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    Any truth to Peak Oil being a myth?

    Is there any truth to Peak Oil being a myth? Skeptics are claiming that oil is not made from previously living matter and therefore shouldn’t be considered a fossil fuel. They mention the deepest fossils ever discovered have been no more than 16,000 feet yet we drill for oil in depths much...
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    News Why talk about 1967 borders?

    One reason is that the 1948 borders were considered legal according to the UN - who drew them. Territories gained after 1967’s Six Day War (West Bank, Gaza, Golan Heights, Sinia (given back to Egypt)) are considered illegal by the UN.
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    News What exactly is being contested about the 1967 borders?

    It makes sense that Israelis seeking a two state solution would not want their people on the opposite side of their barrier wall. I don’t see how you think that is a “sufficiently unreal” assertion. That’s arrogant, off topic, and argumentative. I’m to believe that your knowledge is so...
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    News What exactly is being contested about the 1967 borders?

    I don’t understand what you are saying or what you want me to look for within that long article? I was quoting you simply to make it clear that my reply was based on your response. And essentially thanking you for clearing up where my misunderstanding was. You asked me for a link showing Bibi’s...
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    News What exactly is being contested about the 1967 borders?

    I'm not able to find a link substantiating this claim; apparently this is where my misunderstanding lays. Subconsciously I must have concluded that Netanyahu sought a two-state solution consisting of Gaza and the West Bank, based on my knowledge of his recent statements to Congress and AIPAC...
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    News What exactly is being contested about the 1967 borders?

    To clarify my original question, please let’s not get into the politics of the Palestinian/Israel conflict debating about who is right or wrong; but rather what is exactly being contested by Netanyahu in response to Obama’s recent policy stance where he states that a resolution should be based...
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    News What exactly is being contested about the 1967 borders?

    I’m confused on what exactly is being contested. If I understand correctly, Netanyahu foresees a two state resolution with Palestine consisting of the West Bank and Gaza. I also understand that Netanyahu is in strict opposition to withdrawing to the 67’ borders. Since the 67’ borders separate...
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    News National Debt: Bush vs. Obama

    This YouTube clip analogously talks about the rate at which US Presidents increase the national debt in terms of miles per hour when driving a car.<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
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    News Presidential Debate #1

    In chess, tactics are short burst of strategy, often times loosing material before gaining it back. The US spent additional money by adding additional troops in hopes to gain material back in the form of reduced violence. What’s next? Stay the Course? Let’s assume that “Staying the Course” will...
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    News Hate Obama? Why?

    After looking at his policy proposals and history the vast majority of postgraduates have decided to vote for Obama. What is your explanation to his greater appeal to this demographic compared to that of McCain’s?
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    News Palin is probably the nation's leading energy expert - McCain

    You'll be singing a different tune after you hear this!
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    News Palin is probably the nation's leading energy expert - McCain

    Giuliani inferred that although McCain said “… anyone else in the United Sates” what he actually meant was “… any elected official in the United States” Isn’t it a more simple explanation to say that McCain exaggerated? Sort of like when he said Gov. Palin sells planes on Ebay for a a...
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    News Presidential election 2008

    Are Gallup and Rasmussen considered to be the most reliable and the least biased? Do some polls have a reputation of being bias? With Obama down by 10 points according to USAToday/Gallup Likely Voters Poll… doesn’t it seem like it would take an extreme circumstance to turn this around at this...
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    News Sara Palin speech

    No, I was summarizing a news blog I read on the Huffington Post. Well, to be honest I was inclined to believe it for two reasons. One, I want Obama to win. And two, Palin lied or severely twisted the truth in other parts of her speech so I figured she could be twisting the truth on this topic...
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    News Sara Palin speech

    Did you catch the part at beginning of her speech where she spoke of how special needs children would have a “…friend and an advocate in the White House.”? Which is contradictory of her record considering she cut the budget of Special Needs Programs in public schools by over 60%. Before...
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    News Sara Palin speech

    It is my understanding that Obama solely wrote the 2004 DNC Keynote Address… the one that catapulted him onto the national stage - as mentioned in under the subhead 2004 U.S. Senate campaign and also sited in this Time Magazine article...
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    Trying to find the square footage of my back yard - know 4 sides

    Perfect. Thanks Doodle Bob! That’s a million times easier for me than trying to accurately measure the angles. Thanks again,
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    Trying to find the square footage of my back yard - know 4 sides

    Thanks Hallsofivy... great analogy. I'll try and find a tool to measure these angles.. any recommendations?
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    Trying to find the square footage of my back yard - know 4 sides

    It is not a parallelogram :frown: - thanks though Cristo Neutrino - Would it be too much to ask to solve this for me using integration? I wouldn't know how to do it other than going outside with some kind of tool to measure distance alone right angles.
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    Trying to find the square footage of my back yard - know 4 sides

    I’m trying to figure out the square footage of my back yard without chopping it up into multiple square/triangle combinations…I know the length of the 4 sides… is there a way to find the area of a 4 sided polygon when none of the angles are right angles but you know the length of the 4 sides...
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    News Two global warming questions

    Is there not another approach to this issue besides cutting CO2 emissions which will most likely come in some form of costing us more money? It seems like to me that if we cut CO2 emissions it would be for “symbolism” in hopes of other countries jumping on this band wagon. Until these other...
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    News Two global warming questions

    1) How come on the PhysicsForums almost no one says “global warming” instead they say “anthropogenic global warming” while the media, and the average person, always refers to it as “global warming”? 2) It is my understanding that if US legislators rule to try and combat anthropogenic global...
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    Why are our planets and galaxy in a plane shape?

    Why are the planets in our solar system spread out in a plane instead of being more randomly spread around the Sun? And why is our galaxy in the shape of a plane instead of all the stars in our galaxy being more randomly spread around the middle of our galaxy? Thanks,
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    Finding and deleting pwl files

    password files? I haven't messed with those since pre Windows NT 4.0 days.. What OS are you on?
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    256 colors, 600x480

    Or right click on the executable of the old app you are trying to run, and click "properties" then go to the "compatibility" tab and check "run in 256 colors" and "run in 640 x 480 screen resolution" HTH,
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    Questions about Install Software Applications

    There are many ways to go about this. In my opinion the number one thing to keep in mind while determining how you will handle this is… don’t use IT for the sake of IT, instead use it as a tool for the business to decrease expenses, increase profits, and improve operations. That may seem...
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    Questions about Install Software Applications

    How large of organization?
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    Does time essentially stop if you could travel a C?

    I was explaining to one of my friends about how if you could travel the speed of light then you could get to any destination, no matter how far away, instantaneously. And if you were going a bit slower then the speed of light (lets say 98% C) then you could reach a destination, let's say 100...
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    IP configuration? how 2 do manually

    It most likely will not change on the 8th. Most cable providing ISPs will have your IP address tied to the MAC address of your cable modem. (every time your ISP sees a your MAC address it will allocate a reserved IP schema for it) If on an analog modem or DSL connection you would see the...
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    Speed of light broken?

    Wow... so that means if you tied a really tight chain around Earth and the other end around Vega and then pushed Vega... it would take at least 26 light years before Earth started to be tugged along?
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    Gravity - a function of mass or of density?

    A similar question has confused me before as well. I think I half way understood it, but have forgotten it now. The Schwarzschild Radius talks about how a critical limit is met when there is a certain amount of mass within an object that has a certain radius. Which sounds similar to talking...
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    Internet Security

    Agreed, 100%
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    Wise and Lovely Virus

    What OS? hehe, said my message was too short...when I hit reply... needs atleast 10 characters...
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    Speed Of Light Question

    This was a really interesting article to read! May I ask if the same thing would occur if someone threw a ball (traveling 299,999.99 km per second) at the ship instead of sending a light beam towards it? If the ship was 299,999.99 km away from the station and the ship was moving away from...
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    PS2 and wireless network

    Do you have DSL? Bellsouth provides a home netwrking service that allows you to use Plain Old Telephone Lines as a DSL connection where the only items needed are a phone jack, 2-Wire adapter, and 10 dollars more a month. With one account you can connect any device without running legnthy cables...
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    Why is the escape velocity of Earth so fast?

    Thanks, I get it now… I think. So the Space Shuttle (when taking off) doesn’t go 25 thousand miles per hour for any extended period of time… if any at all. People refer to escape velocity as just a simple way to refer to something? Instead of saying you can escape Earth by going one mile an hour...
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    Why is the escape velocity of Earth so fast?

    Help me understand this please. Why is the escape velocity of Earth so fast? Doesn’t the gravitational pull of the Earth weaken as you get farther away from the center of the Earth? I can jump a couple feet into the air… I’m am going upwards nowhere near 27k miles an hour… if I could...
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    Help with multiple browser screens!

    Try this… open IE and click “tools,” “internet options,” “advance tab” and uncheck “reuse windows for launching shortcuts” If the icon you are using to open IE is actually a shortcut (which many times it is) then this will solve your problem. Or try opening IE by clicking “start” “run”...
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    Virus r something else ?

    I’m with dduardo.. you’ve been hit with the sasser worm… check this link [Broken] and under the symptoms section see if it resembles what you are seeing. If so follow the instructions there to remove it. Try the manual removal instructions… however...
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    Dial up modem problems

    Use “dial-up networking” and enter the number of your cell phone or secondary home phone, or any nearby phone and just put anything in as logon name in pass… hit connect and see if you can get your cell phone or home phone to ring. If it doesn’t ring then we need to troubleshoot the modem, if it...
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    Is Vega visible from Atlanta now?

    Cool link Labguy! Thanks again Phobos, Integral and Marcus… Hopefully it will be clear tonight… weather has been lousy lately.
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    Ethernet and Wireless connections ?

    Hmm.. .if the 10/100BaseT NIC is physically attached to the wireless router and both the wireless and 10/100BaseT NIC currently have the same default gateway then you could simply remove the wireless gateway and if the 10/100BaseT NIC failed then it would use the wireless NIC for LAN connections...
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    Is Vega visible from Atlanta now?

    Marcus, I saw the big dipper last night and was recalling your directions to Vega. Which are the two stars closest to the handle again? I know one of them for sure… the top left star that forms the bowl closest to the handle (When the handle is to your left). Is the second closest the top...
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    Ethernet and Wireless connections ?

    If one NIC has a public address and the other a private address and the destination address is on the internet then it will use the NIC with the public address. If the destination address is on the LAN then it will use the NIC with the private address. If both NICs have private addresses but...
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    Network troubleshoot

    No problem Emanueli. opps.. I just looked… the file is called LMHOSTS not LMHOST… I guess you already know that though. You can delete everything that is currently in the LMHOSTS file. You don’t have to but if you do then windows will have less to parse to get to the “real” entry that you...
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    Network troubleshoot

    TCP/IP seems to be isntalled and working (ping is an TCP/IP utility) -Check to see if “File and Print sharing for Microsoft Networks” is checked on \\comp1 (You will find this setting on the network properties dialog box) (This is most likely the problem) -Also check to see if the...
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    Preparation for IT courses

    What kind of business do you plan on opening? You may want to find out if there are any trends in the area you plan on opening your business in. That is if a chunk of your market will be in a local geographical area. For instance, in Atlanta it is often easier to sell a Microsoft solution...
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    Networking pcs

    You certainly are not incorrect with anything you are saying. I was giving advice thinking along the lines of Mudvanelethldosae being on a high speed Ethernet setup or getting one in the future. Because he has 2 PCs, a Gig of sensitive data, knowledge of piddling with jumpers on hard drives...
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    Networking pcs

    Nope you don’t need a hub with a crossover cable, although you couldn’t network the two PCs together and browse the internet without one.
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    Networking pcs

    As you can tell there are many ways to skin this cat. I would recommend the same as aychamo said... An external USB hard drive will outlast both of your PCs and you can still use it as a backup device with other PCs you buy in the future, and it requires no understanding of network...