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    Which high voltage is more dangerous: AC, or DC, and why?

    I wish I had a plot of voltage on the X-axis and danger level on the Y-axis for AC and DC. I was talking to an engineer at work, he was telling me that DC is more dangerous at high voltage. I said I disagreed with him but did not do into detail as to why I thought so. I did say that I've...
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    Simple statics question

    Okay, so I am trying to understand the method of sections so I can finish my homework. I look at" [Broken] and for the life of me, I can't understand why at the bottom of the page it says Fy=0=2T2 - 981 . Where does the factor of 2...
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    Portland geeks

    Its been a while since I've been on here. I moved to the Portland area, and was wondering if there was any more people from this forum in or around Portland? Oh yeah- I'm geeky again now... I'm just looking to see if any PF members want to hang out some time. Should I look in another...
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    Water car video

    Hello everyone, long time no see :) I hope this would be the correct forum to post in .. I haven't been here in a while so I don't know if this topic has already (probably surly has) been discussed. What does the chemists, physicist or engineers think about his video...
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    Mathematics of this optical illusion

    okay so the people who swap have a similar slice missing? Yes, I failed to see what this has to do with math also. Hence my question. What it does have to do with math, I was having a difficult time comprehending. So I wanted to get a quantitative analysis as to what was actuaclly...
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    Mathematics of this optical illusion

    I figured out what happened on the first post... when I made it a hyper link, I thought I had screwed because the url was there twice. It was actually there for the hyperlink text. So I still had the hyperlink there (as I found out when I edited my post) , but there was no hyperlink text so...
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    Mathematics of this optical illusion

    Maybe I will get it eventually, but I"M STILL TRIPPIN! on this one. It is very clever. I'm just still having a difficult time visualising the appearance / dissapearence ot the extra person!:grumpy: :yuck: :cry: :uhh:
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    Lamba point He fountain

    somebody?? anybody? c'mon, its been almost 2 years!
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    Mathematics of this optical illusion

    my bad! my original post had this link, but the site was having problems and i scuffed my post up upon redsoig it. I understand the triangle problem. the illusion that was bother me was this one:" [Broken] I was thinking it might work...
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    Mathematics of this optical illusion

    yah, there was i a much better example i remember, but maybe I'm just imagining that? Maybe it was just a long time ago and it was impressive back then. I'm still stumped by this people illusion as of now.
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    Mathematics of this optical illusion

    Hello everbody, long time no see! I hope this is the right forum for this, I'm not ready to post it in the topology forum:cry: Okay, so I saw this neat optical illusion. It really started to bug me as I was playing around with it in paint trying to figure it out...
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    Restart without my permission

    It sounds like your specified operating system is working exzctly as it was made to ( yes I use windows also )
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    I have a questian

    the go to guy: If you're really serious about making this train for a science project, why not do something easier this year, and have the train be an early start on a project for next year?
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    Make it a little harder to find personal set up

    Also, note that there is a link in the email which allows you to unsubscribe from all threads. Hard to click, but the results are astouning:wink:
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    Irrational numbers vs. Transcendental numbers

    Isn't that also (indirectly) stating that trancendental numbers appear in their own definition?
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    Gas Law Problems

    I think these can all be solved using the ideal gas law, pv=nrt Since you didn't ask specificly for direction and have shown no work, this is about the most help you can expect to get here. Hint: and the answer is in another problem:
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    Latus rectum conics math help

    Draw an ellipse, show the relationships of A and B, do a little trig...
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    Red Hot Magnetics

    What happens is, before the curie temperature is reached, you smash your hand between the two plates like a crepe
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    Great! No one even needed to make fun of my photos
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    Southern California Is On Fire

    Been watching the last 5 days. This weekend is crazy, and there's so much smoke you can hardly see them at night. We need rain bad!
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    Center of Mass

    Oops, I missed the part about the corner cut out... I guess its back to x_bar y_bar in the first place then... Well, it could still be done the way I was suggesting, don't know if its any easier though...but the point was to take out all area symmetrical about both axis, to simplify the...
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    The Foolishness

    So its in the water , eh?
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    Ginger tea!

    I like ginger beer ( REAL ginger ale) ... but the best drink I can think of is Hemp Seed Milk - yum!
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    How did you get into Physics?

    I guess you can say I was forced...physically
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    Lol, here's a funny picture from this summer [Broken]
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    Center of Mass

    Here is an easy way to think about it. Cut the circle out of the remaining 3 quarters of the large square, now you have a symmetrical shape about both x and y axis. The center of mass is the center, so we can now ignore this part. Now what is the center of mass of the 3 circles?
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    Here I am chillin and relaxing ( chillaxin) with my dog. Taken about 2 and a half years ago. [Broken] [Broken] The vampire Monique is nice, but the pirate one is really funny!
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    The fastest saturn

    79 Corolla is a great beater car. Got mine for $1, sold it for $50!
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    G.warming: something to wobble about

    1 km3 of water would weigh roughly 1012 kg, and depending on the density of the ice, would be about 93% of that.
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    First post. Hello, my name is Davin. Questions.

    scott_sieger , There's a place for people like you, it's called
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    Can you manufacture water

    In oxygen, yes.Could you not also "burn" hydrogen in Fluorine or Chlorine?
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    We broke the record!

    Oh what a relief compared to sciforums!
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    Can you manufacture water

    You can also say that you yourself manufacture water during respiration
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    Integral of a product.

    Okay, so we have the tabular method, where [inte]vdu zero's out and we arrive at the the answer. Is there a name for the other case of IBP, where we will end up with some value 2([inte]udv)=(some known value ) ?
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    On Saturday I was taking balloons to my neice for her birthday party

    This is the same principle, the lighter air would go torwards the ouside and the heavier sand torwards the inside.
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    Infrared waves and heat

    Yes, and the equation works for the wavelength of maximum emission.
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    How to perform factorial operation

    Oops, my bad. I've looked at the mathworld site, many time actually. It turns out this problem stems back a few years, and I just realized its not factorial I'm actually wondering about (tried it on my TI-89) Okay, here is there real problem then. My calculator will give sums for...
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    How to perform factorial operation

    I don't know if this is the right place for this question, but here it goes. Could someone explain how I would go about solving for x of x=(5/6)! Thanks
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    New to physics need a lil help

    try Hyper Physics its the bomb.
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    Who's your favorite Physicist?

    I'll have to stick up for my main man, who is most commonly over looked: Tesla
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    Nagging problems

    NaSO4 dissociates 4 times, so you get 4 times the hydronium ions when it completely dissociates as compared to HCl edit: ummmmm- this was late at night, and I don't know what I was thinking.
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    Vectors help?

    A negative magnitude? I'm sorry but I didnt understand your question very well.
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    Downtime Ahead

    wow! nice.
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    Derivatives and SA

    Damn you all, that's all I can ever think about when I'm painting!
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    Attn: chi meson re. explination of bose-Einstein condensation

    Cool Chroot and Chi Meson ! Now does one of you want to take a stab at this ?
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    New Staff

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    New Staff

    welcome! Hey Greg, maybe you could make me a PF Hall Monitor ?
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    Ice Force

    Looking at one of these should help you: Not the best page, but its a start.
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    Problem with Vectors

    1) What is the magnitude of a? use the Pythagorean theorem. since you are given the vectors in component form, we have a right triangle and the magnitude is the hypotenuse [squ](7.42+6.92) 2. given x and y, we know tangent. tan b = by /bx so arctan(y/x)=angle and look to see...