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    Golden quartics

    Through a strange string of events, half of my class ended up having to do this, and the other half didn't. I didn't, but this thread interested me. Anyway, I've been messing around with this a little, and I found a general formula to create a quartic function based on two points of inflection...
  2. HBar

    Who makes viruses?

    People write viruses with the intent of killing people? Seriously, I don't think virus writers should be compared to bombers. I think the mindset of a bored teenager is different than that of a bomber.
  3. HBar

    Notebook battery

    Yes, the heat is bad for the battery. I'm not sure how much damage the heat can really do, though. This is actually bad for lithium-ion batteries. Completely discharging puts strain on the batteries. The only kind of battery that this is good for are the ones that have "memory." All...
  4. HBar

    Trying to create a logging system

    Here's a script I wrote to create a simple message board for my website. It can be viewed here: .<html> <head><title>hell0 it</title></head> <body> <pre> <a href="index.html">h o m e</a> </pre> <form action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']?>"...
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    Internet Security
  6. HBar

    Google GMail Problem

    Bloat is different that how much resources a firewall takes up. I consider "bloat" to be unnecessary items (i.e. the graphics). SmoothWall is a very stripped down version of linux. It has a custom kernel compiled specifically for it and has all unnecessary programs taken out of it. So...
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    Help with multiple browser screens!

    hittsquad, IE doesn't have tabbed browsing built in. IE doesn't have pop-up blocking built in. IE doesn't have a google search bar built in. If I'm wrong please tell me how to enable these options. I'm aware that you can download 3rd party apps for those features, but I'm pretty sure they...
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    Who here

    TenNen, google is powerful. This was in the description of the first search result:
  9. HBar

    Google GMail Problem

    No one ever asked for a solution that only works with "single non-networked PC[s]." My claim still stands that there are better options than ZoneAlarm, such as Smoothwall.
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    Google GMail Problem

    yup, that's what I said That's exactly why it eliminates all of those problems. I'm running it right now and it's protecting all 5 boxes on my network plus a webserver in the DMZ.
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    Who here

    I agree with dduardo. CS is old. Check out UT2004 and Halo. Oh, and people need to stop worshiping CS likes it's a religion. It's a game, it's old, and frankly it's not that good.
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    Help with multiple browser screens!

    Sorry, I can't provide an answer to your problem, but I just wanted to say that I also recommend firefox. It has many advantages over IE. -Popup blocking -Tabbed browsing -Bookmark toolbar -Google searchbar -Cross platform (i.e. you can use it on windows, linux, and mac). -Open source...
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    Play around with their computer's port ?

    Duh. :wink: Seriously though, we're all here to ask and answer questions, but when there are hundreds upon hundreds of websites with this information that you can access with a simple google search and you still ask us we get a little cranky.
  14. HBar

    Google GMail Problem

    I hate to contribute to the derailing of this thread, but I can't resist responding. I have to agree that ZoneAlarm is lacking in the security department. Here are several reasons: -It takes up resources on the host computer. -It runs on the same computer it's protecting. (Opens up problems...
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    How do you know when to buy?

    I agree with swansont's For example, when I wanted to convince my parents that I needed to upgrade my 800mhz computer I bought 2 years ago they were very reluctant. They kept saying that if you buy a new one now it will just become obsolete like your current computer. I've finally convinced...
  16. HBar

    Configure a network (Part 2)

    Were you using a crossover when you hooked directly up to the modem? You're going to have to. This would work better: computers -> switch switch -> modem If you insist on using the router then disable all the features on it so it acts like a switch or hub. -HBar
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    Mapping the Internet

    I agree that there is no center, although I'm not sure i completely understand redrogues reasoning. Why would redundancy obfuscate the center (if there is one)? I think what Monique meant by center was a location that every computer connects to. If so then there is no center. There is no one...
  18. HBar

    Mapping the Internet

    That's literally a picture of the Internet. The lines show the interconnections between the different nodes (computers). It was created by sending hundereds of trace routes throughout the Internet. When someone executes a trace route what it does is it outputs the IP/hostnames (computer address)...
  19. HBar

    Post Your Desktop

    Ugh, you can only attach one file per post Anyway, who says linux doesn't have games? -HBar
  20. HBar

    Post Your Desktop

    Slackware 9.1 & Fluxbox -HBar
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    Surface area and total area

    I guess by "surface area" your math book, as HallsofIvy said, means lateral surface area and by "total surface area" it means surface area. And this is not correct: it should be: A=2rπh + 2πr2. Why would you multiply the lateral surface area by the area of the top and bottom? It would be...
  22. HBar

    Optimum Launch Angle

    My physics class project is to construct a catapult. My question is what is the optimum launch angle for distance. This was posted awhile back by someone else, but i can't find the post again. I think it said that because of air resistance an angle slightly above 45 degrees is optimum for...
  23. HBar

    Top Ten Technologies that Must Die

    I need floppies for boot up disks though! Until they produce a CD drive in which you can put a CD into it while the computers is shutdown I'm sticking with my floppies. Although CD-RW are now very popular they aren't nearly as popular as floppy drives. Floppy drives are nearly standard on...
  24. HBar

    Help me create a website, anyone?

    For the webhost you could host if yourself if you have a high speed internet connection. 256 kpbs upstream would probably be enough for a moderate traffic website, but you should probably take it one step at a time. A free host would be nice. If you want a domain name i recommend...
  25. HBar

    Vector help

    The first step would be to draw a vector diagram. Draw the normal cartesian coordinate system, assign the axes a direction (i.e. +y is north, -y is south, +x is east, -x is south). Since the plane relative to the air is traveling east at 795 mph draw a vector starting from the origin and going...
  26. HBar

    Question About Plants

    I suppose if he wanted the long drawn out answer then yes, they do use oxygen. one example is at the end of the ETC when the hydrogen is joined with two oxygen molecules. I didn't mean it was really "purifying" the air, like a filter, i was trying to get across the point that it takes in an...
  27. HBar

    Velocity and acceleration question

    There is an error here. You found the final velocity, which is half the problem. The answer did ask you for the final velocity, but you applied it the wrong way in the second step. To find the distance traveled you must use average velocity. The object did not travel at 2.4 m/s for 6 seconds, he...
  28. HBar

    Question About Plants

    giggle haha! sorry, i shouldn't be laughing, but you and your parents seem to be grossly misinformed. First of all, plants don't need oxygen, they use carbon dioxide (CO2) and excrete oxygen. So, they are actually purifying your air. Also, your house is not air tight enough for that to...
  29. HBar

    A Party Trick

    I've been playing around with this theorem, but for the life of me i can't get it to work. I've been reading the wikipedia articles on chinese remainder theorem and euclidean algorthim
  30. HBar

    [solved] Os

    Sorry, what wasn't phrased very well. What i meant was that linux in general doesn't have a package management system. Sure some of the distros do like redhat, slackware, debian, etc but not all of them. For example, I'm pretty sure the floppy version of keeper linux and smoothwall don't have a...
  31. HBar

    [solved] Os

    When i said that you have to compile the programs i was talking about linux in general. Linux by itself doesn't have any built in package functionality (such as RPM, slackware package managment, etc). -HBar
  32. HBar

    The Ultimate Engineer Joke (18+ only)

    I think that i speak for most of the people here when i say "What the hell?" -HBar
  33. HBar

    Why God never received tenure

    I'm going to have to hang this on my bullitin board... just to reserve my own little spot in hell :wink: -HBar
  34. HBar

    Help With Higher IB Physics

    "IBscrewed" i love the name! I am in pre IB at the moment and will be taking physics high level (if my school offers it. my science teachers say they will being offering it by the time i can take it *crosses fingers*). I live in Colorado. -HBar
  35. HBar

    Favourite science fiction?

    The Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov are without a doubt my favorite sci-fi books. lately I've been steering more toward fantasy books (LOTR, etc) but i suppose sci-fi could be concidered fantasy also. -HBar
  36. HBar

    Help With Higher IB Physics

    i don't think they shut down. they just changed the port their http deamon was running on. try this [PLAIN][/URL] is that what you were looking for? -HBar
  37. HBar

    Calculators TI-83 asm programming

    I've haven't programmed with ASM in a long time, but here goes. I think with the TI-83 it has a built in asm interpreter. Press 2nd + Catalog and it will bring up a list of commands. scroll down to something like "asm(" or "asmprg(". Try those commands.asm(<program name>)Oh, and be careful with...
  38. HBar

    3D Animation

    You can do some real awsome stuff with POV-Ray. I don't know if you saw the Hall of Fame on the pov-ray website when you downloaded it, but anyway here it is. Some of those look like photographs I, myself has not really used POV-Ray. I've played...
  39. HBar

    Phosphorus gas?

    Ahh, that's good to know. I was wondering about that for awhile. I have heard the same about helium, but i thought it was it cannot become a solid at absolute zero at 1 atmosphere of presure. I think that if the presure is increased it can become a solid. -HBar
  40. HBar

    Phosphorus gas?

    I agree with him that natural vaporizing phosphorus in nature is a rare sight, but he claimed that it couldn't be a gas at all. Or maybe it was just a miscomunication. But this brings up another question. Can all the elements be in all the 4 states?
  41. HBar

    Phosphorus gas?

    My last chemistry class was in the 7th grade (currently 10th grader) so bear with me. Last year duing a biology class we were talking about ecology and how phosphorus would cycle through the environment. The reason that the phosphorus cycle is interesting is because phosphorus cannot be a gas...
  42. HBar

    Calculators TI Calculator Fun

    I used to have some fun making games and other apps in ti-basic. It was fun but the language was absolutily horrible. I'll stick to C, thank you very much. Although, i didn't know i could make it into a robot. I'm going to have to check that out. -HBar
  43. HBar

    MSBlast worm

    Poor silly windows users. You need to switch to linux! :wink: Anyway, i just learned about this worm today and i think a friend of mine has it. I was over at this house and he kept having to reboot his PC because RPC kept being "unexpectantly terminated". Probably from the worm attempting to...
  44. HBar

    [solved] Os

    Sonty, when i said Gnome and KDE were slow i was referring to Gnome and KDE Vs. Fluxbox (or other lightweight windows managers). I've heard things similar to this. People think RedHat is too user-friendly. My opinion is i don't think making things easier for yourself is something to be ashamed...
  45. HBar

    Who is the most beautiful person alive?

    Ever since charlie's angels I've thought cameron diaz was really hot. Here are a few pictures: [Broken] There were a lot more pictures that could fit in the naughty category, but this is after all a family website :wink: -HBar
  46. HBar

    Defcon 11

    I was on vacation for awhile so don't think i was ignoring you. Anyway... Do you suggest that it should be against the law to find security holes in software? Wouldn't that be equivilant to saying it's illegal to know how to start a fire because it has the potential for someone to commit arson...
  47. HBar

    Cult of Mac

    By hardware you mean kernel, right? Anyway, that's because of the different architectures of the CPU, x86 vs Power PC. I don't think you can hold that against them. If they switched over to x86 it would no longer be a mac, it would be a PC. I've heard a rumor that they are going to port their OS...
  48. HBar

    ICQ, problem about receiving files

    It sounds like it's your broadband modem that is causing the trouble. What i would do is go to main->connections->user and choose the "Use the following TCP listen ports for incoming events". Enter a range of ports above 1023 like 1050-1055. Then configure NAT on your broadband router to forward...
  49. HBar

    Defcon 11

    Article A. By definition of the word, hackers aren't malicious. Article B. There was an article on msnbc awhile back that showed a kid using his talent to good. He cracked his school's computer root password to demonstrate how insecure it was. He received praise for showing the fault so other...
  50. HBar

    Defcon 11

    You know perfectly well that's not what i meant. When someone says that they are against censorship does that mean they want your social security number? of course not! In fact, if you read my post more closely you would realize that hackers aren't malicious. In fact, i would not doubt that...