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  1. J

    Frequency of wave

    Homework Statement Any respond to these questions is appreciated!:biggrin: Sorry for wrong concepts(if any) but I am really poor in physics. 1)I got this from my physics book, and i can't understand it! a) Speed of electromagnetic waves in a given medium depends on their frequencies...
  2. J

    Equivalent resistance of circuit

    Sry but i still don't get it..mind to explain in more detail(how to know they are parallel or series to each other)?
  3. J

    To determine Series Vs Parallel Circuits

    Homework Statement Can any1 teach me how to determine whether something(say resistor) is in series or parallel connection to each other,especially for those complex circuits? Sometime the circuits given can be very very complex or weird that i couldn't figure out the answers!:grumpy: Is...