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    Measuring beauty

    Why does the west always get into such things. Just relax and enjoy ! Why do u have to measure anything like beauty. Catterpillar turns into a butterfly. If a catterpillar was not beautiful, how would butterfly trun out to be beautiful.
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    3 Proofs for .9999 = 1

    Here is how I look at it. You start of with .9999... and continue until you either run out of time or get tired. Now you are at a crossroads. At this stage you decide if it is still .9999... or 1. Conclusion is what one reaches when one is out of time. Just because you are tired of traveling...
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    Are the moraly right the victors of war?

    Well put. Just the way it is. Everybody thinks they are right. To main topic, winning a war has nothing to do with being morally right. If a group of people come together and say "sun rises from west" so be it for them. To bin laden, bombing america is morally right. To Bush, bombing Iraq is...
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    True Identity?

    As per another god, it is always what you were that drives the rest. But "what you were" is already past which means you cannot change what you are and will be. So your furture is already chalked out by yoursleves. So is everybody else's. Does that allow an inference that one cannot change what...
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    True Identity?

    You were what you were.. You are what you are and You will be what you will be.. But do "You" exist as you believe, think, feel ? Dont you think the very fact of you being able to raise this question to you means there is more than one "you" in you. It is like you can measure the speed of a...
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    Reality is a dream

    When you wake up from a dream...sometimes you are sad as you woke up and suddenly realized that you were dreaming and it was not true. Sometimes you wake up to realize..."thank god it was just a dream".. So what is the reality here...Is the so felt reality for real or its just coming out from...