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    How is vacuum measured?

    Pressure is measured in Atmospheres or Torres. At sea level on Earth you should experience 1 Atmosphere. An Atmosphere is 760 torres so you cut that in half and you'd have a .5 Atmospheres or 380 torres
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    Physics Project

    Looks like a gyroscope, pretty sure it just works on the principle that moving magnets in the proximity of wire coils will create a charge. It can be replicated by any spinning object. Not sure how that would work in a house, though.
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    Deriving formula to calculate theta for artillery

    I play an online shooter game with artillery that players can use. As best I can tell, the shell exits the artillery at 400m/s, I don't know if that's correct because units aren't listed in the code but it sounds logical. I know the distance to target as well, I only need to know what angle to...