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    Complex question

    just read the post above this, sorry I am in the wrong place
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    Complex question

    Im a first year physics student and am having trouble with this question on complex numbers, any help would be greatly appreciated: find all the roots of the following equation: z^4 + 1/2(1 - i3^(1/2)) = 0 I know that z can be expressed as an exponential, but I don't know how or even if...
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    Will we ever understand everything?

    The idea of science is to understand as much as we possibly can, but will we ever reach the point where understand everything. The problem I see is that historically theories have been developed and then overthrown a couple of hundred years later, suggesting that if we ever did understand...
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    Defining truth

    truth is a meaningless concept, there is nothing absolutly true (possibly apart from I exist), all we can do is make observations and describe them in the most logical way, in 200 years these descriptions may be considered wrong after new evidence arrises
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    Free will?

    Does free will exist? according to Newton the universe is deterministic, and therefore free will does not fit into this. But since the advent of quantum physics, the universe is not said to be entirely deterministic, is there now room for free will? some physicists believe that the wave...
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    Why light diffracts and was directed to QED by Feynman

    A while ago I made a post asking why light diffracts and was directed to QED by Feynman. I have now read the book (or the relevant part at least) and it explains diffraction by the number of possible routes of photons through an aperture as being reduced when the is gap made smaller, and...
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    Mass Defect

    Indivisible particles There is something about the mass defect that I cannot understand, if the consituant particles of the nucleus are indivisible how can they give up just some of their energy to bind, surely quarks have a constant mass (if at rest) and can therefore only be converted...
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    Consciousness and quantum theory

    I have just finished reading the ghost in the atom by P Davis and was intrigued by John Wheeler's interpretation of quantum theory where the wave function collapses when it enters the conciousness of an observer. I was wondering if since the book was published any progress has been made on this...
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    Why does light diffract?

    cheers cheers looks like I've got some reading to do
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    Why does light diffract?

    I was wondering if anyone knew why light (or any other particles) diffracts when it goes through an aperture?