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    Volume help!

    Find the region enclosed by x=3y and x=-y^2+4. Set up integrals both shell and disc that represent the volume when this region is revolved about y=4. i got the shell method, how would i represent the disc method> pi integral(-4,1) (3y-4)^2-(-y^2)^2 --this is wat i got for disc method...
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    Related rates and sand

    Sand is falling onto a cone-shaped pile at the rate of 9pi cubic feet per minute. the diameter of the base is always 3 times the height of the cone. At what rate is the height of the pile changing when the pile is 12 feet high. work: dV/dt=+9 ft^3/min d=3h then r=3h/2 dr/dt=(3/2)...