ) From the above equation you can find the velocity... Sridhar
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    Integral help

    ... Take 6 as 4 * 1.5 and put (1-2t^2) = u so that 4tdt becomes du. Then you can proceed normally. The integral now contains 1.5*u^{-1/2}du. Sridhar
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    Magnetic Energy

    No they are not less magnetic...The Total energy is always conserved. Sridhar
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    Big bang worries

    Are you asking me that if whe are able to look at the (lets go by ur words)THE BIG BANG, then why aren't we able to look into the past? Is this the question? Well if this is the question, then here's ur answer, What we are looking is not past itself, but, a late viewing of the past because of...
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    Calculate the magnitude of this torque

    Heres how u do it... Since the mass of the bridge is concentrated at its centre, you can assume this to be a problem where the bridge is a single mass (do not consider length initially) connected to a rope making an angle of 30 degrees to the horizantal with a mass of 110 kg connected to the...
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    Big bang worries

    ... The Concept of Space and Time "evolved" only after the Big Bang and I think that it is wrong to say that we should be seeing Big Bang. Everything evolved only from the Big Bang including the photons of light. Thus leaving the instant of creation we are seeing evrything else. The Cosmic...
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    Magnetic Energy

    ... The energy comes from the potential energy stored in the field. Sridhar
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    Classical Electrostatics problem

    .. when a charge is kept at some distance from the sphere, the electric field would act on the sphere. This electric field is going to induce charges of opposite polarity on the charge. Now any spherical charge distribution will act like a point charge. Thus, equate the electric field due to a...
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    Work/energy related

    ... Heres how u do the problem... \int dw = \int_{x_{1}}^{x_{2}} F.dx; where F is the force and is equal to m*a, where m is the mass and a is the accln. To find the work done by the force in 1st 4.4 seconds you will have to do this: x = a + bt + dt^2 + et^3 . Therefore: dx =...
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    Question about infinity

    There is a limit to how much we can measure. In fixing this limit we also fix our approximations. When there are infinites of nine we say that it is very close to one and hence approximate it to 1. We could approximate 0.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999... to 0.9, but...
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    Speed of Light?

    ... you say that "Yes light is slowed down by the medium as perceived by us at the macro level - However what actually happens is like ...(the previous explanation given that the apparent slowing of light due to delayed transmission of light through the medium) " Sridhar
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    Help! can someone differentiate e^(nx)

    Well the proof is very big, so i just give u an idea as to how to go abt proving: d(e^{(nx)})/dx = ne^{nx} now increment y by a small value such that: y + \Delta y = e^{(n(x + \Delta x))} Divide the whole term by y such that: (\Delta y)/y = [[e^{(n(x + \Delta x))}]/(e^{(nx)})]...
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    Speed of Light?

    The speed of light is always a constant irrespective of the frame of reference or medium. The apparent slowing down of light due to refraction is due to the fact that the atoms inside the medium absorb the light and then emit the light after some time delay. This time delay in the transmission...
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    Tension force

    No the accln is not and will not be greater than g: This is because, the weight of both the bodies will act downwards while the accln on the lighte body due to the heavier body will act upwards. (Get the picture?) Hence the force eqtn wil be like this: m_{1} * g - T = m_{2}*(g-a) So...
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    Tension force

    I'll just give you a small hint. The Masses are suspended from the pulley on either side of the uplley. So the heavier mass is going to exert a force F on the lighter mass and will try to make it move towards itself. This force exerted by the heavier mass - tension will be equal to the force on...
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    I cant figure out these questions.HELP

    You can also do something like this using Latex: \int_{0}^\infty f(x)\partial x or something like: \sum (n) = n(n+1)/2 So as you see the display beomes more organised wit latex. Yet the time taken to type an answer using latex is enormous.. Sridhar
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    I cant figure out these questions.HELP

    tex is basically the latex tag that is used to begin typing latex commands that can be used to generate symbols like I have in my 2nd answer. I screwed up on the tags in the previous answer, so I have corrected them in my second Just click on one of those tags to see how the symbols are...
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    I cant figure out these questions.HELP

    Just a repeat answer since the symbols didn't come out correctly ... The Work Done = Change in Kinetic Energy, which means that: F * d = m/2(v_{f}^2 - v_{i}^2),where, v_{i} & v_{f} are the initial and final velocities respectively and F is the force and d is the displacement. In your case...
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    Water Pressure in Conical Tank Question

    ... Are you trying to say something about a pipeline with a wider beginning and a narow end. The water is flowing from the wider end to the narrower end. If this is the problem, then u can use bernoulli's theorem, The total energies at both the ends are the same. i.e the sum of pressure...
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    Integration tanx*tan2x*tan3x

    ... Oops Sorry, As hurkyl said, I made a mistake in the identity. However the steps are the same. Bring every term to their sine and cosine forms and then proceed with the problem. Sridhar
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    Integration tanx*tan2x*tan3x

    ... Your question has already been answered...Just scroll up the page a li'l bit and u have the answer there. I have given the step after using tan(a+b) and then the step after substituting tanx = sinx/cosx and then the method to solve the final integral... I think u understand that cosx dx...
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    Kepler's Third Law

    ... Assuming that the mass of the galaxy is concentrated at its center, the force of the galaxy of mass M on the sun of mass m separated by a distance r from the galaxy center is: F = GMm/r^2. This force will be equal to the centrifugal force due the revolution of the sun around the galaxy...
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    Integration tanx*tan2x*tan3x

    ... Try using the expansion of tan (x+y) to simplify tan 2x and tan 3x and try to bring all the three terms in terms of tanx only. Now substitute tanx=sinx/cosx and simplify the expression you get to see the below answer: I = the integral = I1+I2; where, I1 =...
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    Control system modelling

    ... Try finding out the transfer function of ur RLC ckt by calculating the V0(s)/Vi(s). Then use this as ur transfer function, G(s), then, using the inputs design ut control system with or without a feedback... Hope u got it... Sridhar
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    Ball of mass 450g lands on a spring with k = 5.0E3

    .. Let F[/f]be the force exerted by the falling ball of mass m on the spring with spring constant k. Since the ball is under free fall, the force wih which the ball falls on the spring is its weight mg. Hence, mg=-kx, where xis the displacement of the spring. Therefore, [b]x=mg/k. After...
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    Hi, I was just wondering

    Agreed.. but, the wave packet explanation of an electron obeys both the wave and particle properties. What do u have to say abt this? Sridhar
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    Classic Electromagnetism

    View this thread You will fid ur answers
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    Classic Electromagnetism

    Hi Yes, Magnetic Fields are created by accelerated charges and no An Alectric field in one frame is not seen as a Magnetic Field in the other.
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    Problem about Einstein's postulate

    .. You have answered ur question... "c" is the ultimate speed. Though its value is finite it has got infinity like properties: c+c=c, c+1 = c etc.Special Relativity also says that C is constant with respect to all reference frames. Which means whether u are moving, stationary, accelerating, C...
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    The Unexistence of Singularity Inside the Event Horizon

    Can I get one proof that singularity solutions are incomplete? Sridhar
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    The Unexistence of Singularity Inside the Event Horizon

    The laws of physics are not to be custom made. If there is singularity in nature, then we have to accept it. The laws of Physics are meant to tell u what is there around you and not what should be there... Well we have something called tending towards a value. And we also know that one...
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    Hi, I was just wondering

    However the statement is Equivalent...