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    Electrostatics lab report question

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could give me any input on this question over an electrostatics lab I recently did. The part I'm not sure about was a section where we sampled the charges of several different wands by placing them into a Faraday ice pail connected to an electrometer. The...
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    Buoancy / Archimedes Principle

    Once you have the total force applied by the people on the raft as well as the net force created by each log (the difference between mg and the bouyant force), you need to find the number of logs that will make the force applied by the people + the net force of all the logs = 0 F(p) = force...
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    Buoancy / Archimedes Principle

    Find the force generated by the 4 people on the raft, as well as the net force per log. That should set you on the right course.