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    Debating a Flat-Earth 'Devil's Advocate'

    The Flat Earth Society http://www.theflatEarth' Apparently some people still think the Earth is flat. I've been debating them for some time but they are so ridiculously arrogant I gave up.
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    Court Rules Atheism a Religion What are your thoughts about this? I didn't post this in the politics section becaues I think it has some philosophical significance.
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    What are the 5 characteristics of life?

    o_O The teacher said 5, oh well.
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    What are the 5 characteristics of life?

    :blushing: I know this is easy, forgot my biology book though.
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    Quantum physics movie - What the *$@! are we thinking? And upcoming movie

    this movie is pathetic, misinforming and disappointing... i can't believe people buy into the crap in this movie... :confused: :confused:
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    Yellowstone's Massive Volcano

    I think we're all forgetting the fact that by the time Yellowstone does go boom, we will be masters of space and time and have unlimited technological boundaries, also the we may have accidentally destroyed the Earth by then. :tongue:
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    Yellowstone's Massive Volcano

    Does anyone have any idea about when it might erupt again? I'd like to be prepared since the magma chamber of this thing will prolly wipe out the entire earth.
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    Do Monitors Ruin Eyesight?

    Ok, so I need this to be cleared up. I've been using 40 contrast/brightness on a CTR monitor. I used to have it to something really bright and my eyes would start to hurt after a while, when I toned it down (a lot) it really helped. But, if you went outside, it's really bright there's a lot more...
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    David Blane's Card Tricks

    oh well, even if those are all fake, i could never stand on a giant pole suspended in the air like 100 feet high with a diameter of about 2 1/2 feet for 72 hours, or all those other things he's done
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    David Blane's Card Tricks

    There was another thing where he took a quarter and he said something like a quarter heats up when u squeeze it. So he does that, then he actualy bites part of the quarter off. Then he actually like spit the piece of quarter he bit off and madde it somehow latch onto the piece of quarter he was...
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    Medical Lucid Dreaming

    I did more research on this topic, and I found out there are very many techniques and some science behind lucid dreaming. A 100% legit site is here The forums there are extremely active and there's a bunch of tutorials on lucid dreaming and what-not, check it out. What I was...
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    David Blane's Card Tricks

    I was watching this little show last night on TLC of David Blane walking around the streets and doing his magic tricks. Some of it, I could believe was real, some of it, no way in hell. He actually levitated off the ground a few times, and it looked EXTREMELY real and all these little tricks he...
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    Fetus Infetus (fetus in a man)

    Last night I was watching "101 Things Removed From the Human Body" on TLC. The last thing was like a fetus that has been growing inside a man for over 36 years. I said "wow..." I was just dieing to know how this process works of a man growing a twin fetus inside of them. (By the way, they showed...
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    Medical Lucid Dreaming

    Hmm, when I have a lucid dream, I am usually horribly terrified yet, I can't even see what's going on in my dream, and I WANT to wake up and get out, but yet I am drawn toward this terror... very strange... When I finally do wake up, I feel as if I have been transferred to another reality, like...
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    Why does light accelerates after being slowed down

    Umm, photons simply bounce off molecules. That's why you actually see light in the first place without actually looking directly at the source. If you took a flashlight and turned it on in space, you wouldn't see the light beam unless your pointed it right at your eye.
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    Medical Are Animals Right or Left-Handed?

    I was just curious to know whether most animals are right-handed (as humans are) or are they left-handed. But maybe it could be broke up into mammals, amphibians etc.
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    Why do we laugh?

    I've never seen this discussion in a forum anywhere... but I'd really like to know if there is a scientific explanation for laughing. We seem to laugh on a daily basis and me, over the silliest of things. Simple controversial use of words can trigger laughing. But it always seems that something...
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    The Elegant Universe (Nova DVD)

    Dave: I suppose you were talking about "The Fabric of the Cosmos". I've read it, it's a good read I recommend it.
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    Measuring beauty

    I don't think anybody mentioned anything about this, but... symmetries in nature are naturally beautiful.
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    Is time a thing or human concept?

    I think time is simply a distinction from one event to another. Like watching the second hand on a clock tick as guile said. Motion of things sort of define time. Imagine a universe where everything stood completely still; you'd be hard-pressed to determine whether time is flowing or not. And...
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    Can you prove you exist?

    Maybe reality is simply brought about by consciousness and senses. If you've never heard sound before how could you really be sure it exists. If you've never seen anything before how could you really be sure it exists etc. Sense is the most fundamental aspect of reality (you can't describe to...
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    Does increased velocity increase gravity?

    Black holes only form from one perspective and will not form from any other perspective. Rest-mass determines whether something will become a black hole or not. Read Doc's link.
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    Time Travel

    That isn't true, many concepts in physics work forward and backward in time and it DOES happen in a few cases.
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    The slowest speed?

    Well if you had a car going 1 mph then you slowed it down to .5 mph then .25 mph then .00005 mph... how much farther can u go? Is it possible to continuously divide up speed so that it could be say, .00000000000000000001 even?
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    The slowest speed?

    Just a little interesting question: Is it possible to slow something down to where its impossible to go any slower and that object has to seize to be in motion? Since there are quantums of energy, and motion is kinetic energy, there has to be a slowest speed right?