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    Quick question

    i got this question from a friend and its bugging me because i cannot understand it. i just cannot understand what it means... here is it, word for word what i have on the assigned paper "if f(x) = x^n , "n" is a positive interger, the first derivative of f(x) which is identically zero is "...
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    Stupid brain cramp

    hey, i need to simplify this, and I am having a brain fart:confused: ...can u help me? f(x)= cosx(3cos3x) + (sin3x)(-sinx) i then have to find f(pi/6), but I am hoping i can do that once this is simplified... thanks Gill
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    Parabola problem

    Hey I have a math problem that does not seem to work out. It is a word problem about a suspension bridge. The bridge's main cable is in the shape of a parabola, and the entire bridge, the road, is 200 ft long. The ends of the bridge, the longest virtical cables on the bridge, are 50 ft...
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    Trig Proof

    it works! thanks
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    Trig Proof

    sorry but that still seems to not work, wat can i do? am i doing something wrong?
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    Trig Proof

    yea ok this problem has been making me mad for the past 2 weeks or so (it's a summer project due next week) any help would b great sqrt of ((1-sinx)/(1+sinx))= |secx-tanx| i tried: =|secx-tanx| =|(1/cosx)-(sinx/cosx)| =|(1-sinx)/cosx| and i need it to equal the other side without...