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    Need Some Help here

    Need Some Help here! I have a Philips 1000/J/2000 357 Rp 16Khz Capacitor, can anyone tell me what the capacitance value is? i believe its a TV capacitor..
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    Best 939pin mobo

    Im planning to upgrade my system and wanted to know which socket 939 mobo should i go for (non SLI).. How do u rate Asus A8N-E (nForce 4 Ultra)?..
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    Snakes are scary

    The Common Krait as the name tells u is really common, the marknigs on the snake are quite obvious, distinct(the white bands)... The snake is dark or black in colour with thin white bands spread across the length.. We use a Field Guide for confirming the identity of the snake.. We take extra...
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    Snakes are scary

    Yep! we have Kraits, the common Krait and the Banded Krait.. Kraits are responsible for the second-most number of deaths by snake bites in India...
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    Your Favorite Quote

    Heres a funny one,, "When I hear anyone talk of Culture, I reach for my revolver." - Hermann Goering :rofl:
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    Your Most Favorite/Unfavorite Person Living Today

    i also admire JRR Tolkien for his incredible imaginative power...
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    Your Most Favorite/Unfavorite Person Living Today

    Like, Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Abdul Kalam (Our President), My Family... Dislike, well!, there are quite a few, i don't like naming them...
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    Snakes are scary

    heres another pic of Mr.Viper
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    Snakes are scary

    All the pix are in order,,, 1>The broze back tree snake 2>....."..... 3>The deadly Malabar Pit Viper @honestrosewater,,, thnx a million
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    Do you take pictures?

    i take a looot of pictures and amateur videos...(mostly wildlife and nature stuff) My Dad influence on me has been very great.. i use use my 35mm and my digital handycam(with 1MG Pixel stills)..
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    Snakes are scary

    ok,, i have a problem linking PF and my yahoo-photo album, is there any other way i can upload the pix for viewing on PF..
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    Snakes are scary

    here are a few pics taken by me... 1>A Trinket in my backyard [Broken] 2>Ahhhhhhh! [Broken] Totally harmless...
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    Snakes are scary

    People from rural-India, mostly Un-Educated have this sense of extreme fear of snakes to which they often fall prey(out of carelessness ofcourse)..Most of them hardly bother to wear footwear while working at the fields(The sad part is, most of them can't afford a decent pair of sneakers)..
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    News Preemptive nuclear attack

    welll...tht was after the post USSR era...
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    News Preemptive nuclear attack

    I don't think its necessary for America to have a pre-emptive strike policy. They have more fire power(conventional) than rest of the countries put togeather...
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    News Preemptive nuclear attack

    If tht had had happened, both US and the USSR would have geographically erazed each other for the world map.. not to mention the allied countries...
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    Is the universe still expanding?
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    How far is too far on TV?

    i don't mind nudity, swearing etc... wht i don't like is the fact tht some news channels show the most gruesome details of murders, terrosist attacks etc which i can't stomach..
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    Is the universe still expanding?

    Observational evidence gives u an expanding universe(accelerated)...
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    Snakes are scary

    I love snakes... they are interesting once u understand them... back where i live its rather common of having to encounter with the deadly foe(The Cobra, Russels Viper, Saw Scaled Viper and the Common Krait) quite often... Stories from where i live...
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    Newest Super Mentor

    SuperMentor is now SuperMoM.. Congrats!
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    News Preemptive nuclear attack

    WHY?? of all policies... SAD!
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    Non-Science Jokes

    one more,, A man placed some flowers on the grave of his dearly departed mother and started back toward his car when his attention was diverted to another man kneeling at a grave. The man seemed to be praying with profound intensity and kept repeating, Why did you have to die? Why did...
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    I have begun my business at now 16 old

    Never lose heart m' boy! ur learning fast... btw...ur only 16, y are u worried abt getting married @ 22 now...
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    What happens when

    ok.. 1>Is it possible to measure the vel. @ which the KE travels across AB?, given, The RPM for that twist, the circumference of that Pencil (imagining it to be round), the mass-density function (lets take an Iron Rod instead of a pencil for the ease of understanding), the elasticity of...
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    Non-Science Jokes

    heres a nice PJ,, whts bruc lee's Dangerous cousin's name,...? DEADLEE! :rofl:
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    Non-Science Jokes

    Can we have a Non-Science Jokes Sticky? ThanX! anyway,,, let me just start off.. A recently arrived Sardar in the US, wanting to earn some money, decides to become a 'handy-man' and starts looking for some work in an upmarket colony nearby. He goes to the front door of the nearest house...
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    @evo,, Well! I am not sure the Pics u've posted(including ur ever so changing avatars) are urs or ur 'Children' as u say it...but i have to say tht theyr pretty hot!
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    No One Is Responding To My Posts

    Yoo dude! 'sup!
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    What happens when

    The Pencil has to break, given the fact tht its 2 lysec long and the twist generated @ A will take a resonably long time to reach B...and i don't think the pencil will be flexible enough to twist a full 360 deg. @Chronos,, Does the speed @ which the KE is transferred depend upon the...
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    What happens when

    ....Assuming tht the force generated @ A travels along AB @ the speed of light?
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    Thoughts on Einstein’s Theories

    wht u truly missed-out is the time-dilation factor @ relativistic speed... the faster u travel thru space, the slower u travel thru time... each event that u excperience will be subjected to time-dilation... in otherwords, u won't be able to burn the last few drops of fuel to get passed the...
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    Heres a pic of me taken beside a lake near my place during the annual mid-winter waterfoul census 05... [Broken]
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    Thorium Reactor

    Thanx for the abstract..
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    What happens when

    wht i figured was that the pencil would break rather than twist...or maybe A would not be able to rotate the pencil at all...
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    Astrology Science Or Scam?

    its more of a general statement...
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    Astrology Science Or Scam?

    A straight answer would be,, Astrology Ruled before the era of inventions and discoveries... Other than that its just bull****. We live in a world bound by the laws of nature, the laws of science and NOT ASTROLOGY...
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    Thorium Reactor How significant is it?
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    What happens when

    C is the mid-point of AB, Plz ignore the typing error... Thanx
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    What happens when

    I have a Simple question, What will happen when i rotate a Pencil about the axis AB as in fig. A ---------------------------------------------B | |...
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    If matter is made up of energy

    im not sure whether these facts have been Observed, if so the inflation theory would be given a big boost.. If they have been observed, Plz link me..
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    Relationship between Asiatic language and science/math performance?

    The answer is simple,, the avarge time we spend reading (subject or general) is more than that of others, it has nothing to do with IQs.. Plz see,, Personally, many of my friends are in US universities now doing their MS and Phds and there...
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    Interesting theroy.

    Even if u manage to create artificially a micro mass black hole using accelerators in the future, u won't notice its pico second presence before it evaporates.. With the LHC(CERN) slated to be in place in 2007, ull witness some of the most interesting particle discoveries ever! and confirmation...
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    Gravity & Our Gas Giant Planets

    travelling towards the center of the gas giants ull find the that gases are being squashed into dense liquid under tremendous pressure,,, ull also find very violent temperature fluctuations in the inner atmosphere...
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    Do you feel proud to your contry?

    Im Proud of being born in a democratic country...Im free to to whatever i want(positive things of course), no restrictions what so ever.. The Underlining fact is, everybody is and should be proud of their country, irrespective of their cultural backgrounds..
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    Extra Dimesions (the Calabi-Yau shape)

    Can anyone give me more insight on this Topic... The mathematics of this geometrical shape is quite complex..,, its hard for me to imagine these shapes (infact i find it very difficult to imagine space wrap with the three spatial dimesions, its easier to imagine them with two dimesions). and...
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    Please Define 'Charge'

    Yeah, i believe so... Inflation theory suggests that Mass is a property defined by particle interactions with the Higgs boson.. Super-String theory says all these properties are defined by the vibrational patterns of the strings.. but, there is a bit of uncertainity here which is beyond...
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    Please Define 'Charge'

    'Charge' is a property defined in particles. How do we say, for eg; 'Electron is negatively charged.' ? What is Charge? :confused:
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    Neutron star

    sorry, no offence meant, but i don't see how that's possible...
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    Gamma Ray Bursters

    There is no evidence,,, but it is possible..