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    Space Stuff and Launch Info

    Red's Rhetoric has some very good videos of a lot of launches
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    B Time Lapse of SN1987A

    I liked this one of the crab nebula
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    Stargazing A good quality telescope?

    If the image does not look clear visualy it is either a dirty lens or mirror or the mirror needs adjustment. If it looks clear try taking a picture with a cell phone and see how that looks. Here are some pictures I took by just holding my tablet up to the eyepiece, no tracking. I used a 13.1...
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    B The Wow! signal

    I have been running SETI At Home since 1999 I know it has a slim chance of finding anything but I keep it running all the time.
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    Our Beautiful Universe - Photos and Videos

    Let's try that again... Nice what setup did you use
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    How did proteins evolve?

    Going back a step there was a good discussion about a paper on the emergence of native peptide sequences in prebiotic replication networks. Here is the link to the discussion
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    PF Photo Contest - Purple People Eater (9/30-10/6)

    Aurora from August ‎07, ‎2015
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    Our Beautiful Universe - Photos and Videos

    Nice what setup did you use
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    Help ID this rock

    I came across this rock and it just seemed out of place and was wondering if anyone could help identify it. I am in the Western Upper michigan area.
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    Announcement Upcoming chat dates

    You might want to look into Google hangouts and just post the time and day, start one up and see who shows up they can hold 15 people for voice/video and no limit in the side text chat.
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    Why do you get sideband frequencies for amplitude modulation (AM)?

    Here is a good site that explains things.
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    Dealing with crazy obsessive girl

    Try to get away cleanly, and under no circumstances piss her off or make her angry, you do not want to go there. believe me. I dealt with fires being started and dead animals on my doorstep and that was the nice one.
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    PF Photo Contest - The Streets Of (10/5-10/11)

    Streets of Bessemer Michigan.
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    New geometric version of quantum field theory

    The new geometric version of quantum field theory could also facilitate the search for a theory of quantum gravity that would seamlessly connect the large- and small-scale pictures of the universe I...
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    Parallella 16/64 core

    Cool, I should have done a search on "Parallella" before I started this thread. Thanks
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    Parallella 16/64 core

    Just wondering if anyone here got into the Kickstarter program for this."][/PLAIN] [Broken] [Broken] Looks very interesting, the 1st ones are being...
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    When the word light is mentioned what comes into your mind?

    That light is such a small slice of the entire electromagnetic spectrum
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    What if Time flows backwards?

    ?siht ekil epyt ot deen ew dluoW
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    Complaint A disservice to science

    As Greg said "Philosophical discussion is at the mentor's discretion" that is why we have mentor's and adviser's and moderator's on this site. I think they do a good job and if you get a thread locked or deleted you can always PM the group and get a reply as to why.
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    If you became brain-dead, would you want them to pull the plug?

    Brain dead, as it implies the brain is no longer there and that is me, so I say pull the plug and harvest what you can be used to help others..
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    Stargazing Astrophotography photos

    Thanks, I think it was the Chandra X-Ray Observatory that I seen.
  22. sas3

    Stargazing Astrophotography photos

    What I caught did not move, any ideas of what it was?
  23. sas3

    Stargazing Astrophotography photos

    I do not know what is was, it did not move, the flashes were in the same position both times, very strange... Both pictures were 30 second exposures, don't know if there are any stationary satellites in that area.
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    A campfire powered generator?

    Look into a thermoelectric generators they would be easier to build, lighter and would run quiet.
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    Stargazing Astrophotography photos

    What was that? I was out trying to catch some shooting stars and seen a flash 2 times once while the camera was resetting and then caught the second flash with the camera, was it an Iridium flare? Look to the left and down from the last 2▼ stars in the dippers bowl.
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    What is sound?

    I would say sound is simply pressure waves moving through atoms.
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    Baby it's cold outside

    Yah, I am thinking about getting a boat and going fishing "in the woods".
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    Baby it's cold outside

    We got about 5 inches of snow and it's still coming down here in Upper Michigan also lots of flooding, the woods are now lakes, and little streams are raging rivers. Those were from yesterday and it looks like this today.
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    FM radio waves and radio stations

    To modulate the signal FM radio station only use a deviation of 75 kHz from center frequency.
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    The Great Outdoors

    You left this one out, I did a search on bear tracks and found it.
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    Should we take a poll?

    Don't poll on that, you don't know what it's attached to.
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    The Great Outdoors

    Wow, beautiful... Now I am going to have to stay up and watch the sunrise... dam you...
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    The Great Outdoors

    The U.P. Michigan
  34. sas3

    The Great Outdoors

    The trees are changing in upper Michigan and we need rain...
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    Need help identifying this object

    Yes that is an X-ray tube see link below for a similar one.
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    Baby it's cold outside

    It was 53.7°F at 7:00 AM here in the U.P. of Michigan, some of the trees are starting to change color already...
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    The Great Outdoors

    This happened yesterday, the whole town turned a shade of orange.
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    Stargazing Astrophotography photos

    Just thought I would share a picture of my telescope GEDC1879 by Scottsas3
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    How to make a girl fall in love with you?

    This reminds me of a movie called "The Tao of Steve".
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    PF Photo Contest - In The Summertime (6/16-6/22)

    Summer mean thunder storms Ligh6 by Scottsas3, on Flickr
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    How to make a girl fall in love with you?

    No, but I probably could teach you how to make her hate you. Feelings are strange aren't they... Just tell her how you feel and see what happens.
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    Legality of cannabis

    Just a comment on what EVO said "the majority decides what is acceptable", too bad this is not true, in the government it seems to me that the corporations often decide what is good for us, and in the case of marijuana I think it is the big drug companies that are dictating what laws get passed...
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    The Great Outdoors

    I will have to do some experimenting next time a storm comes up. I would think the pictures would be a lot better because the video has limited resolution.
  44. sas3

    The Great Outdoors

    I took video and grabbed the frames off them, I also tried to snap some photos when I seen the first flash but had no luck, I would think that leaving the shutter open would get overexposed.
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    The Great Outdoors

    A thunder storm just came through and I snapped a few photos...I just love lighting...
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    The Great Outdoors

    Anyone know what kind of insect this is? They are on a maple tree laying eggs.
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    Variable Frequency Generator

    A great tool for entry electronics is one of these>>>> that is what started me out.. it will teach you all about frequency...
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    Variable Frequency Generator

    Here is a link to the pin outs for an other 4 pin DIP package CRYSTAL OSCILLATOR I believe they are all the same.
  49. sas3

    Variable Frequency Generator

    Sorry about the (HiJack) but I certainly would not want the guy next door running a 5 watt signal generator that is spitting out signals all over the place, a call to the FCC would not be fun for anyone.