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  1. Holocene

    Best Songs Ever

    Rammstein - Spring
  2. Holocene

    Unhealthy eating

    I live on fast food. 5'8", 138lbs. I just can't gain weight.
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    $5 via Paypal to anyone who can resize this.

    Need 100 x 100 or 9.8 KB, whichever is smaller. Tried MS paint, but it just results in a static image. I have a copy of Adobe photoshop/Image Ready somewhere, but don't feel like installing it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Holocene

    PF PHOTO CONTEST - I'm in a wide open space (jan3-10)

    12,500'msl; above a frozen NY landscape in Piper Cherokee 140:
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    What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

    Fly a Piper Cherokee to Mars. It would probably have to be turbocharged though.
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    Need advise on strange situation. I'm 24 and have been in exactly ONE relationship. Only girl I've been with. My problem now is all the older women I like have already been claimed...:frown:
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    Need advise on strange situation.

    She's just really cute; I feel somewhat drawn to her. Not that that's an acceptable reason for acting on anyting, but as I was saying, it makes it kind of hard when you're apparently getting signals back. If it's just a friendly sort of flirting, why does she always give me these long...
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    Need advise on strange situation.

  9. Holocene

    Need advise on strange situation.

    Well said. I can appreciate where you're coming from. My own little theory is that "relationships" are essentially man-made ideas, whereas simple attraction is a biological aspect that cannot always be supressed despite current involment with someone else. This can cause a lot of problems.
  10. Holocene

    Need advise on strange situation.

    Call me morally corupt, but I'd not be the one who's cheating, so no guilt. Even so, I doubt she wants that...though all these signals are like WTF?
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    Need advise on strange situation.

    It's really strange. I don't know her all that well on a personal level, but I cannot pictiure her to be that "type". But then again all these signs are there, and I just don't know what it means. Do married women with young children that have reasonable stable lives really involve themselves...
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    Need advise on strange situation.

    As much as I want to, I just don't know how to do it in manner that is not extremely awkward, obnoxious, or invasive. ugh...:frown:
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    Need advise on strange situation.

    There's this married women at work that, as far as I can tell, is sending me some "signals". Suggestive choice of words at times, sometimes random physical contact, and will absoluetly not stop looking in my dirrection; in fact looking right at me. It's getting almost awkward. Now, I think...
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    Your best pickup lines

  15. Holocene

    James bond sucks

    What was with that shaky camera work? It was worse than watching that garbage movie the Bourne Ultimatum...:rolleyes:
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    Our sources of fear/anguish; permitted by the physical universe.

    I believe in something very strongly, and that's that "right and wrong" are human fabrications, and are not tangible constituents to the nature of reality. When a young child is sexually assaulted and killed, consider what no one else ever does; what is the ultimate consequence for the universe...
  17. Holocene

    The observer in physics.

    Sorry if this is more of a philosohpical question, but With both the strange perplexity and proven aspects of quantum mechanics in mind, do you think we will ultimetly need to devote a science beyond even neurophysiology to understanding what consciousness really is?
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    Is confidence everything?

    well said sir.
  19. Holocene

    Is confidence everything?

    Thanks Evo. I'm glad you can sympathize with my belief that even just acting confident could be half the battle.
  20. Holocene

    Is confidence everything?

    Do you feel that confidence, both actualized internally, and projected externally in dealings with people, is perhaps among the most important factor for obtaining a quality of life devoid of excessive disconsolation? I'm talking about genuine confidence that is within merit. Not "false"...
  21. Holocene

    Contemplation does not strictly belong to man?

    If we take "man" to mean homo sapien... Isn't it true that other past primate species, perhaps homo habilis, contemplated their existence? I seem to remember reading something about focilized remains being found with flowers laid in the grave, paintings, etc... So was homo sapien the only...
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    Please help; don't know much about physics.

    If we cannot know with absolute certainty the speed or position of a sub-atomic particle, how is it that we can calculate with great certainty the speed and position of say the moon, which is of course ultimately comprised of these same sub-atomic particles? Is classical mechanics still...
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    Medical Smoke about 10 cigarettes a day?

    hmm, I don't know. I fully admit I'm behind the 8-ball in terms of maturity though.
  24. Holocene

    Medical Smoke about 10 cigarettes a day?

    eh, I was never peer-pressured. Tried a cig several weeks ago, you know, just to try it. Well, I got somewhat used to it. Stupid thing to do? Of course.
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    Medical Smoke about 10 cigarettes a day?

    not sure, but "old age"? ha, you're probably right. Life is indeed slipping away..;.:cry:
  26. Holocene

    Medical Smoke about 10 cigarettes a day?

    I should probably quit now. Have only been smoking for about 6 weeks.
  27. Holocene

    Medical Smoke about 10 cigarettes a day?

    How worried should I be that I smoke about 10 cigarettes a day? I'm 24, and only want to live to about 60 or so. Will I seriously die ealier from smoking? Hope this thread is allowed: as I know it's not an "in-depth" medical discussion.
  28. Holocene

    Would you choose pain over non-existence?

    Knowing what you know now, do you feel a painful existence is still better than never being born? I'm torn on where I stand. In some ways, just experiencing a small part of the univesre, even painfully or briefly, might be a privilege compared to never existing at all. But then again, we...
  29. Holocene

    Gravitational influence?

    So 2 grains of sand, 50 Billion light years apart, will eventually collide, even under static conditions? That is pretty interesting when you think about it.
  30. Holocene

    Gravitational influence?

    Gravitational influence? Suppose for a senond that the only objects in the entire univesre are 2 stars, both about as massive as the sun. Also, this univesre is completely static. It is not expanding. The stars, at least initially, are not moving relative to each other. Under these...
  31. Holocene

    Jesus on a video

  32. Holocene

    Doubtful I'll contribute money to this forum again.

    What constitutes a "reputable" source? The link I posted cited numerous sources, but I guess none of the following are reputable? D. Tashkin et al, Effects of Habitual Use of Marijuana and/or Cocaine on the Lung, in Research Findings on Smoking of Abused Substances, NIDA Research...
  33. Holocene

    Doubtful I'll contribute money to this forum again.

    I know, one contribution won't be missed. But that's not the point. After simply posting information contained within a study, that found marijuana not to present a significant road hazard: The post was deleted. I was accused of "condoning" illegal drug use. I recived an "infraction"...
  34. Holocene

    Why does an airplane fly?

    Magic. Seriously, as I pilot, I was actually taught the so-called "equal transit" theory. Later I learned it was false, and I was pissed that not only was I taught nonsene, but that publishers wrere willing to include this garbage in textbooks. Seriously, why has the bogus explanation...
  35. Holocene

    Why does anything exist than rather nothing ?

    He's not a scientist, but Christopher Hitchens made a pretty good point. The universe is currently expanding very rapidly, and if this expansion does not ever stop, "nothingness" is essentially what is coming. It's the next big thing. So don't be awed by the fact that we have something...
  36. Holocene

    One of the best textbook questions I have ever seen

    "Center of lift" is with respect to the airfoils (wings), not the stabilizer/stabilator.
  37. Holocene

    One of the best textbook questions I have ever seen

    I'm a pilot, and I honstely cannot say that I've ever heard the term "neutral point". There is a "center of lift" which remains fixed, and the "center of gravity", which changes all the time depending on how the aircraft is loaded, or even while it is burning fuel. With respect to...
  38. Holocene

    Guy really have tourettes, or is this simply a joke?

    So, does this guy really have tourettes, or is this simply a joke? Warning, bad language:
  39. Holocene

    One of the best textbook questions I have ever seen

    Just tell them that if fat people sit in the back of the plane, the pilots will have to use maximum forward pressure just to avoid dropping out of the sky.
  40. Holocene

    Why don't guys wash their hands after going to the bathroom?

    You need privacy to wash your hands?
  41. Holocene

    People who think they're in authoritative positions.

    I sent it Parcel Post. The package will not be on board an aircraft.
  42. Holocene

    People who think they're in authoritative positions.

    I see your point, but, with respect to hazardous materials, doesn't the post office "take your word for it" every single time you mail a package? For all they know, you're shipping dynamite. There are no inspections. As what is admittitly a matter of personal opinion, if they're willing to...
  43. Holocene

    People who think they're in authoritative positions.

    Though I was pissed, I didn't give the women a hard time at all. I simply took my package to another post office that wasn't going to give me a hard time. It was as simple as that, and there's no doubt in my mind that the contents of the package were of a non-hazardous nature. I don't plot and...
  44. Holocene

    People who think they're in authoritative positions.

    Actually, when I fly, I typically carry at least 180lbs of highly flammable 100-octane fuel with me.
  45. Holocene

    People who think they're in authoritative positions.

    After completely draining a motorcycle fuel tank of gasoline, I packaged the tank and took it to the local post office for shipment to the buyer. The women at the counter started to weigh it, and then smelled the box, and asked what in the hell was going on. That all the gasoline was...
  46. Holocene

    Favorite books to read on subjects ranging from Astronomy

    If you want a very complete understanding of the events leading up to the formation of the Big Bang theory, check out "Big Bang" by Simon Singh. Learned a whole lot from that book. Another favorite that I've been meaning to re-read is "The Secret Pulse of Time" by Stefan Klein. Very insightful.
  47. Holocene

    Senior management no less for smoking a ciggy

    That is BS. I occasionally smoke pot at work, and it's not a problem. Better for you than nasty cigarettes as well.