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    Two variable limit

    Homework Statement Lim [x^2*y^3/(x^4 + y^4)] (x,y)->(0,0) Find the limit or prove it doesn't exist Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Tried considering the limit along the line x=y, and y=x^2, but couldn't show there where different vaules of limit for different curves...
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    Why are noble gases, gases?

    ok, thanks for your time.
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    Moving, electron shells?

    ok?, what about Bores model? because doesn't the different geometric arrangments (s,p,d,f) fill in that order? also, because there are more protons there are also more electrons. so there isn't any exess charge. however if we were talking about ions, it would be different. i think?
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    Iq 130+ simple but confusing brain teaser.

    ok, you start off with $70 (ring) +$100(banker)= $170 -$70(ring)=$100 -$30(change)=$70 -$100(banker)= -30$ but he started with a ring so total losses = ring+$30
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    Physics vs chemistry?

    1. The problem statement physics and chemistry, are very similar in some respects. where can we draw the line between these two sciences? (considering this is a physics forum, i want to know what i can and can't post!)
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    Why are noble gases, gases?

    [SOLVED] why are noble gases, gases? Homework Statement this has bothered me for some time, what determines the density of an element at normal atmoshpheric conditions? and more importantly what determines if a substance at s.t.p is a gas solid or liquid Homework Equations gas...
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    Moving, electron shells?

    thanks for this, but i still don't really get it because wouldn't Na would have energy levels 1,2 complete with one electron in the third shell (3s). while Cl would have 1,2 (3s) energy levels complete with one electron missing from (3p). so Cl would have a bigger radius? unless the energy...
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    Gas state

    Homework Statement why do the noble gases stay at a gas state whe almost every other element in the period doesnt? The Attempt at a Solution because the elctrons repel each other? i don't know
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    Moving, electron shells?

    Homework Statement Recently in my chemistry class my teacher told us that, the greater the atomic number the smaller the radius of the electron. Because there is more protons pulling on electrons. which would mean the elctrons move inwards. This doesn't seem quite right to me as i thought...
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    Absolute zero in a bottle

    Homework Statement ive been thinking about this for some time but can't find an answer... gas enters a bottle at a very low pressure, and high temperature, to maximise space between particles. the bottle is then sealed off and the temperture drops to absolute zero, does the gas become solid...
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    The speed of sound at different tempertures

    Homework Statement does the speed of sound increase as the temperture becomes closer to absolute zero, which would make the substance more and more dense? Homework Equations dont think there is any The Attempt at a Solution really confused as, isn't it the more dense a substance...